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      David Krayden

      David Krayden is a weekly newspaper columnist, conservative political pundit and communications expert who was formerly an Air Force public affairs officer and communications manager on Parliament Hill.

Maine Governor: Taking Down Confederate Monuments Like Tearing Down 9/11 Memorial

3:57 PM 08/17/2017

Maine Governor Paul LePage compares the campaign to remove Confederate monuments to "erasing history" and desecrating the 9/11 Memorial in New York City. In a radio interview on WGAN that supported President Donald Trump's insistence the Charlottesville violence was created by "both sides," LePage also concurred with Trump's description of those who want to remove Confederate monuments as "foolish."

Trump Is Right To Look At Hate From Both Sides Now

7:02 PM 08/16/2017

You would think that President Donald Trump had really said something controversial. But of course, to the anti-Trump chorus that has replaced anything resembling an objective mainstream media, anything that Trump says must be at least controversial, if not damnable.

Conservatives: Trudeau Is Creating A Border Crisis

11:11 AM 08/15/2017

Canada's official opposition says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is "politicizing" Canada's immigration and refugee system to a dangerous degree. Conservative immigration critic Michelle Rempel told The Daily Caller that Trudeau "wants it both ways" by sending out two seemingly contradictory messages: Canada's borders are open, but please respect the border as you walk across.

Congressman Wants Military Members To Sign ‘No Suicide Oath’

12:02 PM 08/11/2017

An U.S. veteran from Afghanistan who now serves in the House of Representatives wants military members to sign an anti-suicide oath when they leave the service. According to the Stars and Stripes, Florida Republican Congressman Brian Mast was on deployment to Kandahar in 2010 when a roadside bomb blew off both his legs. He believes an "Oath of Exit" administered to military personnel will prevent suicides among veterans who will be bound to call a friend before they attempt to take their own lives.

DCCC Rebuffs Pro-Life Democrats

10:43 AM 08/11/2017

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has rebuffed Democrats for Life of America, dismissing the pro-life group associated with the Democratic Party.