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David Krayden
Ottawa Bureau Chief
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      David Krayden

      David Krayden is a weekly newspaper columnist, conservative political pundit and communications expert who was formerly an Air Force public affairs officer and communications manager on Parliament Hill.

We Live In The Age Of News As Unintentional Parody

4:16 PM 12/13/2017

It would seem inevitable in an era of the 24/7 news cycle, that the entire system will shudder and implode in a fit of unintentional parody  as live media strains to maintain relevancy and audience interest. The signs of that collapse, at least as far as the mainstream media is concerned, is increasingly evident — because the liberals making the headlines aren’t only missing the comedy, they don’t even know that they are the joke.

Bannon: There’s A ‘Special Place In Hell’ For Disloyal Republicans

10:29 AM 12/12/2017

In an apparent jab at Ivanka Trump, Steve Bannon let loose on all Republicans in general who are undermining the Senate candidacy of Roy Moore. Bannon, the former presidential strategist who has actively campaigned for Moore, said at a Midland, Al. rally for Moore on Monday night that there is “a special place in hell” for Republicans who won’t support other Republicans, the Washington Examiner reports.

Movie Theaters Opening Again In Saudi Arabia

12:33 PM 12/11/2017

Saudis will soon be able to take in a movie after dinner. In the latest reform-minded move, Saudi Arabia announced Monday plans to open movie theaters in the new year. They have been closed for 35 years after the restrictive regime of 1980s sought ways to insulate its people from Western ideas and lifestyles captured on film. Even movies produced in other Arab countries were subject to censorship.