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Christian Whiton
Christian Whiton
Fmr. State Dept Sr. Advisor
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      Christian Whiton

      Christian Whiton was a senior advisor at the State Department during the George W. Bush administration. In 2012, he was a senior campaign advisor and the deputy director of national security staff for the Newt Gingrich presidential campaign. In 2008, he was an advisor to the Asia policy team for the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee. He is currently a principal at DC International Advisory, which assesses political risk and opportunity for investors.

Republicans should fire McConnell and Boehner

Senate Republican boss Mitch McConnell and his House counterpart, John Boehner, have a clear strategy and a honed communications plan to undermine the opposition.  Unfortunately, the two men believe that opposition is comprised of people who think the congressional GOP should actually do things.  For that reason — and the opportunity that the feckless duo are poised to botch — their Republican peers in Congress should fire them.

Understanding the American right’s Putinophilia

1:50 PM 12/31/2013

What does Russian strongman Vladimir Putin have in common with Western moralist icons ranging from John Winthrop to Joseph Smith to John Paul II to Billy Graham? Very little in fact, but you wouldn’t know it by listening to Putin himself, or his newfound useful idiots in the United States like Pat Buchanan.

Four reasons to say no to Obama

3:37 PM 09/04/2013

Obama’s decision to seek congressional approval to bomb Syria shouldn’t have surprised so many politicos. After all, this most political of American presidents has always approached foreign policy as an extension of domestic politics and progressive doctrine. Seeking from Congress the endorsement that U.S. history shows to be unnecessary for small-scale military action is just a way for Obama to shift blame for either backing down or for whatever result the contemplated bombing produces. Congress should just say no, for four reasons.

Jail Glenn Greenwald

4:19 PM 06/27/2013

In Obama’s America, officials accuse journalists who are doing their jobs of committing felonies and subject them to Orwellian surveillance, but spy-enablers posing as reporters get a free pass. For proof, look no further than Fox’s James Rosen and a certain Glenn Greenwald, who may be NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s partner in crime.

Democrats’ new scandal tactic: sniveling

11:43 PM 06/04/2013

On Tuesday, liberal Lanny Davis took to the airwaves to complain about his treatment on a supposedly “abusive” Fox News show on which I was also a guest. He vowed never again to go on the show.

A warning on gun rights

1:06 PM 01/10/2013

There’s a movie that shows what can happen when only the military and police have guns. It’s called “Schindler’s List.”

The devil wears pinstripes?

5:37 PM 12/11/2012

Is Obama about to send the villainous inspiration behind “The Devil Wears Prada” to be our ambassador to Britain. Perhaps so — and why not?

Allies hoping for Obama loss

1:29 PM 07/19/2012

The people abroad who can help America’s economy and security the most want change in the White House this November. This includes the governments that are some of America’s most important friends and the dissidents resisting those that are not America’s friends.

Biden playing the fool foreign policy

11:44 PM 04/26/2012

Did Jumpin’ Joe Biden really just raise foreign policy as a supposed asset to the Obama campaign? Did he really imply that Mitt Romney would not have killed bin Laden? Did the gray eminence of Obama foreign policy really just say that “the president has a big stick,” hopefully referring to Theodore Roosevelt’s idea that the U.S. should “speak softly, and carry a big stick”?

Obama offers excuses for gas prices, Newt offers solutions

7:07 PM 02/23/2012

On his way to a $30,000-a-person fundraiser on Thursday, President Obama paused to deflect the blame for the sky-high gasoline prices that are the latest hallmark of his administration — and the latest assault on the middle class from Washington. Contrary to what Mr. Obama said, there is a way to cut gas prices rapidly; it’s just incompatible with his ideology.

Romney wrong on minimum wage

3:03 PM 02/05/2012

Wednesday was not a good day for Mitt Romney or economics. First Governor Romney said, “I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there --- if it needs repair, I’ll fix it.” Later, trying to dig out, he reaffirmed his previous support for automatic raises in the minimum wage.

From Atlanta with love

2:30 AM 12/24/2011

Earlier this week, shortly after North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il died, Jimmy Carter sent Kim Jong-il's son, Kim Jong-un, a letter expressing his condolences. This is my best guess of what one of Carter's letters to Kim Jong-un would look like:

A decade later, what about victory?

1:48 PM 09/07/2011

In the weeks and years that followed the 9/11 attacks, Americans rose to defend civilization against terrorists and their sponsors around the globe. Despite occasional setbacks and persistent controversy, the U.S. and its allies have disrupted terrorist groups and prevented a repeat of 9/11. But a decade later, we have yet to fully grasp what the enemy is and how to defeat it permanently — much less organize our instruments of national power for victory.

Buying time for Iran’s Green Movement

12:00 AM 02/11/2010

The mounting protests in Iran leave little doubt that the Tehran regime has entered its final decade. The mass expression of public dissent expected today coincides with the day 31 years ago when the Iranian revolution was launched. The Islamist theocracy that resulted commenced a low-intensity war against the United States and our allies, which has continued to this day and could soon get worse.