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Liberals Play Petty Potty Politics – And Trump Laughs

WASHINGTON, D.C. - FEBRUARY 16:  (AFP-OUT) President Donald Trump participates in a congressional listening session with GOP members in the Roosevelt Room of the White House February 16, 2017 in Washington, DC.  Also pictured is Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY). (Photo by Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images)

The very day the Trump Administration barred The New York Times from a press briefing and the president said reporters “shouldn’t be allowed” to use unnamed sources (“we’re going to do something about it”), much of the Left couldn’t be bothered to protest. They were too busy howling about a minor change to federal transgender bathroom policy. Once again, President Donald J. Trump’s opponents have been pursuing something shiny and gossamer while barely noticing unprecedented threats to the Constitution.

Trump Will Never Jump The Shark

6:46 PM 02/23/2017

Ever since Donald Trump transitioned from reality television to reality reality, with each outrageous step his detractors have erroneously proclaimed his career’s demise. As a candidate, he said American POWs aren’t “real heroes” and was revealed to have crudely bragged of sexually assaulting women. As president, he has cozied up to a notorious foreign dictator and told blatant whoppers about his popularity. Political opponents and media voices – Democrats but also Republican dissenters like me – seem baffled at his invincibility.

Transgender Dignity Is A Conservative Value – But So Is Privacy

10:09 PM 02/22/2017

Behind-the-scenes reports have suggested the Trump Administration is agonizing whether to repeal an Obama-era order requiring schools to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms of their choice. Despite traditionalist suspicions of transgenderism, conservative values actually favor a permissive policy. The problem with the Obama order, though, is that it militantly nationalized a complex problem and privileged dignity for transgender students over the equally legitimate value of privacy for everyone else.

The Press Is Elevating The Virtually Non-Existent, Trump-Bashing ‘Anne Frank Center’

5:05 PM 02/21/2017

The comments hit the news like a firebomb: the director of something called the “Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect” said President Donald J. Trump’s condemnation this morning of anti-Semitism is “a Band-Aid on the cancer of anti-Semitism that has infected his own Administration” and a “pathetic asterisk of condescension.” He claimed Trump and his staff have committed “grotesque” acts of anti-Semitism that he declined to specify. If Holocaust experts don’t accept Trump’s remarks, why should anyone?

Attacks On Milo Yiannopoulos Are About Homophobia, Not Pedophilia

5:04 PM 02/20/2017

Today, the Conservative Political Action Conference canceled the speech of professional provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos later this week after the release of taped remarks in which, among other things, he speaks approvingly of “consensual” relationships between “younger boys and older men.” The belief that children can consent to sex is despicable, but the expressions of horror from both liberals and conservatives over much more benign remarks on the tape suggests they’re protesting too much.

AIDS Is A Gay Disease

9:58 AM 02/14/2017

Like other Jewish historians and community members, I was bothered by the Trump Administration’s universalist Holocaust statement papering over the fact that, by and large, the Holocaust was about Jews. As a gay man who has written extensively about LGBT history, the episode reminded me of a similar bit of amnesia gay people have fostered about ourselves: that “AIDS is not a gay disease.”

Let Mentally Ill People Buy Guns

10:58 AM 02/07/2017

When the GOP-controlled House voted last Thursday to overturn an Obama-era regulation that prevented some mentally ill people from purchasing firearms, anti-gun Democrats howled. They mocked the Republican Party for being such lapdogs to the National Rifle Association (NRA) that they would do something as plainly stupid as giving guns to people who are unstable and unpredictable.

America’s Public Education Regime Is Unconstitutional

3:27 PM 02/06/2017

Liberals are saying Trump Education nominee Betsy DeVos “wants to take money away from public schools” by helping parents use taxpayer dollars for religious and other schools. But under the current system, the government unfairly forces many parents to choose between an expensive religious education and a free education that stymies their religious observance. Since practicing one’s religion without government interference is a constitutional guarantee, America’s public school regime is unconstitutional, and should be upended by the coming more-conservative Supreme Court.

All News Outlets Must Show Solidarity With CNN

5:36 PM 02/02/2017

In punishing CNN for its supposed “fake news,” President Donald Trump endangers far more than one news outlet’s ratings and reputation. A president who rewards networks and newspapers that praise him, while threatening to isolate others, undercuts the public’s trust in all political coverage. And good political coverage is crucial to keeping politicians good.

Here’s The Proof Millions Didn’t Vote Illegally

4:08 PM 02/01/2017

Perhaps the biggest chutzpah yet in this chutzpah-laced presidency was President Donald Trump’s late-November Tweets demanding proof he did NOT lose the popular vote due to illegal voting. Trump shifted the burden of proof (normally on the person making an outlandish claim) to reporters and political opponents, demanding they prove a negative. It’s a fool’s errand. Millions of Wookies didn’t vote for Hillary, but what documents, eyewitness statements, or statistics could prove it for certain? Trump’s similarly fictional accusations can’t be countered by normal forms of evidence either.

Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Makes More Sense Than You’ve Heard

5:57 PM 01/31/2017

Sex education is at a crossroads as the Trump era begins, after a Bush Administration that promoted abstinence-only programs and an Obama Administration that tried to cut them. Given President Donald Trump’s own debauched sexual history, educators are understandably unsure of the new administration’s strategy on Sex Ed. Despite their many detractors, abstinence-only programs should continue to play a prominent role.

Trump Is Obama On Steroids

2:03 PM 01/30/2017

Republicans are rightfully thrilled we’ve finally regained most levers of power. But we need to acknowledge the price: leadership by an out-of-control dilettante whose policy whims and massive ego threaten the well-being of the party, the country and the world.

Is Trump’s ‘America First’ Slogan Anti-Semitic? Preposterous.

11:44 PM 01/23/2017

The Americans hyperventilating over “America First,” President Trump’s supposedly anti-Semitic slogan spotlighted in his Inauguration can calm down. The phrase’s history has been (deliberately?) distorted. From a broader view the term’s pedigree isn’t hateful at all. If the catchphrase makes Donald Trump an anti-Semite, then fellow presidents Woodrow Wilson, John F. Kennedy, and Gerald Ford are anti-Semites. Please.

Why Does “Big Gay” Expect Trump To Persecute Them?

5:52 PM 01/11/2017

One rather queer aspect of the Donald Trump phenomenon is that people so expect to be offended by his paroxysms of intolerance that they haven’t noticed there’s one group the president-elect has never scapegoated, attacked, or belittled: LGBT Americans. Trump’s reserve on gay matters, coming from a politician so promiscuous with his vituperation, represents a welcome (albeit curious) watershed in LGBT history. Yet Big Gay is girding for a wave of persecution from the inchoate Trump Administration.

Amnesty-Loving Liberals Bear A 30-Year Grudge Against Jeff Sessions

6:13 PM 01/09/2017

As the Senate prepares for hearings on the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) to be attorney general, liberals are dredging up hoary allegations that he made racist remarks in the early 1980s. The same people who want to reward line-jumping immigrants with equal citizenship still consider 35-year-old hearsay valuable evidence in deciding a Republican public servant’s fitness for office.

GOP Should Embrace The Working Poor

10:59 AM 12/30/2016

A little-noted source of strength in Donald Trump’s presidential victory last month was Americans earning less than $30,000. Fully 41 percent of them voted Republican, the party’s largest share since 1988. Though they haven’t been a particular target group for the GOP, the working poor present serious growth potential for the party, since many of our issues – if presented properly – align with the interests and values of low-income Americans. With some visible outreach to less wealthy citizens, the party can not only win a majority of their votes, but also demolish the party’s reputation for elitism and heartlessness toward the poor.

The Election Was NOT HACKED

9:45 AM 12/19/2016

Even today, as the Electoral College votes, Democrats continue to whine that Russia “hacked the election.” Ignore them. The stolen emails about Hillary Clinton contained no bombshells or smoking guns, and would have been a non-story without publicity by Wikileaks and American news media. And the revelations did nothing more than substantiate what Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump had been saying for months – that Clinton is a phony.