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Liberal ‘Mad Men’ in an unbranded era

Brad Todd
Founding Partner, OnMessage Inc.

Washington’s pundits have been united this spring. They’ve concluded that a single shift in culture on gay marriage has marooned one of America's political ideologies from the public majorities of tomorrow.

The coalition of the sane

4:31 PM 11/19/2012

Congress returned to Washington last week, unpopularity and job security both ironically intact, to greet a president in similar condition.

We already know the loser of the election: Obama’s agenda

12:39 PM 11/05/2012

We don’t know yet who our next president will be, but we do know the loser of this Tuesday’s election already.

The odd couple: Barack Obama and Karl Rove

5:46 PM 01/23/2012

Has David Axelrod been replaced?

Who blew up the bridge to the 21st century?

6:28 PM 08/08/2011

Wall Street is downgrading America’s sovereign credit rating because political gridlock means that Washington won’t be able to solve our financial problems any time soon. It’s all thanks to the transformation of one of our two political parties, a transformation that has paralyzed Congress and made the country’s entire balance sheet hostage to an uncompromising and unrealistic ideological fringe element.