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Learjet Landrieu: Senator Pressed On Taxpayer Funded Private Plane Use In Final Debate [VIDEO]

11:08 PM 10/29/2014

In the final debate before Tuesday’s election, Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu was pressed by moderators about the necessity of her use of private charter flights she bills to taxpayers as part of her travel expenses. Questioned about the expense, she was asked if she was “moved at all by $17 trillion dollars in debt? And the president said we’re broke, for example.”

Chris Christie To The Rescue! Hitting 19 States In 5 Days

9:08 PM 10/29/2014

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is hitting the campaign trail hard in the last week before Tuesday’s midterm election. Christie, head of the Republican Governor’s Association, will be in 19 states between now and election day, according to a press release from the RGA.

Claim: Non-Citizens Voting In Maryland

6:35 PM 10/29/2014

Frederick County, Maryland has approximately 400 residents who are both registered to vote and have declined jury duty because they are not US citizens. Of those 400, Maryland State Delegate Pat McDonough says, at least 100 have voted in elections since 2006.