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Come home, Paul Krugman

Craig Kirchoff
Ad Producer

I hate to say it, but economist, New York Times columnist and partisan talking beard Paul Krugman is a smart guy. After all, they don't hand out Nobel Prizes based on looks. For proof, see 1902’s winner for literature.

Why modern campaigns need both TV and Web ads

11:35 PM 08/26/2012

Behind the curtain of daily campaign drama --- and just out of view of the public --- a tug of war is underway. Inside campaigns across the country, new media consultants and traditional media consultants are debating how to run a modern political campaign. In some cases their philosophical differences morph into struggles for bigger budgets and, sometimes, the very heart of the campaigns themselves. Some new media consultants (Internet folks) see television and other "old" media as archaic and a waste of money. These new media consultants have plans to do everything better on the Web. On the other side of the argument are some traditional media consultants who, after begrudgingly acknowledging the potential of the Web, are sure that nothing can replace the impact of traditional media.