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Trump Uses Barely Active And Anonymous Twitter Users To Attack Megyn Kelly

8:24 AM 08/25/2015

The old adage "stick with what works" seems to be Donald Trump's campaign motto. The billionaire GOP presidential hopeful added to his lead in the polls after swiping at Fox News host and first debate co-moderator Megyn Kelly over what he viewed as unfair questions about his past comments about women. After a "truce" was called between Trump and Fox News, the candidate continued to appear on the network regularly. But the truce appears to be over.

Hey Yellowstone, Spare The Bears

11:05 PM 08/12/2015

It might not be a popular opinion to take the side of bears accused of killing a man, but it’s mine. A female grizzly bear and her two cubs stand accused of killing hiker Lance Crosby, 63 from Montana, and are awaiting DNA results to see if they were, in fact, the bears that killed him. If they are, the National Parks Service is going to “euthanize” them, a polite way of saying they’re going to kill them.

What Levels Of Secure Information Were On Hillary’s Server And What Do They Mean?

11:22 PM 08/11/2015

The FBI has now seized former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s secret private email server. The Inspector General for the Intelligence Community (IG IC) found that the current frontrunner for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president had unsecured emails on her server which “included information classified up to ‘TOP SECRET’//SI//TK//NOFORN.” But what do those mean?