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Sebelius tells HHS staff to ‘pause and celebrate’ Obamacare

U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius arrives to testify at the House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee on

President Obama might not have mentioned Health and Human Services Sec. Kathleen Sebelius during his ObamaCare victory lap in the Rose Garden Tuesday, but Sebelius did not forget to thank HHS staff.

Couple who received pre-marked voter registration card fears gov’t retribution

11:24 PM 04/01/2014

The couple who brought a pre-filled out Obamacare voter registration card to the attention of the media, has not stepped forward because they fear government retribution.

Drs. Coburn and Barrasso deliver Obamacare prognosis: ‘Outlook Not So Good’

7:53 PM 04/01/2014

A pair of senators who also happen to be doctors delivered their prognosis on Obamacare Tuesday, concluding the outlook is "not so good."

California Obamacare exchange sent hearing impaired callers to ‘hot ladies’ chat line

2:50 PM 04/01/2014

Hearing impaired people attempting to sign up for insurance through Covered California could have gotten quite the surprise.

Obama gives Pelosi rosary beads blessed by Pope Francis

1:51 PM 04/01/2014

President Obama gave House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi rosary beads blessed by Pope Francis during lunch Tuesday at the White House, according to an NBC News reporter.

Glenn Beck sued over Boston bombing claims

11:37 AM 04/01/2014

The Saudi Arabian student who was questioned by authorities following the bombing of the Boston Marathon is suing Glenn Beck and his media outlets for allegedly continuing to call him a participant after he was cleared.

Filmmakers look to make movie about ‘the most prolific serial killer in American History’ Gosnell

5:09 PM 03/31/2014

A group of filmmakers is looking to everyday Americans to help fund a movie about the horrors of convicted murderer, Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell.

Sebelius left speechless when told Obamacare is unpopular

1:40 PM 03/31/2014

During an appearance on a local Oklahoma television station, Health and Human Services Sec. Kathleen Sebelius was left quite literally speechless when presented with criticisms of Obamacare.

Dem West Virginia Gov. vetoes abortion restrictions passed by Democratic legislature

11:33 AM 03/31/2014

West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin has vetoed a 20-week abortion ban, which was the first such prohibition to make it through a Democratically-controlled legislature.

Report: Obama administration released 68,000 convicted criminal aliens last year

12:00 AM 03/31/2014

The Obama administration is threatening public safety by deliberately hampering immigration law and releasing aliens with criminal records, according to a new review of internal Immigration and Customs Enforcement data.

Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee lead possible 2016 Republican field

1:37 PM 03/29/2014

If the GOP primary were held today, Republicans would be most likely to pull the lever for Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul or former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, according to the results of a new poll.

Hunter voices ‘strong opposition’ to possible Navy tobacco sale ban

3:41 PM 03/28/2014

With the Navy seriously considering banning tobacco sales on its bases and ships, Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter, a Marine veteran, is calling on Navy Sec. Ray Mabus to refocus its efforts.

Administration to recognize Michigan gay marriages despite state’s decision not to

12:54 PM 03/28/2014

Attorney General Eric Holder Friday announced that the federal government will recognize some 300 marriages performed in Michigan before a federal court halted them, despite the will of the governor.

Federal court upholds Texas abortion restrictions

11:18 AM 03/28/2014

A federal district court has upheld Texas' new restrictions on abortion clinics.

Pro-lifers say Nancy Pelosi to accept Planned Parenthood’s ‘Eugenics Award’

3:57 PM 03/27/2014

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will receive Planned Parenthood’s highest honor, the Margaret Sanger Award, on Thursday night --and pro-lifers are up in arms.

Ebony magazine editor attacks black Republican, compares to roaches

12:39 PM 03/27/2014

Jamilah Lemieux, a senior editor at Ebony magazine, attacked Republican National Committee deputy press secretary Raffi Williams as “a white dude telling me how to do this Black thing” during a heated Twitter exchange Thursday.

Obama vastly less popular than Pope Francis

11:06 AM 03/27/2014

In his first meeting with Pope Francis Thursday, President Obama might have considered asking for some of the pontiff's popularity.

2 Obama vacations cost taxpayers nearly $16 million in flights alone

3:06 PM 03/26/2014

The Obama family managed to rack up nearly $16 million in flight expenses for two trips last year.

CBO: Interest on the federal debt alone will be $880 BILLION in ten years

1:45 PM 03/26/2014

The fastest growing item in the budget is the net interest payment to the nation’s creditors, according to Republican staff on the Senate Budget Committee.

Lee presses Pentagon on why cadet’s Bible verse was erased

12:17 PM 03/26/2014

WASHINGTON --- During a Senate panel hearing on the defense budget, Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee pressed Defense Department officials on the recent uproar over the removal of a Bible verse from an Air Force Academy cadet’s white board.