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David Krayden
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      David Krayden

      David Krayden is a weekly newspaper columnist, conservative political pundit and communications expert who was formerly an Air Force public affairs officer and communications manager on Parliament Hill.

Isn’t It Hillary Who Looks Unhinged?

10:04 AM 10/19/2017

It has become de rigeur amongst Democrats to suggest that President Donald Trump is unhinged, psychologically unstable, just a little bit crazy. His opponents have even suggested an obscure Constitutional amendment be invoked to remove the president from his office because of his allegedly impaired mental abilities. Hillary Clinton never misses to a beat in her quest to define Trump as a grossly unhinged and egotistic beast who clearly can’t be trusted to manage the affairs of state.

US And Canada In Open Feud Over NAFTA

1:55 PM 10/18/2017

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) appears to be careening off the tracks. Alternate trade objectives are driving a wedge between the U.S. and Canada. As the Toronto Star reports, just one week after President Donald Trump embraced Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau like a faithful friend, the administration is openly feuding with Canada over NAFTA.

Hillary Clinton Promises Not To Run Again For Presidency

10:03 AM 10/18/2017

Hillary Clinton promised a British audience Tuesday that she will not again seek to be a candidate for president of the United States. In a BBC interview on “Woman’s Hour,” the failed 2016 Democratic presidential candidate declared, “No, I’m not going to run again.” Clinton made the remarks in response to a tweet from the man she lost to in that election. President Donald Trump expressed his hopes for a rematch in 2020 in a Tuesday morning comment.

The Liberal Media Has Lost Its Way And Sense Of Humor

2:30 PM 10/13/2017

The mainstream media continues to report on an alternate universe. That is ironic to note because the liberal talking heads who increasingly can’t disern the difference between objective news reporting and subjective commentary are also the first ones to claim that President Donald Trump inhabits a sort of political Twilight Zone that is bereft of any tangible connection to the “real world.”