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Is India about to elect its Reagan?

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David Cohen
Former Deputy Assistant Sec. of the Interior
Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi, prime ministerial candidate for India's main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), addresses a rally in the northern Indian city of Agra November 21, 2013. REUTERS/Anindito Mukherjee

India, the world’s largest democracy, is in the midst of a marathon five-week election that will result in the selection of its next prime minister. Although Nate Silver has yet to make it official, most pundits and prognosticators predict that Narendra Modi will be India’s next leader.

Quick and easy rebuttals to fiscal cliff tax demagoguery

10:27 AM 11/30/2012

Once again, President Obama is using dishonest demagoguery to sell his policy agenda — this time with his insistence on tax hikes in any deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. And once again, Republicans are like Charlie Brown trying to kick a football with Lucy holding: falling for the same trick over and over again, appearing completely surprised and unprepared each time.

Why you should buy Greg Gutfeld’s new book

9:28 AM 11/19/2012

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld is out with a new book entitled “The Joy of Hate: How to Triumph Over Whiners in the Age of Phony Outrage.” In full and fair disclosure, I haven’t actually read it. But I’m not going to let that stop me from weighing in.

Building a rainbow on the right

5:50 PM 11/12/2012

When I ran for Congress a number of years ago, I called my campaign the “Rainbow on the Right.” The name was a response to Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition, and reflected my belief that the Republican message — especially the power of free enterprise to lift people out of poverty, to provide opportunity and allow upward mobility — could eventually resonate in traditionally liberal communities if we made the case properly. I was as good a person as any to start a Rainbow on the Right: I’m a Jewish Samoan, married to an Indian, with an extended family that includes African Americans, Filipinos, Latinos, Tongans and, by religion, Jews, Protestants, Catholics, Mormons, Hindus and Muslims. And my campaign was indeed a rainbow coalition. It had more diversity than the campaign of the Democratic incumbent I was challenging, but his campaign had more money. You can guess who won.

Undecideds: Please read this before voting

11:39 AM 11/01/2012

Dear Undecided Voter:

Destroying Obama’s foreign policy credibility in three easy steps

10:44 PM 10/21/2012

They say Americans don’t vote on foreign policy. That’s usually true, especially in times like these where the economy is in shambles. But Americans do vote on leadership. And ultimately Americans also vote on character, notwithstanding the generous leeway we tend to allow our politicians. In the final presidential debate and beyond, Mitt Romney has a great opportunity to show how the president’s foreign policy record exemplifies his failures of leadership and, sadly, of character.

When all else fails, call Romney a liar

1:03 PM 10/08/2012

The Obama campaign really, really wants you to believe that Mitt Romney is a liar. In fact, they’ll say anything to make you believe it — even things that, well, aren’t true.

Quick and easy rebuttals to Obama’s false narratives

5:41 PM 09/10/2012

“They want to go back to the same old policies that got us in trouble in the first place,” railed former President Bill Clinton to an adoring crowd in Charlotte last week. That is President Obama’s central argument for re-election: that the economic misery, record unemployment, record debt and abysmal growth that has marred Obama’s term is not his fault. Rather, it’s the fault of Republican policies — tax cuts, deregulation and defense spending — that Mitt Romney wants to return to.

The condescending racism of (some) white liberals

10:40 AM 09/03/2012

No decent person believes that the color of your skin should limit what you’re allowed to achieve or what you’re allowed to earn. So why do some liberals believe that the color of your skin should limit what you’re allowed to think? When people of color refuse to think the way they’re “supposed to” think, when they follow their conscience to conservatism, do they forfeit their right to be treated with dignity and respect? The obvious moral answer is “no,” but some liberals don’t seem to get that. And it is particularly troubling when white liberals attempt to enforce racial groupthink in communities that are not their own.

Quick and easy smackdowns of ‘Medi-Scare’ falsehoods

9:31 AM 08/20/2012

President Obama’s supporters have unleashed a barrage of falsehoods and half-truths about the Medicare reform plans offered by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. When confronted with Medi-Scare demagoguery, it helps to have a handy guide of rebuttals that are concise, easy to state, easy to grasp. I have taken a crack at preparing such a guide. It takes information supplied by some of the top experts in the country and distills it into bite-sized bits. And, unlike the Medi-Scare talking points, this information has the added bonus of being true. By mastering just a few facts, you will soon be able to convince even the most paranoid grandmother that Paul Ryan has no intention of pushing her off a cliff.

Paul Ryan and the farce of liberal compassion

4:35 PM 08/16/2012

When I heard that Mitt Romney had tapped Paul Ryan to be his running mate, I expressed my enthusiasm on Facebook: “Love [Ryan’s] courage and intellect,” I posted. “Shows that Romney is committed to making this election an intelligent debate about the nature and direction of our country.”

The lying game

5:44 PM 08/10/2012

I hope Stephanie Cutter, President Obama’s deputy campaign manager, was wearing a dress on Wednesday. Because if she was wearing pants, they would have been on fire. Bill Burton, founder of a pro-Obama super PAC, presumably does not have the option of wearing a dress. But he, along with Cutter and the entire Obama team, has a lot of explaining to do about the “Romney killed my wife” ad that has earned them so much infamy.

Obama’s path to victory: Change the subject, change history

11:39 AM 08/06/2012

In perhaps the most compelling proof of our popular culture’s liberal bias, conservatives are relentlessly mocked by late-night comedians — while a pathetic doofus like Harry Reid escapes largely unscathed. But Reid may be doofy like a fox: His most jaw-dropping display of chutzpah yet — “Word is out that [fill in intentionally fabricated political slander of your choice against Mitt Romney]” — has helped President Obama change the subject away from his failed economy.

Obama can’t hide his contempt for small business

12:30 AM 07/26/2012

President Obama’s belated defense of his infamous “you didn’t build that” comment has turned Clintonesque: it depends on what the meaning of the word “that” is. But it doesn’t, really. Regardless of whether Obama said that entrepreneurs didn’t build their own businesses, or whether he said they didn’t build the roads and bridges to which the president presumably thinks they owe their success, he has once again taken a revealing and gratuitous swipe at small business owners.

Obama’s sense of ‘fairness’ is unfair to minorities

1:18 AM 07/24/2012

It’s understandable that so many people in minority communities identify with President Obama. First African-American president. First person of color to become president. I took personal pride in another one of President Obama’s historic milestones: first mixed-race president. Around the time that Barack Obama was a half-black kid being raised by his single mom in Polynesia (Hawaii), I was a half-Polynesian kid being raised by my single mom in a black neighborhood. I identify with President Obama in many ways, and understand why he inspired so many people back in 2008.

Obamacare is a disaster, but the Supreme Court ruling is not

4:51 PM 06/28/2012

Obamacare is one of the worst pieces of legislation ever enacted. Its 2,700 unreadable pages are bursting with unintended consequences that will ultimately do great harm to the very people it is supposedly intended to help — and the rest of us as well. But the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the law is largely a victory for conservative principles.

The breathtaking dishonesty of Andrea Mitchell

10:14 AM 06/20/2012

Andrea Mitchell’s recent attempt to further the Democratic Party’s narrative about Mitt Romney — that the former Massachusetts governor is “out of touch” — has now been widely exposed as dishonest reporting. Mitchell used a deceptively edited clip to suggest Romney was completely unfamiliar with what average Americans encounter in convenience stores. Bowing to pressure, Mitchell later ran a longer version of the clip that supplied slightly more context. But Mitchell has refused to acknowledge what was so offensively misleading about the original clip — and her gratuitously snarky narration of it. This refusal is as infuriating as her original transgression.

Obama fights the cancer of economic growth

10:50 AM 06/14/2012

I have to admit, I had never understood President Obama’s economic policies. If he had wanted to promote economic growth, why would he oppose the Keystone pipeline project? Why would he discourage job-creating investment by vowing to raise taxes on those who invest? Why would he burden employers with excessive new regulation that makes it costly to hire workers? Why would he create a massive healthcare bureaucracy with thousands of new regulations in the pipeline, leaving employers with no way of knowing of how much each new worker hired will eventually cost them? Why would his proudest achievement, Obamacare (which, due to his excessive modesty, he rarely mentions these days), include a massive financial disincentive for small businesses to grow beyond 50 employees? Why would he hire environmental regulators whose “philosophy” is to “crucify” companies that provide affordable energy just to make examples of them? Why would he ignore his own commission’s recommendations for pro-growth tax reform?

Obama’s ‘clarification’ on private sector was really a doubling down

3:04 PM 06/10/2012

First it was Cory Booker. Then it was Bill Clinton. And then on Friday, it was President Obama’s turn to appear in his own hostage video, blurring the distinction between hostage taker and hostage. It was as if the master of the “kill list” had been forced to select his own “baseball card.”