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Obama’s Joke About Crack-Laced Pies Wasn’t Funny — It Was Reckless

David Benkof
Freelance Writer
U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks at the White House Summit on Working Families at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, June 23, 2014. REUTERS/Larry Downing

President Barack Obama’s joke on Monday that White House pies are so good they just might contain crack cocaine wasn’t funny, at all. In fact, when the Chief Executive has admitted past drug abuse, he should be sending the opposite message about the effects of drugs on their users.

Silence Klinghoffer? The ADL Should Silence Itself Instead

5:23 PM 06/19/2014

The newest nonsense from the Air-of-Desperation League (ADL) is their declaration of victory, having convinced the Metropolitan Opera to cancel its plans for a worldwide simulcast of its production of John Adams' opera The Death of Klinghoffer. Under the terms of the “compromise” the ADL worked out with the Met, the show will only be offered to those few who happen to be in New York and are able to pay hundreds of dollars for a ticket to the live version.

On the Brendan Eich witch hunt: Pushing people into any closet is wrong

5:56 PM 04/07/2014

The blogosphere is bursting with critiques of Mozilla’s ouster of tech pioneer Brendan Eich as CEO. Customers, employees, and members of the public objected to his $1000 donation to California’s Proposition 8, which defined marriage as between two opposite-sex people, in 2008. Gay and straight writers have attacked the move with a variety of imagery. It’s:

Why I won’t be a witness in the New Jersey ex-gay therapy trial

3:03 PM 04/01/2014

My recent Daily Caller essay, which explained how the totality of the scholarship on homosexuality demonstrates that homosexuality cannot be inborn, received a lot of attention. One of the more interesting E-mails I received was an invitation by the lawyer representing "Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality" (JONAH) to testify as a defense witness in the New Jersey lawsuit that it committed fraud by promising gay people that their homosexuality could be “cured.” I wrote them back with the following letter:

All the gay parenting studies are flawed

5:52 PM 03/25/2014

Friday’s federal district court ruling that struck down Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage was the first such decision to center on same-sex parenting research. Judge Bernard Friedman utterly dismissed the testimony of University of Texas Sociology Prof. Mark Regnerus, whose controversial research purports to show disadvantages for children being raised by lesbian and gay couples. Friedman called Regnerus’s testimony “entirely unbelievable and not worthy of serious consideration.”

Nobody is ‘born that way,’ gay historians say

5:57 PM 03/19/2014
The quixotic search for past gay minorities

How to avoid baking a gay wedding cake and get away with it

11:07 AM 03/12/2014

In the debate over the right of  same-sex marriage opponents to refuse working gay weddings, LGBT advocates have consistently emphasized that one person’s religion must never override someone else’s civil right to public accommodation. I’m OK with that.

New test abets the Down syndrome genocide

11:02 AM 03/04/2014

Anyone who lived during a century when silence allowed some of society’s most vulnerable members (Jews during the Holocaust, gays during the initial AIDS crisis) to suffer unnecessary death must be vigilant in speaking out when any group is threatened. Today, those with Down syndrome (DS) form the most vulnerable group targeted for what is essentially genocide.

Most gay marriage religious exemptions are not discriminatory

10:00 AM 02/26/2014

In the last week or so, many Americans have read reports of alleged Republican efforts to legalize discrimination against gay people in the name of religious freedom. Surely, it’s wrong to use the Bible to refuse public accommodations to LGBT Americans, right?

Why isn’t Africa an LGBT priority?

11:17 AM 02/21/2014

The general public is becoming increasingly aware of the terrible situation faced by LGBT people who live in Africa. On February 8, the New York Times ran a front-page article about how Nigeria libels, arrests, and whips people even perceived to be gay. President Obama has said Uganda’s new anti-gay bill will “complicate” America’s relationship with that nation. Both the Times and the Washington Post have written forceful editorials decrying repressive policies in African countries. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and Secretary of State John Kerry have each protested the plight of LGBT Nigerians.

The faint hope for traditional marriage

11:02 PM 01/26/2014

Recent court victories for gay couples in red states such as Oklahoma and Utah appear to leave traditional marriage on its last legs. Indeed, last year, several prominent American conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh and Charles Krauthammer said they consider coast-to-coast gay marriage inevitable. But the political environment has changed, and the ideological composition of the Supreme Court could very well be different when it hears another marriage case. Republican victories in this fall’s Senate elections and the 2016 presidential race could help arrest the trend toward same-sex marriage.

‘Straight’ talk about bigotry

12:22 PM 12/18/2013

“Bigot” is a favorite epithet for same-sex marriage supporters to bandy about regarding their opponents. It’s used as a synonym for “hater,” “homophobe,” and “racist emulator.”

The National Organization for Marriage should stay out of toilet politics and stick to marriage

9:38 AM 12/02/2013
Why are they getting involved in a transgender bathroom bill?