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Students sent home for wearing U.S. flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo get day in appeals court

Education | Associated Press
Principal saw shirts as 'perceived threat'

Cory Booker wins New Jersey Senate race

Politics | Associated Press
Self-dramatizing 'Superhero Mayor' soundly defeats Steve Lonegan in special election

The set of the worst Star Wars movie will soon be swallowed by the earth forever

Education | Associated Press
Sadly, sets from the good Star Wars movies already engulfed long ago

Engineering student who DEA forgot in jail for four days settles for $4.1 million

Education | Associated Press
Dehydration, kidney failure, cramps and a perforated esophagus

Paterno said Penn State erred on Sandusky, witness testifies

Sports | Associated Press
'Old Main screwed up'

Son of Jerry Sandusky seeks to have name changed

Sports | Associated Press
Matt Sandusky filed papers to change name after his adoptive father was convicted of child sexual abuse

States look to tax hybrid and electric car owners to recoup road funding

US | Associated Press
'It just seems logical to me'

Cheerios ad showing interracial family causes YouTube commenters to lose their minds

Business | Associated Press
YouTube commenters prefer their Angryos

Graphic video show Syrian rebels being shelled

Video | Associated Press
Heavy fighting as Assad forces press attack on Qusair

End of an era at Auburn as the Toomer's Corner oaks come down

Sports | Associated Press
Poisoned by a 'rabid Alabama fan' in 2011

Marathon runner: 'The fear and the terror in the eyes of the [ambulance] drivers'

US | Associated Press
Everyone said 'Run -- you need to run'

AP Syria coverage wins Pulitzer for breaking news photography

Business | Associated Press
Civil war shots earn journalism's highest honor, announced Monday

Uniformed soldier assaulted for his military service

US | Associated Press
Probably the worst thing you've seen in a Wal-mart

36 killed in string of attacks in Iraq

World | Associated Press
Appeared to be a highly coordinated string of attacks

Kerry: US open to 'Authentic and credible 'North Korea negotiations

Politics | Associated Press
'The burden is on Pyongyang'

Hacker 'Boot Camp' helps launch tech careers

Tech | Associated Press
Fast track class offers light in otherwise dark jobs market

Lil' Jay-C disses Jay-Z: 'I guess nothing rhymes with Treasury'

Politics | Associated Press
Epic rap battle beef at 1600 Pennshizzlevania Ave

With smartphones the norm, is typing now a dying art?

Tech | Associated Press
Predictive text and autocorrect fails the future?

Exploding gas station makes it rain money [VIDEO]

World | Associated Press
British police released surveillance video of an explosion at a gas station

Textbook in Kosovo labels rock music as 'totally criminal'

Education | Associated Press
Ministry of Education is calling the paragraph a mistake

Violence marks Iraq War anniversary [VIDEO]

US | Associated Press
65 dead 10 years to the day of 'Shock and Awe'

Menendez' bill could have aided donor's investment

Politics | Associated Press
New Jersey Democrat sponsored legislation that would benefit the biggest political donor

Weight Watchers for Whiskers [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Associated Press
Like people, America's pets are getting larger, too

New York teachers union unhappy with property tax cap, sues for more money

Education | Associated Press
Law restricts districts from raising tax levy more than two percent

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