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Oklahoma bans local minimum wage hikes

Protesters calling for higher wages for fast-food workers stand outside a McDonald's restaurant in Oakland, California December 5, 2013. The group, which numbered about 200, shut down the store for more than half an hour as part of a daylong nationwide strike demanding a $15 dollar minimum wage.  REUTERS/Noah Berger  (UNITED STATES - Tags: BUSINESS CIVIL UNREST FOOD) - RTX165IS

In an effort to strengthen the state’s economy, Oklahoma has clamped down on efforts to raise the minimum wage.

Labor activists file initiative to raise Seattle’s minimum wage to $15

8:56 PM 04/15/2014

Seattle residents may ultimately determine whether to hike the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour.

How burdensome is the tax code?

2:56 PM 04/15/2014

How much time and money is spent trying to comply with the tax code? The free-market American Action Forum (AAF) has released a report with the details.

It’s going to be easier to cheat on your taxes this year

3:58 PM 04/14/2014

If you have a tax problem this year, you might be off the hook.

Grassley releases hold on HUD nominee, department agrees to publish salary data

6:27 PM 04/11/2014

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has agreed to release public housing authority salary data, Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley announced.

Free market groups challenge unions on minimum wage

5:37 PM 04/11/2014

Did New Jersey's minimum wage increase help or hurt the poor?

Labor leader refuses invitation to debate the minimum wage

4:36 PM 04/09/2014

Are union leaders avoiding having an open and honest debate about the minimum wage?

Conservatives are divided over Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger

2:13 PM 04/09/2014

Does the merger of large companies limit consumer choice, or is it a natural impulse of the free market?

Fannie and Freddie shareholders want a say in mortgage finance reform

9:51 PM 04/08/2014

As lawmakers try to revamp Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -- two government-sponsored enterprises at the center of the financial meltdown -- groups protecting shareholders are speaking out.

New study contradicts White House minimum wage report

10:44 AM 04/07/2014

Would raising the minimum wage help or hinder women in the labor force?

Wales may become the first part of the UK to ban e-cigarettes

6:55 PM 04/02/2014

Regulations on electronic cigarettes are sweeping the nation -- and world.

Congress grills GM CEO about vehicle recalls

5:02 PM 04/02/2014

General Motors CEO Mary Barra wrapped up testimony Wednesday regarding vehicle malfunctions that led to the deaths of at least twelve Americans and one Canadian.

Supreme Court lifts ban on aggregate campaign donations

1:28 PM 04/02/2014

The Supreme Court struck down federal limits on the overall campaign contributions individual donors can give to candidates, political parties, and political action committees Wednesday.

Kellogg ex-CEO says FDA is attacking food industry

6:55 PM 04/01/2014

Has the Food and Drug Administration made French fries enemy number one?

Study: States with higher minimum wages had higher unemployment

10:44 PM 03/31/2014

A new study by the free-market American Action Forum found that states with minimum wages higher than the federal minimum suffer from higher unemployment.

Obama continues duel over minimum wage estimates

1:35 PM 03/31/2014

In a Monday op-ed, President Obama claimed his proposed minimum wage increase would "lift millions out of poverty."

Connecticut passes nation’s highest minimum wage

9:18 PM 03/28/2014

Connecticut raised its minimum wage $10.10 an hour from the previous $ 8.70 an hour over the next three years, surpassing Washington as the highest in the country, reports Reuters.

White House: raising minimum wage would help women

8:48 PM 03/26/2014

Would raising the minimum wage help lift women out of poverty?

Senate Democrats: e-cigs are ‘candy-flavored poisons’

8:28 PM 03/26/2014

Seven Senate Democrats are urging the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate the sale of electronic cigarettes.