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Derek Hunter

Hillary Supports Position On Gay Marriage She Opposed 2 Years Ago

10:57 AM 04/28/2015

In 2013, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton thought gay marriage should be left up to the states. This week, the Supreme Court is hearing arguments in a case that could force all states to recognize same sex marriage, and Hillary is fully on board with a federal gay marriage mandate.

Michael Brown’s Family To File Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Ferguson

11:55 PM 04/22/2015

Officer Darren Wilson has been cleared by a local grand jury and a Justice Department civil rights investigation in the shooting death of Michael Brown on August 9, 2014. That put an end to the criminal aspect of the case involving Wilson, but the civil case against the city of Ferguson, Missouri, is set to proceed.

Does Hillary Clinton Suffer From ‘Uh-huh’ Syndrome? [VIDEO]

10:35 PM 04/20/2015

The room was set up for the TV cameras, a U-shaped table set up with an open end opposite the candidate and "the boss" of the company for the best angle. The video caught the question and answer session, as it was meant to. But the microphones caught something more.

RFRA: How A Local TV Station Ruined A Business And Threatened A Family’s Safety

8:46 PM 04/01/2015

There were no complaints nor denials of service to anyone ever, but because of their religious beliefs, Memories Pizza stands in ruin and the family who owns it has had their lives threatened countless times. How did the O’Connor family, owners of Memories, find themselves in this situation? They were honest with a reporter in search of a story to fit the media’s narrative.