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Don’t Get Swept Away By #MeToo Regarding Sexual Assault

11:35 AM 10/16/2017

Facebook and Twitter are crackling with #metoo hashtags, posted by women reporting they have been “sexually harassed or assaulted.” The flood of posts at first seems alarming, but the magnitude of such posts isn’t very instructive, because sexual harassment and sexual assault are very different things.

No, Lesbian Parents Are Not The ‘Ideal’

4:08 PM 10/02/2017

Today’s tiny range of acceptable opinion on homosexuality came into focus Thursday, when The New York Times ran an op-ed titled “Heterosexuals Deserve Our Support.” That unfunny satire was penned by Lisa Pryor, a straight woman alarmed that the gay marriage debate raging in her native Australia seems to have more than one side.

Give Devout Bakers ‘Conscientious Objector’ Status

9:58 AM 10/02/2017

Two little grooms are perched atop the Supreme Court’s docket on this first Monday in October, as the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission has engaged Court watchers for months. The justices are expected to decide by June whether a state can force a baker to design a cake that celebrates an event like a gay wedding that conflicts with his religious beliefs.

No, The Flag Is Not About ‘Ideals’

5:42 PM 09/26/2017

Bob Costas and many others have sympathized with athletes who disrespect America’s symbols because those represent only the “ideals” of the nation, which America is supposedly failing. Costas, in fact, thinks the national anthem would be more “palatable” if sports fans were invited to sing it specifically to express America’s ideals.

Will Democrats Fall For The ‘New Trump’?

1:29 PM 09/15/2017

Conservatives everywhere are yelping with whiplash, aghast at watching Donald Trump cozy up to “Chuck and Nancy,” the president’s sobriquets for liberal Senate minority leader Schumer and liberal’s liberal House minority leader Pelosi. That’s right, it’s not “Foolish Chuck” and “Silly Nancy.”

Let Dreamers Stay – If Their Parents Go

11:23 AM 09/04/2017

President Trump’s decision, leaked yesterday, to end protection for illegal immigrants brought as children may end the American dreams of the so-called Dreamers, but it doesn’t have to. The U.S. government can subject those young men and women to deportation along with other illegals – while adding one caveat. Dreamers whose parents voluntarily leave the United States get to stay.

How Black Lives Matter Fostered The White Identity Movement

7:07 PM 08/30/2017

A popular explanation for the shocking Trump phenomenon points to the rise of “white identity politics” among the many disaffected Americans who supported him, even against their economic interests. And, indeed, Republicans who saw race as marginal to their identity overwhelmingly didn’t vote for Trump, whereas those who saw it as essential overwhelmingly did.

2018 Will Be A Bloodbath – For Democrats

10:42 AM 08/22/2017

As President Trump’s troubles mount, the long-standing expectation that Democrats will gain several House and Senate seats in 2018 has only intensified. At this point, many observers are expecting a bloodbath – and they’re right. But for structural, historical, and intangible reasons, expect the bloodbath to be for Democrats as the GOP further expands its dominance in both houses of Congress.

The ACLU Betrays America

11:33 AM 08/21/2017

Last week’s announcement by the ACLU that it will no longer defend unpopular speech by heavily armed groups wasn’t just a betrayal of its historic mission. The group is a private non-profit organization, so it can choose its cases at will. But Americans trust the ACLU to articulate what the Constitution means, and when it claimed that the First Amendment itself doesn’t protect such groups, it betrayed the American people.

CEO Quitters Are Just Unpatriotic Whiners

5:27 PM 08/16/2017

Count me out of the rush to praise the CEOs protesting President Trump’s equivocation about last weekend’s racist march by quitting the administration’s American Manufacturing Council. They weren’t working for the president’s re-election campaign; they were working for the American government and thus the American people. Expressing moral outrage at the chief executive by calling it quits wasn’t courageous; it was unpatriotic.

It’s Stupid To Call Trump A Racist

10:14 AM 08/16/2017

Many of the president’s opponents are celebrating a silver lining they see in this week’s racial ugliness: that Donald Trump’s supposed longstanding alliance with avowed racists is finally on full display. What they “knew all along” Is now explicit, they think, so it will be easier to bring this infernal presidency to an end.

Gays Love The First Amendment – Except When They Don’t

3:46 PM 07/25/2017

Many LGBT people who run in leftie circles were pleased with last month’s ejection of women carrying Star of David pride flags from Chicago’s Dyke March. Seeing the “intersectionality” between lesbian equality and Palestinian rights, they didn’t want any hint of support for Israel at their event, even if only vaguely via symbols carried by Jewish women.

Texas’s ‘Bathroom Bill’ Is Wrong On The Merits

1:32 PM 07/19/2017

Going into next week’s consideration of a bill restricting transgender bathroom use, Texas Republicans are split. Social conservatives tend to support it, hoping to push back against liberal overreach, particularly regarding sexuality and gender. Moderates oppose it, fearing the effects of an economic backlash like the one suffered by North Carolina when it passed a similar bill.