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Maryland Democrats Double Down On Race Card, Now Using Ferguson

9:07 AM 10/24/2014

The Maryland Democratic Party has been acting like a party in panic mode. This week it sent out a race-baiting mailer to African-Americans around the state urging them to vote for Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown because he is black, and saying that not doing so would be akin to a return to the segregated South. His opponent, businessman Larry Hogan, has internal polling that pulls that theoretical panic into reality, and the Democratic Party is doubling down on the race vote.

Running Scared: Maryland Democrats Play The Race Card

12:02 PM 10/23/2014

Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown was supposed to have an easy victory this November. The Democrat in a state with a two-to-one voter registration advantage over Republicans was expected to coast to victory in the deeply blue state and become its first African-American governor. That's not shaping up to be the case.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron Trailer Released

9:35 PM 10/22/2014

The Avengers was one of the highest grossing movies of all time. In fact, the entire Marvel universe created around the characters in The Avengers has made billions for the comic book company.

Denver Post: That Building Is Racist

12:07 PM 10/22/2014

The "Fine Arts Critic" of the Denver Post is very upset. A lot of money was spent restoring Denver's old Union Station in the city's center, and it's beautiful. But the people going to the Station's restaurants, bars, and shops are too white.

Virginia Hospital Turned Away Suspected Ebola Patient

11:56 PM 10/21/2014

Last week a woman on a tour of the Pentagon in Arlington, Va., vomited as she disembarked the tour bus. She told her fellow tourists that she’d recently returned from western Africa, sparking fears of Ebola. As a precaution, her fellow passengers were quarantined for hours.

Is ISIS Using Chemical Weapons In Syrian Town of Kobane?

9:16 PM 10/21/2014

President Barack Obama almost bombed Syria two years ago for using chemical weapons against its civilians. The President balked back then and a deal was struck with the regime of Bashir al-Assad to destroy Syria’s stockpiles of chemical weapons.