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      David Benkof

      David Benkof is the Daily Caller's Senior Political Analyst. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter (@DavidBenkof); or E-mail him at [email protected]

Rubio Should Sister Souljah Trump At Tonight’s Debate

Rubio: Clinton Not Saying 'Radical Islam' Is Like Not Saying We Were At War With The Nazis [screen shot ABC]

Donald Trump’s dominance of polls nationally and in early states has fostered nervousness among Republicans eager to elect a reliable conservative next November. His extremist proposals (most recently, halting visas for Muslims), perpetual vagueness (“You don't want to hear how I'd handle [terrorism] … we are going to handle it so tough!”), and confusion about our system of government (his “executive order” mandating death for cop killers) raise bright red flags about a man whose nomination could torpedo the entire party.

Che Guevara Wasn’t A Maccabee: When Far Leftists Run Jewish Organizations

10:43 AM 12/10/2015

Yesterday, I was stunned to read an E-mail from Andrés Spokoiny, the president of the Jewish Funders Network (I’m a member) with an interpretation of the Chanukah story that was skewed so far left it praised Che Guevara (!) as being essentially a Maccabee. The missive was yet another piece of evidence, albeit an extreme one, of a major Jewish organization run by people with a hard-left worldview.

The Jig Is Up: Diversity Doesn’t Matter

11:48 AM 12/09/2015

Today, as the Supreme Court takes up yet another affirmative-action case, advocates of racial engineering are urging the justices to allow public universities to continue considering race a factor in admissions in order to promote “diversity.” But they’re hiding their true motives. Support for affirmative action by Americans on the left is overwhelmingly based on a desire to remedy past and present discrimination, not to racially redecorate classrooms and dormitories. But the Supreme Court has already outlawed affirmative action for reparative purposes as unconstitutional, so they are throwing their hopes behind the thin reed of campus diversity.

Why Aren’t Republicans Allowed To Misspeak?

10:57 AM 11/20/2015

Secretary of State John Kerry’s claim that the Charlie Hebdo attacks had “a legitimacy” – he quickly corrected himself to say “a rationale” – has been widely condemned by conservatives, and widely ignored by the media. (For example, The New York Times ran an 11-paragraph Reuters story about Republican reactions to the remarks, but did not cover the comments themselves.)

John Kerry Must Resign

4:07 PM 11/18/2015

A gaffe is “when a politician tells the truth,” as per Michael Kinsley’s apt definition. Yesterday’s gaffe by Secretary of State John Kerry claiming that the Charlie Hebdo attacks had “a legitimacy” – he quickly corrected himself to say “a rationale” - reveals such gross misunderstanding of the threats our country faces that he simply must resign.

Both Sides In The Transgender ‘Bathroom Battle’ Are Wrong

1:42 PM 11/10/2015

Brace yourselves for more bathroom battles after last week’s smash 22-point repeal of Houston’s equal rights law. Traditionalists on gay issues, long stymied at the polls and elsewhere, finally see a winning path in the Houston campaign’s near-exclusive focus on the specter of predatory males lurking in women’s facilities. LGBT advocates are undeterred in their demand that the government treat a person’s gender identity as equivalent to biological sex in every way.

Obama’s Claim Of Youth Delinquency Is As Fictional As Carson’s

10:13 AM 11/09/2015

The Internet is in a tizzy over allegations that Republican frontrunner Dr. Ben Carson fabricated details of a troubled, hostile youth for political gain. CNN interviewed nine of Carson’s childhood friends, classmates, and neighbors about the claims in the surgeon’s 25-year-old memoir Gifted Hands (which he later repeated on the stump) of violent, even homicidal episodes, but none could recall any.

No, There Are Still Two Pro-Israel Parties

9:22 AM 11/06/2015

Last week, Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) head Matthew Brooks told The Hill, “We as a Jewish community have to take a long, hard step back and acknowledge the reality … that today there is one pro-Israel party and that is the Republican Party.”

Will Houston’s Lesbian Mayor Boycott Her Own City?

4:51 PM 11/04/2015

Yesterday’s overwhelming repeal of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) banning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity was a shocking repudiation of lesbian mayor Annise Parker, the face of the campaign who worked tirelessly and desperately to keep the law on the books. A major refrain from supporters of the law was that repeal would lead to boycotts of the city, and maybe even a loss of the Super Bowl planned for Houston in 2017.

We Can And Should Repeal Title IX

3:34 PM 10/29/2015

In the four decades since Congress passed Title IX (the federal law against sex discrimination in education), the measure’s results have grown increasingly perverse. From its inception, the law started to weaken men’s athletics in the name of the great goddess Equality – despite the fact that sports matter much more to men than they do to women. After Obama’s election, the Department of Education began using Title IX to mandate date rape courts of injustice. And just this month, liberal groups have begun screaming “Title IX” to try to purge America’s campuses of speech that offends them.

Obama Is The Original Grumpy Cat

1:29 PM 10/26/2015

On Friday, President Obama compared the 2016 Republican presidential candidates to the Internet’s Grumpy Cat, calling them “gloomy” and repeating the question he asked at an October 10 speech: “Why are so many Republican politicians so down on America?”

California’s Discriminatory Motor Voter Law

2:19 PM 10/12/2015

Over the weekend, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a “motor voter” law automatically registering eligible voters who obtain a driver’s license. While ostensibly a simple measure to increase the voter rolls, the law is discriminatory and threatens cherished American notions of equality of the franchise. It should be repealed immediately.

Jerry Brown Flouted Gay Marriage Law. Why Not A Kentucky Clerk?

1:29 PM 09/02/2015

As is now well-known, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis stopped issuing marriage licenses after the Supreme Court ruled in June that states are required to recognize same-sex nuptials. But the fury aimed at Davis has been disproportionate to the actual facts of the situation, and shows galling – and  revealing – inconsistency on the part of her critics.

Why Does Marco Rubio Want To Lock Up Observant Jews?

3:14 PM 08/26/2015

In recent weeks, presidential candidate Marco Rubio has defended his opposition to abortion in all cases, even to save the life of the mother, by claiming a scientific consensus that life begins at conception. As such, the argument goes, a law protecting the mother’s life over that of her fetus would be criminal.