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      C.J. Pearson

      CJ Pearson is a thirteen year old political commentator, writer, and activist. Since the mere age of 8, CJ has been politically involved – supporting conservative causes and ideals in anyway possible.

How The Tea Party Became Trumpism

Trump Flip Flops On His Presidential Salary Demands (Getty Images)

For years, while those in Washington were going along like business as usual, a boisterous movement was bubbling across America. In 2010, the tea party allowed into office conservative underdogs like Marco Rubio, and launched the political careers of the likes of Christine O’Donnell and Rand Paul. While the tea party wave of 2010 may have been an indicator of Trumpism to come, it wasn't the birth of it.

The #NeverTrumpers Are Helping To Elect Hillary Clinton

9:30 AM 03/07/2016

If Hillary Clinton is elected president this coming fall, Erick Erickson, Bill Kristol, and the countless establishment Republican pundits desperately grasping for relevancy will have themselves to blame. The #NeverTrump movement has fiercely divided the Republican Party and has all but incinerated any chance we have at taking back the White House. However, the division didn't start with #NeverTrump. It started with mainstream Republicans ostracizing conservative firebrands like Chris McDaniel, who unsuccessfully challenged longtime Kansas Senator Thad Cochran in the 2014 cycle, and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin -- leaving their devout supporters voiceless and infuriated.

#OscarsSoWhite And Selective Outrage

9:53 AM 03/01/2016

As a young boy, I was told the world is mine for the taking and my skin color isn't an impediment, but an accessory. So when it comes to the ‪#OscarsSoWhite‬ controversy, admittedly, I'm conflicted.