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David Krayden
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      David Krayden

      David Krayden is a weekly newspaper columnist, conservative political pundit and communications expert who was formerly an Air Force public affairs officer and communications manager on Parliament Hill.

Those Who Erase Their History Are Condemned To Forget It

3:24 PM 06/23/2017

A story from Canada this week highlights a cross-border issue that is burning especially brightly in the southern U.S. But to the  Canadian example first where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was engaged in another burst of social re-engineering, something young Justin excels in, just as his father did before him.

The New McCarthyism Isn’t Owned By Just One Politician

10:31 AM 06/19/2017

For the brief period that Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy dominated American news, it was rare not to see the latest pronouncements of the dipsomanic legislator on the front page of the daily newspapers that still led and defined the news cycle in those days. McCarthy knew a good thing when he saw it and he squeezed every ounce of publicity out of his anti-communist crusade.