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      David Benkof

      David Benkof is the Daily Caller's Senior Political Analyst. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter (@DavidBenkof); or E-mail him at [email protected]

California’s Discriminatory Motor Voter Law

California Governor Jerry Brown (C), shades his face from the sun during a news conference for the Rocky Fire at Cowboy Camp Trailhead near Clearlake, California August 6, 2015. REUTERS/Stephen Lam

Over the weekend, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a “motor voter” law automatically registering eligible voters who obtain a driver’s license. While ostensibly a simple measure to increase the voter rolls, the law is discriminatory and threatens cherished American notions of equality of the franchise. It should be repealed immediately.

Jerry Brown Flouted Gay Marriage Law. Why Not A Kentucky Clerk?

1:29 PM 09/02/2015

As is now well-known, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis stopped issuing marriage licenses after the Supreme Court ruled in June that states are required to recognize same-sex nuptials. But the fury aimed at Davis has been disproportionate to the actual facts of the situation, and shows galling – and  revealing – inconsistency on the part of her critics.

Why Does Marco Rubio Want To Lock Up Observant Jews?

3:14 PM 08/26/2015

In recent weeks, presidential candidate Marco Rubio has defended his opposition to abortion in all cases, even to save the life of the mother, by claiming a scientific consensus that life begins at conception. As such, the argument goes, a law protecting the mother’s life over that of her fetus would be criminal.

Therapists Must Be Allowed To Help Kids Struggling With Gender

11:10 AM 04/10/2015

Yesterday’s announcement that the Obama administration supports bans on “conversion therapy” for LGBT youth represents an understandable response to a deceptive and harmful practice. Since 2003, I’ve been one of the Jewish community’s most outspoken critics of reparative therapy. While I’m nervous about the government ever trying to regulate our minds, I share the president’s impulse against forced conversion therapy for gay and lesbian youth.

The LGBT Bait-And-Switch On Religious Freedom

10:14 AM 04/08/2015

Lost in the clamor of the recent debate over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act is the fact that most of America’s gay-marriage laws have “religious freedom” in their titles – sometimes even in the first two words:

Just Buy Iran’s Nukes

4:27 PM 04/07/2015

Last month, the Iranian mission at the United Nations wrote the International Atomic Energy Agency an “explanatory note” protesting resolutions by the organization had questioned Iran’s nuclear aims. The document asserts that “nuclear material in Iran has never been diverted from peaceful purposes.” In fact, it uses the word “peaceful” 11 times.

Chris Christie Should Run For Senate, Not President

4:57 PM 04/02/2015

The indictment yesterday of Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) on eight counts of bribery raises the intriguing possibility that the blue-state seat could flip red if the GOP’s sole rock-star politician in the Garden State enters the race. That public servant, of course, is Gov. Chris Christie, who’s a little busy right now running for president.

Two Simple Fixes For The RFRAs In Indiana And Arkansas

9:59 PM 04/01/2015

Indiana Governor Mike Pence and Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson have reacted to the outcry over their states’ new Religious Freedom Restoration Acts (RFRAs) by promising a “fix” – although it’s still unclear exactly what amendments they will propose. The governors can accomplish the goals behind the laws while undermining the exaggerated objections of potential boycotters with two simple fixes:

Black-On-White “Michael Brown” Train Attack Was Terrorism

5:52 PM 03/30/2015

Last week, when three African-American men in their early 20s asked a white man riding home on a St. Louis train what he thought of “the Michael Brown situation,” he declined to respond, saying he was too tired. In response, they viciously attacked him, landing at least a dozen blows until the lead attacker kicked him in the head and exited the train, laughing and smiling.

Indiana’s New Seinfeld Law Is About Nothing. So Why The Boycott?

4:25 PM 03/27/2015

Companies and organizations have begun to boycott Indiana over its new Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The New York Times announced in a headline: “Bill Signed Allowing Denial of Service to Gays.” Gay-rights organizations are calling the law a “license to discriminate.” And celebrities from Miley Cyrus to George Takei have been hyperventilating.

Israel’s Coming Arab Surge

2:40 PM 03/06/2015

Between now and March 17, the day of the Knesset election, followers of Israeli politics will hotly debate which party and prime minister should and will guide Israel’s next phase. But another elections story, less discussed so far, may have just as far-reaching implications for the future of Israel’s democracy, identity, and history. Most polls suggest the representation of Arab parties in the Knesset will grow from the current 11 seats to 13, although I believe the number will be even higher. But even if the apparent growth is modest, the change will matter.

Republicans Must Stop Calling Keystone XL Approval A ‘Jobs Bill’

11:07 AM 01/23/2015

“Jobs!” appears to be the one-word Republican slogan promoting the Keystone Pipeline bill – or at least since November, when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell began promoting “the Keystone jobs bill." That’s the same term Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) used Tuesday night in her response to the State of the Union.

The LGBT Community’s ‘Suicide Strategy’ Killed Leelah Alcorn

4:14 PM 01/07/2015

Over the last several days, candlelight vigils throughout the world have protested and memorialized the death of Leelah Alcorn, the 17-year-old transgender girl whose suicide on December 28, 2014 galvanized the LGBT community to object to the conditions that lead to such tragedies.

UN Security Council Vote Means Israel Can’t Choose Democracy

4:50 PM 12/31/2014

The conventional wisdom assumes that if Israelis and Palestinians cannot work out a two-state solution, the Jews will someday have to choose between democracy and independence. The specter of that choice has upset many of my fellow center-right, centrist, and left-of-center Zionist friends, since it means to them the end of Jewish statehood. But yesterday’s vote in the United Nations has convinced me that when that dreadful day comes, I’m going to choose independence over democracy.

Into The Freudian “Woods”

3:49 PM 12/26/2014

The movie version of Stephen Sondheim’s Broadway classic "Into the Woods," which opened in theaters on Christmas Day, is much more than several interwoven, fractured fairy tales. It’s a thicket of symbols and themes that draw directly on the ideas and Weltanschauung of Sigmund Freud.