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Emerson Combatives: 10 Ways To Keep Your House Safe From Burglars And Thieves

Masked burglar attempts to break into house.

Actually, keeping your hose safe from burglaries and thieves is really more about keeping your “stuff” safe. And that’s where most people come up short in their preparation against such possibilities. The Safety and Security of your house and your “stuff” doesn't start at your front door as most would assume. It starts at your mailbox and ends in your garbage can.

Emerson Combatives: Are You Prepared For The Fight?

12:43 PM 04/08/2018

As a practitioner of any form of martial arts combat fighting system, you are taught and practice the "art" of fighting. But if you ask anyone who has been in knockdown drag out fighting situations, they will tell you it is not an art. It's a brutal, bloody, painful, merciless environment where people resort to their basic animal instincts--the primary of which is kill or be killed. You'll find that human beings will resort to the basest of all human behavior to survive a deadly encounter.

Emerson Combatives: Attacking The Attacker

9:46 AM 03/25/2018

As human beings we are governed by certain sets of rules and principles that are the same for all other human beings.  By becoming aware of and knowing these principles we can predict them, learn to manipulate them and then use them to our advantage.

Emerson Combatives: The Importance Of Dominance

10:42 AM 03/18/2018

When I talk about the warrior mindset, you'll hear me reference the concept of ferocious resolve and all of the other attributes that you need to have in order to survive and prevail in a life or death struggle. But in addition to those things, in order to dominate the opponent on the field of battle, we need to define what it means and how that attribute is of value in a hand-to-hand combat encounter.

Emerson Combatives: The Survivor’s Mindset

9:01 AM 03/04/2018

A lot of people want to know what it takes to survive a life or death situation, or a high stress, dangerous situation. How do you get through such an event in a safe manner? A large part of that ability is because of the mentality that you have, the attitude you have, the mindset. People call it survivor's mindset.

Emerson Combat Series: Against The Gun – To Fight Or Not To Fight

8:14 AM 08/01/2015

One question that always comes up whenever we get ready to teach gun disarms is, “Can I get shot?”  The answer is yes.  The next question that comes up then is, “Why would I do something that could get me shot?”  The answer to this is, if you know someone is going to shoot you, do you want to just stand there and let him put a bullet right through your heart?  The next question I, “How do I know when someone is going to shoot me?”  My answer is; I don’t know.