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Trump’s Peace Prayers Face A Wall – Israeli Politics

6:12 PM 05/22/2017

President Trump’s visit today to Judaism’s sacred Western Wall was part of a 28-hour Holy Land tour meeting with both Israeli and Palestinian leaders. The president has alluded to an “ultimate deal” between the two sides, but without dramatic (and unlikely) changes to Israel’s domestic politics, the Jewish state cannot make significant compromises. So to whatever extent Trump fancies himself a peacemaker, he hasn’t got a prayer.

Who’s Afraid Of President Pence?

4:29 PM 05/17/2017

President Trump has defied naysayers for two years running, so he’ll probably shimmy out of this week’s scandals over intelligence leaks and James Comey’s dismissal. But what if he doesn’t?

Don’t Make Linda Sarsour The Next Palestinian Martyr – Let Her Speak

7:32 PM 05/16/2017

Apparently, some conservatives didn’t get the memo about free speech on college campuses. Specifically, “Palestinian feminist” Linda Sarsour’s slated speech at the CUNY School of Public Health is coming under fire from pro-Israel activists and elected officials, most of them right-of-center, because of her comments on Zionism, the Middle East conflict, and sharia law. But in the wake of the Ann Coulter brouhaha, conservatives should zealously defend even speech we hate. Please, let the woman speak.

GOP Photos Don’t Need Breasts

5:00 PM 05/12/2017

Twice during recent health care debates, Democrats have played “gotcha” with photos suggesting Republicans are excluding women in planning to repeal and replace Obamacare. But laws don’t have anatomy. Counting breasts (and skin tones) may be how liberals measure public policy, but conservatives aren’t interested. Don’t expect an apology from the Republican leadership – or a token window-dressing female legislator – any time soon.

Let Religion Play A Texas-Sized Role In Adoption

9:36 AM 05/08/2017

Ignore the frenzied “Texas Could Ban Gay, Jewish Parents” headlines sounding an alarm on the adoption bill currently in front of the Texas legislature. If passed, the law would forbid the Lone Star State from obstructing state-funded or private adoption agencies that consider religious beliefs in choosing homes for parentless kids. In other words, Texas could never force an agency to be religion-blind in creating new families.

Face It, Gays: Trump Is Our Friend

10:36 AM 05/05/2017

Yesterday was perhaps the most triumphant day for gay activists since the 2015 Supreme Court marriage decision – though you wouldn’t know it by listening to them. Despite serious pressure from the president’s Evangelical allies, his long-anticipated executive order on religious liberty contained no license to discriminate against gays. As it had in January, the administration considered, then rejected, provisions to allow individuals and organizations to treat gays shabbily as long as they had a religious excuse.

Marchers Cherry-Pick Their Science

5:46 PM 04/24/2017

Tens of thousands of smug liberals participated in more than 600 worldwide “Marches for Science” Saturday, attacking conservatives and the Trump Administration for being “anti-science.” But it’s easy for left-of-center Americans to paint themselves as pro-science when they ignore their own irrational beliefs and define “science” as holding stances they have anyway on issues like spending and regulation.

Berkeley Should Let Ann Coulter Speak During Halftime

3:50 PM 04/20/2017

Ann Coulter is the latest conservative silenced by campus scolds, now that the University of California at Berkeley has rescinded its invitation for the pundit to speak next Thursday. Citing the risk of rioting and violence similar to the brouhaha on campus two months ago when a talk by conservative firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos was similarly canceled, the school said it was making student safety its first priority.

How To Survive An Angry Town Hall

11:51 PM 04/19/2017

Republican members of Congress have grown increasingly wary of town hall meetings, which have become liberal rallies in districts nationwide, with hundreds of progressives denouncing conservative policies and chanting slogans like “Do Your Job!"

Seeing Red About The Pink Tax

5:31 PM 04/18/2017

Now that American women have overwhelmingly achieved economic, political, and social equality, feminists are yearning to stay relevant. Their latest outrage? The “Pink Tax.” That’s their term for the extra amount women pay for the same products, which supposedly costs hundreds of dollars a year.

Trump’s Jewish Groupies Should Be Nervous

4:37 PM 04/17/2017

The near-Messianic belief in President Trump held by certain pro-Israel Jews dates to the campaign, when he seemed an unshakeable friend to the Jewish state, especially compared to Hillary Clinton. But in just ten days, the president has reversed himself on China, North Korea, Syria, Russia, and NATO. Trump’s dizzying abandonment of once-unshakeable positions raises the question whether Israel will be the next ally he decides to pass over.

The Census Shouldn’t Count Gays — Or Jews, Or Blacks

4:36 PM 04/12/2017

Many LGBT Americans are outraged that the 2020 census won’t ask Americans if they’re gay. Of course, it never has – America’s decennial survey is silent on sexual orientation and gender identity. But census officials recently considered and dismissed adding such questions. The controversy is a good opportunity to question why the government should care about identity in the first place. It’s time to literally stop asking Americans to check boxes about themselves.

Spicer’s Right: German Jews Weren’t German

10:05 PM 04/11/2017

Sean Spicer’s bumbling, incoherent attempt today to present recent gas attacks in Syria as worse than the crimes of Nazi Germany (with its “Holocaust centers”) has been rightly denounced for its inaccuracy, imprecision, and general historical befuddlement.

Republican Racism Is Evaporating

5:21 PM 04/03/2017

A Friday Washington Post article decried a growing gap in racial attitudes between white members of the Republican and Democratic parties. Liberal media lambasted this supposed evidence of growing Republican racism. But numbers the Post’s report ignored show the opposite – racism among Republicans has been plummeting for years. What the Post calls “never bigger” is far less significant and not all that interesting – the margin between attitudes in each party.

Will Democrats Steal A Seat From The American People?

4:43 PM 03/28/2017

Vengeful Democrats, bemoaning that Republicans “stole” the Supreme Court seat left vacant by the death of Antonin Scalia, are promising to settle the score. Outraged at Republican inaction on President Obama’s nomination of Judge Merrick Garland, they’re ready to filibuster and, if possible, defeat President Trump’s nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch.

Trump Won The Health Care Battle

6:32 PM 03/27/2017

After the failure of Trumpcare in Congress, journalists and politicians on the Left haven't stopped crowing about the president’s supposed defeat. From Lawrence O’Donnell ("His presidency effectively ended today") to Charles Blow ("a crushing blow to Trump's brand") they seem to have no clue Trump’s opponents have been played.