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David Martosko is The Daily Caller’s executive editor. He is the father of two, a frequent public speaker, and a graduate of Dartmouth College and the Johns Hopkins University.

Bob Menendez and the ladies of the evening: What we know

Politics | David Martosko
Serious questions remain about affidavits announced Monday in the Dominican Republic

Report: Relative of top Bob Menendez donor pushed apparent retraction of prostitution claim

Politics | David Martosko
Vinicio Castillo is cousin to Salomon Melgen

Dominican prostitutes' lawyer, last month: Menendez charges not 'politically motivated'

Politics | David Martosko
Miami Herald: Attorney 'said he found their interviews with the Daily Caller credible'

ABC News also spoke to woman who told Daily Caller she had sex with Bob Menendez for money

Politics | David Martosko
Network never published interview, now says despite inconsistencies that she's the same woman who recanted Monday

WaPo report confuses one prostitute with another in bid to debunk Menendez allegations

Politics | David Martosko
One prostitute claims she was 'surreptitiously taped,' even though she consented to being on video

Bob Menendez plays race card, blames conservatives for scandals

Politics | David Martosko
At Black History Month church event, embattled Hispanic senator insists 'I have felt the sting of discrimination'

Quinnipiac poll: Menendez's trustworthiness takes big hit

Politics | David Martosko
44 percent of New Jerseyans say senator is dishonest, two-thirds say ethics scandals worth investigating

News agency linked to Iranian regime: Hagel already approved as US 'defense minister'

Politics | David Martosko
Red-faced Raja News removes article from website

Menendez meets with Afghan leader, discusses government corruption

Politics | David Martosko
NJ Democrat under investigation for lobbying HHS on donor's behalf, taking private jet flights

Report: Menendez donor could see 250,000-percent return on Dominican port security investment

Politics | David Martosko
Salomon Melgen paid $100k for stake worth up to $500 million -- with Menendez's help

Bob Menendez's domain names are not Bob Menendez's

Politics | David Martosko
Anti-Menendez forces control senator's name online

Report: Menendez took unreported 2008 Dominican Republic trip on donor's jet

Politics | David Martosko
Source to Fox News: 'He was on the doc's jet in 2008 -- that I guarantee'

Court documents: Menendez donor leased oceanfront condo for alleged prostitute

Politics | David Martosko
Whistle-blower named Ukranian model in sex accusations against New Jersey senator

News reports: Bob Menendez visited donor's Dominican resort home in 2006

Politics | David Martosko
Embattled senator's cozy relationship with Salomon Melgen may have begun earlier than previously thought

Twitter suspends, reinstates account critical of Sen. Bob Menendez

Tech | David Martosko
@MenendezMustGo lasted four days before social media company took it offline

CREW quietly adds Sen. Bob Menendez to 'Under Investigation' report

Politics | David Martosko
Liberal advocacy group notes Senate Ethics committee probe, omits FBI investigation

As Bob Menendez inquiry broadens, jet-owning donor covers his tracks

Politics | David Martosko
Salomon Melgen has blocked public access to his private jet flight records

Washington Post: Prostitutes occasionally work resort at center of Menendez sex scandal

Politics | David Martosko
Working girls 'secreted into Casa de Campo in the back seats of chauffeur-driven SUVs'

Anonymous prostitute's shocking handwritten account recalls sex with Menendez at 16

Politics | David Martosko
'I had intimate relations with him on more than one occasion'

PHOTOS: Meet one of Bob Menendez's (alleged) call girls [SLIDESHOW]

Entertainment | David Martosko
Sultry, sexy and high-society, Svitlana Buchyk brings new meaning to the phrase 'foreign relations'

Univision tracks down supposed Menendez call girl -- but was she the right one? [VIDEO]

Politics | David Martosko
Hispanic network gets denial from a Yaneisi Fernandez, who says she's a virgin

Top 10: Best tweets about the exploding Bob Menendez prostitute scandal

Entertainment | David Martosko
'Menendez may now be the only Northeastern Dem Sen.who favors investing in offshore drilling'

Buffalo 2nd-graders learn grammar by correcting NFL players' tweets

Education | David Martosko
Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young tweeted: 'It's true I could be alot better, But wit the football'

Editorial pages skewer Bob Menendez over prostitution scandal

Politics | David Martosko
Asbury Park Press: 'It is becoming difficult to simply dismiss the whole thing ... Menendez's chairmanship should be put on hold'

Bob Menendez ducks out of NJ Chamber of Commerce event, ditches reporters at elevator

Politics | David Martosko
Politico reporter heard shouting, 'Did you sleep with prostitutes, Senator?'

Menendez drained more than 1/3 of bank accounts in January to pay for past Dominican Republic travel

Politics | David Martosko
Senator wrote $58,500 check last May to jet-owning campaign donor

Reid punts on Menendez question as more prostitution allegations surface

Politics | David Martosko
'Any questions in this regard, direct to him. I don't know anything about it'

Menendez admits frequent Dominican travel, reimburses donor for private jet flights

Politics | David Martosko
'This was sloppy,' claims senator's chief of staff

Women's rights, human rights groups: Bob Menendez should resign if he slept with underage Dominican prostitutes

Politics | David Martosko
If true, 'Sen Bob Menendez should resign from his position immediately'

2012 event boasted Menendez is 'empowering women worldwide'

Politics | David Martosko
Flyer: Menendez has defended 'a woman's right to be .. safe from trafficking and exploitation'

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