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Gary Bauer
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The GOP’s Unforced Error On Abortion

3:37 PM 01/23/2015

When House Republicans scheduled the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act for a vote on January 22, pro-life leaders noted the powerful symbolism of holding the life-affirming vote on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing most abortions nationally.

R.I.P, ‘War On Women’

3:34 PM 11/05/2014

The Democrats’ war on unborn babies has failed, and with it their “war on women” meme can finally be laid to rest.

The Other Women In The ‘War On Women’

10:54 AM 10/24/2014

In the world of Democratic political messaging, the dominant narrative is that women support abortion rights while men — specifically Republican men — seek to deny them. But that narrative is not only simplistic, it is also largely false.

Quit Saying ‘Our Soldiers Died In Vain’

2:14 PM 07/03/2014

When the war in Iraq started to deteriorate in 2005, critics of the U.S.-led invasion began to suggest that, by involving the military in an unwinnable war, President Bush had ensured that our fallen soldiers would die in vain.

Political Violence And Media Malpractice

5:07 PM 06/16/2014

On Sunday June 8, Jerad and Amanda Miller walked into a Las Vegas restaurant and shot two police officers to death. The married couple then fled to a nearby Walmart, where they murdered a customer before being killed during a shootout with police.

Burn, Baby, Burn

4:18 PM 05/02/2014

The American public has a macabre fascination with evil, and the media are vocationally inclined to feed that fascination — except when the evil involves abortion.

Gays are at the top of the president’s persecution pecking order

11:12 AM 02/19/2014

When Vladimir Putin first ascended to the Russian presidency fourteen years ago, Russian citizens saw an immediate rise in attacks on their human rights, including their right to free speech, religion, and assembly. Conditions have deteriorated since then. Last spring, Human Rights Watch issued a report stating that “the Russian government has unleashed a crackdown on civil society unprecedented in the country’s post-Soviet history.”

Scalia scandalizes the liberal media

4:10 PM 10/11/2013

The reactions of liberal pundits to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s recent interview with New York magazine have been predictably overwrought. Scalia listens to conservative talk radio! He believes in the Devil! He might not have any openly gay friends!

Our tin-eared president

4:19 PM 09/17/2013

Barack Obama’s immediate response to the Navy Yard massacre followed a pattern for a president who at crucial moments seems unable to abandon politics and embrace his role as empathizer-in-chief.

Disability Nation

1:03 AM 04/11/2013

The labor force participation rate fell to 63.3% last month, the lowest level since the Jimmy Carter administration. One of the reasons so many Americans aren’t working or looking for work is that a record number of them are on disability.