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Are We Convicting Too Many Rape Suspects?

Actor and comedian Bill Cosby walks back into the courtroom after a break during the fifth day of Cosby's sexual assault trial at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pennsylvania, U.S., June 9, 2017.  REUTERS/Lucas Jackson      TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

The hung jury in Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial has puzzled and angered the former comedian’s detractors, since statute-of-limitations laws made this the only possible case to prosecute. But alleged victim Andrea Constand’s sustained, even overeager post-incident pursuit of Cosby’s friendship completely compromised her credibility.

Force The NEA To Fund Conservative Art

7:33 PM 06/16/2017

Is President Trump right to oppose the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)? Well, art lifts us up and inspires the creativity of future generations. But government funds are precious and current NEA projects have a liberal bias.

Liberal Shoots Republicans; Democrats Blame GOP Gun Policies

11:21 AM 06/14/2017

This morning, someone who specifically wanted to kill Republicans sprayed more than 50 shots at a GOP Congressional baseball practice, wounding at least five – including Congressman Steve Scalise (R-La.). Within minutes, the sadly inevitable Tweets began:

“Jefferson Beauregard” Sessions Is No Different From “Barack Hussein” Obama

10:57 PM 06/13/2017

Liberal corners of the Internet are giggling at the discomfort of Attorney General Jeff Sessions testifying yesterday before the Senate Intelligence committee as he tried to rebuff accusations of Russia-Trump collusion. But too often the schadenfreude has referenced the attorney general’s full name: Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III – thus reinforcing what has become a mean-spirited and unfair caricature of the Alabaman as a racist good-old-boy.

A Palestinian State: Like Gaza, Only Bigger

1:59 PM 06/12/2017

“Two-state” Middle East proposals are alluring given the prizes they offer each side: a Jewish, democratic Israel; and an independent Palestine. But any real two-state “solution” (and not just a two-state result) must improve the daily lives of both Israelis and Palestinians. For Palestinians, that’s unlikely.

Cosby’s Accuser Is Not Credible

1:03 PM 06/06/2017

The sexual assault accusations by dozens of women against comedian Bill Cosby, if true, would mean he’s a serial rapist. But the trial that began yesterday is about only one incident involving one woman. Since it’s too late to file charges in the others, Americans appalled by Cosby’s alleged pattern of sexual predation have pinned their hopes on his present accuser, Andrea Constand. They should probably get ready for disappointment, because new information shows her post-incident behavior to be so un-victimlike that she is simply not credible.

Don’t Jail Sexting Teens – Take Away Their Phones

9:59 AM 06/05/2017

The Protecting Against Child Exploitation Act of 2017 may sound innocuous, but it’s actually the most outrageous bipartisan Congressional measure in years. Intended to close a loophole in child pornography law, its oppressive language threatens teenagers with lengthy prison sentences and sex-offender registration for “sexting” – sharing nude photos of themselves and each other. That may seem victimless, but it creates fodder for pedophiles and undercuts the innocence of children. So instead of jailing teens who sext, hit them where it hurts – take their phones away.

Ben Carson Is Right About The Poverty Mindset – Ask Lottery Winners

4:20 PM 06/02/2017

HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s comments earlier this month suggesting poverty can be a “state of mind” are still in the news, as liberals in the media and beyond exult in painting a conservative – and a black one at that – as callous to the suffering of the poor. For example, The New York Times ran a straw-man “Upshot” piece Tuesday rebutting Carson’s “idea” that people are poor because of problematic mindsets, pointing to studies that suggest it’s the other way around.

“Fake News” Goes Global

12:16 AM 06/02/2017

The contretemps over French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent remarks about Russian media shouldn’t have surprised Americans. At a joint press conference Monday with Russian President Vlaidimir Putin, Macron said:

Don’t Defund Schools That Promote Heterosexuality

7:42 PM 05/29/2017

Under House subcommittee grilling last week, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos refused Democrat demands she withhold federal education dollars from schools that “discriminate” against gay students. When framed that way, it’s understandable that media and citizen voices erupted in outrage.

Palestinians Have Long Commutes? Boohoo.

1:51 PM 05/24/2017

Over the weekend, The New York Times ran an opinion piece by Palestinian lawyer-writer-activist Raja Shehada decrying Israeli policies on the freedom of movement by West Bank residents like him. Anyone even a little familiar with Israeli life who reads it closely will reject two complaints in particular as completely bogus.

Trump’s Peace Prayers Face A Wall – Israeli Politics

6:12 PM 05/22/2017

President Trump’s visit today to Judaism’s sacred Western Wall was part of a 28-hour Holy Land tour meeting with both Israeli and Palestinian leaders. The president has alluded to an “ultimate deal” between the two sides, but without dramatic (and unlikely) changes to Israel’s domestic politics, the Jewish state cannot make significant compromises. So to whatever extent Trump fancies himself a peacemaker, he hasn’t got a prayer.

Who’s Afraid Of President Pence?

4:29 PM 05/17/2017

President Trump has defied naysayers for two years running, so he’ll probably shimmy out of this week’s scandals over intelligence leaks and James Comey’s dismissal. But what if he doesn’t?

Don’t Make Linda Sarsour The Next Palestinian Martyr – Let Her Speak

7:32 PM 05/16/2017

Apparently, some conservatives didn’t get the memo about free speech on college campuses. Specifically, “Palestinian feminist” Linda Sarsour’s slated speech at the CUNY School of Public Health is coming under fire from pro-Israel activists and elected officials, most of them right-of-center, because of her comments on Zionism, the Middle East conflict, and sharia law. But in the wake of the Ann Coulter brouhaha, conservatives should zealously defend even speech we hate. Please, let the woman speak.

GOP Photos Don’t Need Breasts

5:00 PM 05/12/2017

Twice during recent health care debates, Democrats have played “gotcha” with photos suggesting Republicans are excluding women in planning to repeal and replace Obamacare. But laws don’t have anatomy. Counting breasts (and skin tones) may be how liberals measure public policy, but conservatives aren’t interested. Don’t expect an apology from the Republican leadership – or a token window-dressing female legislator – any time soon.

Let Religion Play A Texas-Sized Role In Adoption

9:36 AM 05/08/2017

Ignore the frenzied “Texas Could Ban Gay, Jewish Parents” headlines sounding an alarm on the adoption bill currently in front of the Texas legislature. If passed, the law would forbid the Lone Star State from obstructing state-funded or private adoption agencies that consider religious beliefs in choosing homes for parentless kids. In other words, Texas could never force an agency to be religion-blind in creating new families.

Face It, Gays: Trump Is Our Friend

10:36 AM 05/05/2017

Yesterday was perhaps the most triumphant day for gay activists since the 2015 Supreme Court marriage decision – though you wouldn’t know it by listening to them. Despite serious pressure from the president’s Evangelical allies, his long-anticipated executive order on religious liberty contained no license to discriminate against gays. As it had in January, the administration considered, then rejected, provisions to allow individuals and organizations to treat gays shabbily as long as they had a religious excuse.