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Liberals Freak Out Over Kellyanne Putting Her Feet On Oval Office Couch

11:54 PM 02/27/2017

Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to President Donald Trump, has rankled liberal's sensibilities by being pictured putting her feet on a couch in the Oval Office. Conway, the first woman to run a winning presidential campaign, was taking a picture of the president with leaders of black colleges and universities.

Donald Trump Jr Tweaks The Media With Hilarious Super Bowl Tweet

11:48 PM 02/05/2017

Like tens of millions of Americans, Donald Trump Jr. watched the New England Patriots execute the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. He also took the occasion to tweak the media that had declared the Patriots all but dead when the Atlanta Falcons took a seemingly insurmountable lead before halftime.

Journalists Melt Down, Cry Over Trump Refugee Executive Order

6:07 PM 01/28/2017

Journalists are not taking the news of President Donald Trump's executive order pausing admission of refugees from seven nations very well. Many have taken to social media to express outrage over Trump's action, forgetting former President Barack Obama did the same thing to Iraqi refugees for six months in 2011.