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Eli Federman
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      Eli Federman

      Eliyahu Federman is an executive at the e-commerce company 1Sale.com. 1Sale has recently been featured on Extra (TV), Wendy Williams Show, Fox Business, and elsewhere.

      He earned his B.A. from Marquette University and graduated law school from City University of New York School of law where he served as executive editor of the law review.

      His columns have been published in USA Today, Fox News, Forbes, Jerusalem Post, and elsewhere, on issues related to religion, culture, business and law.

Is It Time To Kill That Sea Lion?

Killer Sea lion drags girl into Steveston waters [YouTube/Screenshot/Public - User: Michael Fujiwara]

This weekend an enormous sea lion snatched a young girl under the water at Steveston Harbour in British Columbia. This terrifying encounter was caught on a video that went viral, racking up over 23 millions views so far.

Misguided outrage in giraffe killing

10:17 AM 02/13/2014

To prevent inbreeding that could harm its Giraffe population, the Copenhagen Zoo killed an 18 month-old Giraffe this weekend. The meat was fed to lions. For educational purposes, the Zoo allowed the public to view the slaughtering and quartering of the animal.

Stop treating the homeless like animals

10:36 AM 12/03/2013

Growing up my father would give food to a homeless man, named Shaun, by Ralphs Supermarket in Los Angeles, CA. Years later, I encounter Shaun. After hearing of my fathers passing, Shaun handed me his only possession, a worn-out beaded necklace and said, “many people gave me handouts but your father treated me with dignity and respect. He gave me the time of day. He viewed me as a person, not an animal.”