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Mediaite Editor-in-Chief Weds, Takes Off To Hawaii

Mediaite head honcho Andrew Kirell was married Saturday to Jenny Feinberg, who works in global marketing at Legacy Recordings in Manhattan. Judge Andrew Napolitano (a former New Jersey Superior Court judge) officiated the ceremony. Kirell is a former producer for Fox News Business' John Stossel. Napolitano is a senior judicial analyst for FNC. After the wedding, Kirell and his bride fled to Hawaii, where we hope he's enjoying the sand and surf and not paying attention to Twitter and other mundane happenings of New York and Washington journos.

TV Reporter Doesn’t Want Viewers to Throw Up

12:42 PM 09/02/2014

Moral of the story: Be grateful for large flesh.

Yoga Teacher Pushes Arianna Huffington’s Dog Into Compromising Position

11:56 AM 09/02/2014

Downward dog is one thing. But a handstand with a pooch's butt high into the air?

NYT Writer Blows Both Ways

11:39 AM 09/02/2014

NYT's only black op-ed columnist Charles Blow is bisexual. There. He said it. Or rather, he wrote it in his upcoming memoir, Fire Shut Up in My Bones: A Memoir, due out at the end of September.

Morning Mirror

10:28 AM 09/02/2014

Yet another male journo with a pussy 

WaPo Publisher Katharine Weymouth Steps Down

9:25 AM 09/02/2014

Washington Post Publisher Katharine Weymouth is outta there.

Politico White House Reporter Has Heart Attack

2:14 PM 08/29/2014

Politico Magazine and White House correspondent Glenn Thrush has suffered what he describes was a "moderate" heart attack in the past week. In a Facebook post and on Twitter, he thanked people for their well wishes and explained what went down.

CNN Reporter Says Goodbye In Strangely Sweet, Salty Video

1:53 PM 08/29/2014

In a sweet and funny but lightly-biting goodbye video, Lisa Desjardins thanks CNN profusely but describes how they cut her Capitol Hill radio reporting job. "Thank you for making me part of the great recession," she jabbed at one point in the footage.

How Many Sh*t Metaphors Can A Reporter Have In One Story?

1:29 PM 08/29/2014

Turns out, a shitload.

5 Dumbest Tweets Of The Week

12:01 PM 08/29/2014

And now for the dumbest part of our week...

NYT’s Mark Leibovich Skewered For Tweet On Sen. Gillibrand

10:00 AM 08/29/2014

NYT's Magazine writer and infamous This Town author Mark Leibovich is once again riling people. This time, it concerns Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's (D-N.Y.) blockbuster revelation in a new book that some of her male colleagues have sexually harassed her. She won't name names, however. That's what Leibovich is disputing.

Morning Mirror

9:25 AM 08/29/2014

Tommy Christopher...One tweet, two fucks 

BuzzFeed: HuffPo Reporter Is ‘Too Dumb To Function’

4:47 PM 08/28/2014

BuzzFeed has placed HuffPost reporter Ryan J. Reilly on a very important list today. It's their "too dumb to function" list.

Washingtonian Shows Off S.E. Cupp’s Style In A Skintight Dress

3:56 PM 08/28/2014

Washingtonian's September issue features CNN "Crossfire" co-host S.E. Cupp as a 2014 "style icon." Also on the list is a Mirror favorite: President Obama's ex-body man Reggie Love. Hey Reggie, want to have lunch sometime at BLT Steak?

Separated At Birth: Congressional Hopeful Adam Kwasman

2:32 PM 08/28/2014

Today's SAB victim is Arizona GOP Rep. Adam Kwasman. He ran a failed bid for Congress this year for Arizon's 1st congressional district. To refresh your memory, he's the one who protested a busload of school children thinking they were illegals. Hilariously, they were locals headed to YMCA camp.

How Does Chuck Todd Really Feel About David Gregory?

12:45 PM 08/28/2014

No, no, Chuck Todd, NBC's new Meet the Press host isn't really giving David Gregory the finger. But we wonder if this artistic photograph has at least a hint of truth to it.

See What Happens When Donald Trump’s Hair Gets Wet

11:33 AM 08/28/2014

It's the moment we've all been waiting for. Well, one of them, anyhow.

Gawker Editor Wonders How People Can Read Gawker And The Daily Caller

10:48 AM 08/28/2014

Does Gawker editor-in-chief Max Read need a little training in open-mindedness? Perhaps a hippy retreat in California might do him some good, some shooting in the woods with the Heritage Foundation, some therapy to make him less frightened when it comes to people who may or may not think differently than him. Or, kindergarten.

Morning Mirror

8:43 AM 08/28/2014

ABC Scandal alert