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Sanders Supporters Burn American, Israeli Flags While Bill Clinton Speaks [VIDEO]

12:22 AM 07/27/2016

Supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders had no interest in hearing former President Bill Clinton speak at the Democratic National Convention -- they were too busy protesting in the streets surrounding the Wells Fargo Arena. While demonstrating against the nomination of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party's nominee, Sanders supporters took to burning the American flag in the street.

Twitter Permanently Bans Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos Over ‘Harassment’

11:00 PM 07/19/2016

Internet provocateur and Breitbart News tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos has amassed a large following on the social media site Twitter, using it to promote himself and the alt-right movement he covered. Yiannopoulos is known for attention-grabbing tweets and his "Dangerous Faggot Tour" of college campuses designed to elicit negative responses from college progressives. Now Twitter has had enough of what they deem to be "harassment," particularly of "Ghostbusters" star Leslie Jones, and suspended Yiannopoulos from their site permanently.

Hilarious Anti-Black Lives Matter Facebook Rant Goes Viral [VIDEO]

3:52 PM 07/12/2016

Terrence Williams is a man you've most likely never heard of before, and with good reason --- he's just a guy like every other guy out there. But anonymity is a thing of the past for Williams now, thanks to a video he posted to his Facebook page that has amassed more than 7 million views in just two days.

Indicted Dem: Orlando Attack Could’ve Been Stopped If Feds Weren’t Investigating Me [VIDEO]

6:19 PM 07/11/2016

Florida Democratic Congresswoman Corrine Brown is facing up to 357 years in prison on corruption charges stemming from an alleged scheme involving her chief of staff and charity set up to help poor kids with scholarship money. But now Brown says the Orlando terrorist attack, in which 49 people were murdered, might never have happened if the Department of Justice focused more on investigating terrorism and less time investigating her.