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Some AirBnb Hosts Are Spiking Prices For Trump’s Inauguration

4:57 PM 01/18/2017

AirBnB, the online platform that allows property owners and those seeking lodging to connect for short-term rentals, is expecting a to do big business in Washington D.C. this week thanks to the inauguration of Donald Trump. Some hosts, however, appear to be taking advantage of the excitement of Trump supporters to increase prices exponentially.

New York Mayor Celebrates Obama’s Commutation Of Terrorist Leader’s Sentence

2:29 AM 01/18/2017

When President Barack Obama announced he commuted the sentence of Oscar Lopez Rivera many Americans were outraged. Rivera, one of the leaders of the terrorist Puerto Rican separatist group FALN, was serving a 55 year sentence for major gun smuggling and explosives crimes. But not everyone was upset. Democratic Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio actually cheered the decision.

This Former NFL Star Just Destroyed Meryl Streep

9:10 AM 01/10/2017

When Meryl Streep gave her anti-Donald Trump speech at the Golden Globes she singled out football and mixed martial arts as the only entertainment Americans would have left if Hollywood were cleared of foreigners and artists. The slight to sports did not go unnoticed by one former professional athlete.