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Christopher Forsley
Christopher Forsley
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      Christopher Forsley

      Born in Massachusetts, raised in Arizona, and living in California, Christopher Forsley writes film and literary criticism, comic books and strips, and the occasional satiric or humorous essay. To pay the bills, he takes on ghostwriting assignments and substitute teaching gigs.

Sam Peckinpah’s Elliot Rodger

Good films entertain, great films enlighten, and some films, the greatest of the great, do all these things, and they keep doing them for all eternity... or at least until governments ban them for challenging the status-quo. Often the greatness of them isn't obvious upon their release. Eventually, though, something baffling will happen to us, or the world we live in, and we'll realize that in the previously unrecognized film, an explanation lives like a gold nugget just waiting to enrich the lives of its viewers today.