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Chet Nagle
Former CIA Agent
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      Chet Nagle

      Naval Academy graduate and Cold War carrier pilot, Chet Nagle flew in the Cuban Missile Crisis. After a stint as a navy research officer, he joined International Security Affairs as a Pentagon civilian — then came defense and intelligence work, life abroad for 12 years as an agent for the CIA, and extensive time in Iran, Oman, and many other countries. Along the way, he graduated from the Georgetown University Law School and was the founding publisher of a geo-political magazine, The Journal of Defense & Diplomacy, read in over 20 countries and with a circulation of 26,000. At the end of his work in the Middle East, he was awarded the Order of Oman in that allied nation’s victory over communist Yemen; now, he writes and consults. He and his wife Dorothy live in Virginia.

Hollywood Wants To Rebrand The Civil War

6:17 PM 06/01/2016

The deadliest time in United States history was four years of Civil War, when 640,000 Americans were killed or wounded. Over 260,000 of them were Confederate soldiers. In recognition of those appalling losses, southern and northern states named public buildings, parks, and schools for their fallen soldiers. The U.S. Army named facilities for brave Union officers, and even named ten bases for Confederates. But Hollywood now wants to rebrand the Civil War as a progressive event, acceptable to all Americans.

China Is Stealing American Property

2:40 PM 09/24/2015

On Friday, communist China’s president Xi Jinping will make a state visit to Washington. Presidential candidates, government agencies and special interest groups are clamoring to have their pet issues added to the discussion agenda. Which ones should President Obama choose?

What the president should say in his Syria speech tomorrow

3:21 PM 09/09/2013

On Tuesday, President Obama will address the nation. He will ask Americans to place their faith in his pronouncement that Syria’s civil war is a danger to the security of the United States, and that the answer is military strikes. Wrong on both counts. He will neither stem the tide of public opinion against a new war, nor will he win the coming vote in Congress -- unless he boldly recasts these issues. The presidency is a bully pulpit, and if Valerie Jarrett allows the president to use the right words, he might save his remaining political capital. Those words must include “Iran” and “nuclear weapons.”

Do Americans love Big Brother?

9:56 AM 06/13/2013

It began with the Department of Justice seizing telephone logs of Associated Press reporters. Journalists were outraged by that attack on their First Amendment rights, but since the public really doesn’t much like the media, the storm faded. Then Edward Snowden, a 29-year-old former CIA analyst, leaked documents to Britain’s Guardian newspaper, and the storm became a hurricane.

A lesson from the Boston lockdown

6:14 PM 05/20/2013

In his recent Ohio State commencement speech, President Obama soothed graduates by telling them not to pay attention to what they may have heard, not to fear government, and to reject the idea that “tyranny is always lurking just around the corner.” Was he worried the grads had seen videos of the SWAT enforcers in Boston after the marathon bombings?

The Army, the Congress and the mullahs

6:50 PM 02/12/2013

While Republican members of Congress arm-wrestle the White House, battling over sequestration and debt limits, the mother of all sea-battles is brewing in the Persian Gulf. Whoever wins the budget struggle, it is likely the U.S. Navy will lose the fight to keep the Strait of Hormuz open, should Iran decide to close it.

Iran has plans for us

5:29 PM 01/16/2013

The Iranian mullahs are rolling the Obama administration, just as they have rolled every White House since 1979. Media reports of deals and imminent meetings with Tehran are bogus --- covert meetings between Iran and the U.S. have been held for years and are being held right now. A man who was in those meetings during the Reagan years, Dr. Michael Ledeen, gives us unreported news of secret White House hostage negotiations with Iran --- and in Syria, no less! But today’s story is what Iran has in store for us, and that story is bad news indeed.

Marooned in Mexico

2:38 PM 12/20/2012

Ion Perdicaris, a Greek-American, was kidnapped in 1904 in Tangier by Mulai Ahmed er Raisuli and held for $70,000 ransom. Outraged, President Theodore Roosevelt sent warships and Marines to Morocco, along with a message: “This government wants Perdicaris alive or Raisuli dead.” Perdicaris was freed.

No October surprises, please

5:00 PM 10/22/2012

The Obama administration is accused of failing to protect the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and of failing to rescue American diplomats being murdered by Islamist terrorists. Guilty on both counts only weeks before the election, the White House is now planning an “October surprise” to make the president look tough. Maybe two surprises.

The Obamagas rip-off

1:37 PM 09/28/2012

The Wall Street Journal notes that when President Obama took office in 2009, gas was $1.84 per gallon. The latest Lundberg Survey shows gas in Chicago at $4.25. But that’s small potatoes. Wait until you learn what the U.S. Navy pays for Obamagas.

The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming

3:39 PM 08/31/2012

In 1966, a Soviet captain ran his submarine aground on a Massachusetts beach in a comedy film titled “The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming.” In 2012, a Russian captain took his submarine into the Gulf of Mexico and did not run it aground. Instead, he proved the United States could neither detect nor deter him, and then sailed home. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) did not think it was a comedy.

Behind the White House’s secret Syria plan

8:38 PM 08/06/2012

The White House won’t keep its own secrets, never mind those of the SEALs, Pentagon, or Israel --- especially if leaking secrets helps President Obama look like a tough guy in his uphill re-election campaign.

Protect America first, Mr. Obama!

8:07 PM 07/03/2012

Last Friday, millions of Americans from Illinois to the Delmarva Peninsula were hit by an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) missile: no lights, no air conditioning, no Internet, no cellphones and no refrigerators for their insulin. Actually, it was a storm called a “derecho,” but its effects were similar to that of an EMP missile. EMP? Look it up. It will horrify you. But then, you think, if it had been an EMP warhead, our homeland missile defense system would have destroyed it --- right? Wrong.

China owes America billions

10:54 AM 06/13/2012

Neither President Obama nor Speaker John Boehner have said a word about the hundreds of billions of dollars that China owes America. Don’t they know about it? They arm-wrestle over the budget, the deficit and the debt ceiling, but they ignore a quick fix: get communist China to pay its debt to American citizens and the U.S. Treasury. What Chinese debt, you ask?

Will there be a nuclear meltdown in your backyard?

5:25 PM 04/02/2011

Libya has replaced Japan in mainstream media reports. But while the new crusaders from Europe and America bomb and strafe Libyans who they think deserve to die, we should remember that other tragedy in Japan. Why? Because the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) says the GE-designed reactors in Fukushima have 23 sisters in the United States. What happened in Japan could happen here.

Will a solar max help get Obama re-elected?

5:44 PM 02/14/2011

There are many who believe the world will end next year because that is when the ancient Mayan calendar simply stops. Others read quatrains of the great seer, Nostradamus, and think he also predicts End Times in 2012. Religious zealots are again preaching the end is nigh. And then there is that multitude of Republicans absolutely certain the world will end if President Obama is reelected. If that gigantic atomic furnace we call our sun reenacts history, it will prove them all to be correct.

‘Iranium’ debuts on Tuesday

4:03 PM 02/07/2011

Tuesday is a very important day. It is the day that a new documentary, “Iranium,” will be screened across the United States and Canada, and on Capitol Hill.

Is there an Iranian missile base in Venezuela?

9:38 PM 01/03/2011

Hugo Chavez, the yanqui-hating dictator of Venezuela, will not accept Washington’s proposed emissary and has dared the United States to break diplomatic relations. It seems Ambassador-select Larry Palmer’s sin is that he did not applaud Chavez when he used his rubber-stamp parliament to perpetuate his dictatorial regime. The State Department’s limp-wristed response was to cancel the visa of the Venezuelan ambassador. That, and silence from the White House, told the megalomaniac in Caracas exactly what the United States will do when Iran finishes building a nuclear missile base in Venezuela -- absolutely nothing.