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Gregory T. Angelo
Gregory T. Angelo
President, Log Cabin Republicans
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      Gregory T. Angelo

      Gregory T. Angelo is the president of Log Cabin Republicans.

Obama Bureaucrat Stumps For Himself

11:57 AM 09/14/2017

“We need a marketplace, and a justice system, and other key pieces of our society to operate more effectively and truly reflect the principle that every one of us counts.”

Richard Cordray Plays Politics

11:50 AM 02/16/2017

Richard Cordray, head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), is on the hot seat. In January, a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request revealed that Director Cordray used a private device for government communications with CFPB employees, while failing to create appropriate records of messages with the agency—a clear violation of government policy.

Pride And Prejudice

2:36 PM 06/30/2016

There are few instances of partisan rhetoric which surprise me anymore, but last weekend's New York City Pride march grabbed my attention in an unsavory way.

The Fastest Way To End to the FDA’s Blood Ban Is To Lower HIV Rates

5:01 PM 01/30/2015

For years, activists in the gay community have been waging a war to end the decades-long ban on blood donations from any man who has had sexual relations with another man at any time since 1977. Last month, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced it would be taking steps to replace the policy with a one-year abstinence requirement — a move that has done little to appease opponents of the ban who want it overturned altogether.

The GOP’s legacy of conservative conservationism

10:55 AM 04/22/2014

How can you be gay and a Republican? It’s a question I’m often asked by Democrats, and one I’m always happy to retort. Gay Republicans exist: deal with it. Similarly, liberals sneer at the notion that Republicans support the environment. Well, we do — but unlike the breathless doomsday predictions of blowhards like Al Gore, conservative conservation policy is rooted in practical reality. As Earth Day is today, a rundown of the GOP’s history supporting sound sustainable policy is apropos.

The truth about CPAC and gay conservatives

5:26 PM 03/05/2014

In the case of this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the old chestnut that “those ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it” has never been more applicable. That’s why Log Cabin Republicans is not participating in this year’s CPAC, and why, as an organization, it was necessary to explain to our members and supporters the truth as to why we are not.

Why we’re not attending CPAC this year

5:27 PM 03/15/2013

For weeks now the Log Cabin Republicans National Office has been receiving calls from members of the press and our grassroots supporters asking, “Why aren’t you attending CPAC this year?” For weeks our answer was short, to the point, and truthful: “We chose to direct our resources elsewhere.” The longer answer is, “We don’t want to support an event that doesn’t officially represent the best ideals of the big-tent philosophy, so we chose to direct our resources elsewhere.”

No ‘hope’ for Hagel

1:44 PM 02/25/2013

Just for a moment, let’s put aside former Nebraska senator and current defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel’s history of opposing gay rights. Let’s put aside his comments about the “legitimate” government of Iran. Let’s even put aside his comments about the influence of the “Jewish lobby” in the United States. Even with all of that off the table, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who could say with a straight face that Chuck Hagel’s performance at his confirmation hearings was anything short of disastrous. Rather than being assured of his bona fides, members of the United States Senate — and Americans everywhere — were left with more questions than answers.