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Daniel DePetris
Fellow, Defense Priorities
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      Daniel DePetris

      Daniel R. DePetris is fellow at Defense Priorities and a Middle East and foreign policy analyst at Wikistrat, Inc. He is a columnist for the National Interest, Rare Politics, The American Conservative, and The Huffington Post.

What Nikki Haley Needs To Keep In Mind

1:54 PM 12/01/2016

In more ways than one, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations is one of the most important assignments in the diplomatic corps. Despite South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley's trade-related forays as the top elected executive official in her state, nothing really compares to being America's top diplomat in an unwieldy U.N. bureaucracy. Here are three things that Ambassador-in-waiting Haley should keep in mind as she takes her seat in the Security Council chamber.

Unconditional Support To The Saudis Doesn’t Align With U.S. Interests

4:31 PM 10/11/2016

dAs the Obama administration debates internally whether to move towards more militarily engagement against the Syrian regime in order to pressure it to cease committing atrocities on its own people, Americans are largely overlooking a war that already has active U.S. involvement: the civil war in Yemen.

The Intelligence Community Can Get It Wrong For Avoidable Reasons

3:30 PM 08/19/2016

Timely, comprehensive, and accurate intelligence is an absolutely vital component to good policymaking. In the world of foreign affairs and national security, good intelligence information can often be the difference between a military operation that nets a senior terrorist commander or a blunder of historic proportions that can cause civilian casualties. The dedicated, professional, and hard-working men and women of the U.S. intelligence community do a tremendous job every single day, and yet the profession has received a beating over the past decade and a half.