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What Pivot? Trump Tweets Personal Insults At Morning Joe Hosts

8:56 AM 08/22/2016

Last week was heralded as a new beginning for Donald Trump, moving past insults and personal attacks to a more serious, policy focused tone. Monday morning the old Trump was back, hurling insults via Twitter toward Morning Joe hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough.

FLASHBACK: As Obama Golfs, In 2008 He Slammed Bush For Waiting Too Long Visit Flooded New Orleans [VIDEO]

11:18 AM 08/19/2016

President Barack Obama has come under criticism from Republicans for refusing to interrupt his Martha's Vineyard vacation to visit or even personally comment on the devastating flooding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that has killed more than a dozen and devastated the lives of tens of thousands of Americans, but he's gotten a pass from Democrats and the mainstream media.

Kaine On Clinton’s Email Lies: If You’re Asked A Question Enough ‘There’s Bound To Be Variations’ [VIDEO]

10:25 AM 08/17/2016

Congress has asked the FBI to investigate whether or not Hillary Clinton committed perjury in her testimony regarding her secret email server. Clinton's vice-presidential nominee has a simple answer when it comes to the question of the differences between her public declarations and testimony on the subject and what she told the FBI investigating it: she was asked about it so many times, it's only natural she'd give different answers.

Former Trump Campaign Manager Tweets Story Alleging Corruption Of Man Who Replaced Him

11:20 PM 08/14/2016

When Corey Lewandowski was ousted as Donald Trump's campaign manager, Lewandowski had nothing but good things to say about Trump and the team who remained. Lewandowski signed a contributor deal with CNN and Paul Manafort, who'd been brought in at first to manage any potential challenge mounted at the convention, took the reins of the campaign. While not expressed publicly, there were reports of bad blood that may still exist between the two.