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David Cohen
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Trump Sends A Message That Was Heard From One End of Asia To The Other

U.S. President Donald Trump delivers a statement about missile strikes on a Syrian airbase at his Mar-a-Lago estate in West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S., April 6, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

After years of impotent sermonizing on Syria by the Obama Administration, the U.S. has taken an important step to reestablish its credibility in the Middle East and beyond. A mere two days after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad killed at least 70 of his own people with poison gas—including many children—President Trump ordered a cruise missile strike on the airbase from which Assad launched his attack. Over 50 Tomahawk missiles bombarded Shayrat Airfield shortly after President Trump bade goodnight to his dinner guest at Mar-a-Lago, Chinese President Xi Jinping. The U.S. strike will loom large over President Xi’s important first meeting with President Trump, and add an edge to U.S. demands that China rein in North Korea.

With Jews Under Siege, It’s Time To Debunk Left-Liberal Narratives On Israel

11:18 AM 10/16/2015

For the last two weeks, Palestinians have been conducting stabbing campaign in Israel. Incited by the Palestinians’ top political and religious leaders, the campaign has thus far resulted in eight murders and over 70 attempted murders. The victims — including young teens, young mothers, and elderly women and men — have been targeted solely because they are Jewish.

India’s Prime Minister Rocks Silicon Valley

2:33 PM 09/28/2015

SAN JOSE — The SAP Center, the San Jose arena that will host concerts from Madonna and Black Sabbath in the coming months, featured a different kind of rock star on Sunday night: India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Can Marco Rubio Build A Rainbow On The Right?

10:45 AM 04/13/2015

Senator Marco Rubio didn’t purposely time his entry into the presidential race to occur one day after Hillary Clinton’s. But Rubio should embrace the opportunity to contrast his youthful optimism and intellectual energy with, well, whatever it is that Hillary has to offer.

In Lashing Out At Netanyahu, Democrats Insult Us All

10:49 AM 03/04/2015

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s impassioned speech Tuesday before a joint session of Congress, a plea for America to reject an emerging nuclear deal that “paves Iran’s path to the bomb,” was interrupted by 26 standing ovations. But not everyone was cheering. As many as 60 Democratic lawmakers boycotted the address, and a group of them rushed to the microphone to denounce the prime minister shortly after he finished speaking.

Obama Insults India, Krauthammer Defends Her

4:08 PM 02/09/2015

Appearing on Hugh Hewitt’s radio talk show Friday, columnist Charles Krauthammer launched into a devastatingly hilarious riff on President Obama’s infamous National Prayer Breakfast speech last week. Obama, of course, invoked the Crusades and other ancient grievances lest Christians get on their “high horse” over the recent savagery of Islamist extremists. Krauthammer’s take:

Ferguson Brings Back Memories Of Samoan Police Shootings

11:42 AM 12/03/2014

For me, the shooting of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson brings back memories of a tragic police shooting that occurred over 20 years ago near Los Angeles. I was then, and am now, a conservative who is greatly supportive of the police. But in that case, I helped organize protests against the police.

Team Obama Inadvertently Takes ‘Credit’ for Ensuring Iran Goes Nuclear

2:41 PM 10/31/2014

Much has already been written about Jeffrey Goldberg’s piece this week in The Atlantic, where two senior Obama administration officials deride Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu as “chickensh*t.” Most pundits have focused on the juvenile name-calling, but the importance of that is dwarfed by a devastating admission that was inadvertently made by one of those officials: Thanks to the Obama administration’s pressure on Israel, it is now too late to prevent Iran from going nuclear.

Modi, And India, Take Their Place On The World Stage

9:59 AM 09/29/2014

With some 140 heads of state and government in town for the UN General Assembly, there has been no shortage of VIPs in New York this past week. But there is one foreign leader whose visit has been anticipated more than any other: Narendra Modi, India’s new prime minister. Modi’s current U.S. trip is his international coming out party, and he is making the most of it.

Let’s Stop Saying That Islamists Are Fighting The ‘West’

12:43 PM 08/29/2014

We’ve all heard this refrain ad nauseam since 9/11: “Islamists are at war with the West. They hate us for who we are.” The fact is, though, that they don’t hate us for who we are. They hate us for who we’re not: we’re not Muslim, and that’s a characteristic we share with billions of people outside the West. If we could only get over our Western self-absorption, we could do a much better job of uniting with our natural allies to combat the global Islamist threat.

No Country Has More Friends Of Israel Than … India?

4:15 PM 08/18/2014

In Kolkata, India on Saturday, the Gaza conflict brought 20,000 people to the streets for a massive demonstration — in support of Israel. This was a remarkable display in a city that has always been a leftist bastion. It reinforces a rather counterintuitive conclusion that I have come to recently: India, the country with the second-largest Muslim population in the world, a country with more Muslims than Egypt and Iran combined, a country whose government has consistently sided against Israel over the past six and a half decades … has more supporters of Israel than any other country in the world. More than the United States. More than Israel.

The Left’s Crush On Hamas

4:02 PM 08/12/2014

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS, or whatever we’re calling them now) is inflicting unspeakable cruelty on Iraq’s Kurdish Yazidis, an ancient religious sect that predates Islam and Christianity. Many men, women, and children have been beheaded, and many others have been buried alive. Others have been crucified. Hundreds of women have been raped or enslaved. U.S. intervention has come too late for thousands of Yazidis, and some remain stranded on a barren mountaintop with no food or water. Iraqi Christians have been suffering a similar fate at the hands of ISIS brutality.

Hating Israel: BDS Stands For ‘Bigoted Double Standards’

5:22 PM 06/02/2014

A young mother is sentenced to death in Sudan for refusing to renounce Christianity. An Iranian-British housewife faces 20 years in Iranian prison for Facebook posts deemed critical of Ayatollah Khomeini. Hundreds of Syrian men, women and children die agonizing deaths from their own government’s chemical weapons attacks. For those concerned about gross violations of human rights, the world is a target-rich environment.

Can We Find The Path To ‘Minimum Government, Maximum Governance’?

10:22 AM 05/27/2014

“Every Sperm is Sacred,” an old parody song by the British comedy troupe Monty Python, poked good-natured fun at Catholic doctrine on birth control. The song’s title is, of course, a comic exaggeration of the church’s position. But substitute “government program” for “sperm,” and you’re left with a not-so-exaggerated characterization of how we govern ourselves. Public sector programs appear to be endowed by their creator — i.e. government — with an unalienable right to (perpetual) life.

For India And Israel, ‘Higher Standards’ Are Double Standards

11:39 AM 05/14/2014

Foolish consistency may be the hobgoblin of little minds, but a complete lack of moral consistency is the hobgoblin of bigoted minds. Those who would single out the world’s only Jewish state for boycott, divestment and sanctions, while ignoring the infinitely more virulent persecution and intolerance that prevails throughout the surrounding region, cannot claim to be crusading against injustice. They are crusading against Jews.

Jay Carney Becomes ‘Jay Isuzu’

4:36 PM 05/01/2014

Anyone over 40 will remember Joe Isuzu, the smarmy pitchman who, in a series of 1980s car commercials, lied his way into America’s heart. The Joe Isuzu character, played by David Leisure, was an ingenious creation of comic advertising—a pathological liar who somehow wound up as the spokesman for a major car company. Looking straight into the camera with dimwitted confidence and a greasy smile, he would make ludicrous claims (Isuzu trucks are “so inexpensive you can buy one with your spare change!”) that would hastily be qualified with clever subtitles (“if you have $6,189 in quarters”). It was all good fun: everyone knew Joe was lying; no one took him seriously.

Neel Kashkari and the future of the GOP

11:17 AM 04/25/2014

Asian Pacific Heritage Month starts next week, and for one son of Asian immigrants, Neel Kashkari, it will be a very important month indeed. The significance of the month for Kashkari is coincidental: May is when his campaign for governor of California will kick into high gear in advance of the June 3 primary.

Congress’s misguided crusade against India

10:07 AM 04/21/2014

India is a budding economic powerhouse which, as a multicultural democracy, shares America’s most important fundamental values. Our relationship with India will be hugely important to us for years to come. This is especially true given recent revelations that our other supposed friend in South Asia, Pakistan, has been secretly (or not so secretly, to those of us who have been paying attention) acting as our enemy. India is in the midst of an important election to choose its next prime minister.