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FOUND: 213 Uncounted Ballots In Congressional Race Separated By 133 Votes

8:52 PM 11/12/2014

The race to represent Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District is not yet settled. More than a week after Election Day, only 133 votes separate the candidates, with Republican challenger Martha McSally edging out incumbent Democrat Ron Barber. The race may end up in a recount. There are only 200 votes left to tally, and provisional ballots are not expected to be declared valid.

Obamacare Year Two: Sticker Shock And Hundreds Of Thousands Losing Plans [VIDEO]

5:08 PM 11/11/2014

The enrollment date for year two of Obamacare is Nov. 15. That’s the day people can start enrolling and re-enrolling in health plans for 2015. It’s also the day enrollees will find out what the plans are going to cost them. That, according to one insurance broker, is when customers will be in for some serious “sticker shock."

Separate And Unequal: Minnesota School District To Review All Suspensions Of ‘Black And Brown’ Students

6:54 PM 11/10/2014

Minneapolis Public Schools are implementing a new policy aimed at eliminating the gap between the races when it comes to suspensions. Nothing will change for white students, they will still be suspended at the discretion of each school’s principal. But for minority students, specifically black, Hispanic and Native American students, the Minneapolis Schools Superintendent’s office will personally review each case.

Prosecutor Moves To Calm Nerves, Stop Rumors In Ferguson

5:22 PM 11/10/2014

Ferguson, Missouri, is a city on edge. Hordes of protesters, community organizers, and anarchists are awaiting a decision from the grand jury on whether or not officer Darren Wilson will be indicted for the shooting death of Michael Brown on August 9.

McConnell: I Stand With Rand For President

10:50 PM 11/06/2014

Newly reelected soon-to-be Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is loyal to his supporters, and one supporter in particular – Kentucky’s junior Senator Rand Paul. Sen. Paul campaigned tirelessly for McConnell, helping him win conservative support and crush Alison Lundergan Grimes, his Democratic challenger. That didn’t go unnoticed or appreciated by McConnell.