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Christine O’Donnell’s IRS case reveals more than just a ‘smidgen of corruption’

Photo: AP

Citizens who flout the Internal Revenue Service face the prospect of jail, but when the IRS flouts the law, it’s business as usual. The case of Christine O’Donnell, former Delaware candidate for U.S. senator, highlights the continuing abuses by the sprawling agency charged with collecting our taxes.

Jahi McMath case highlights Obamacare’s increasing control over life and death

11:57 AM 01/08/2014

Intractably painful life-or-death medical and legal disputes will become even more gut-wrenching and perilous under Obamacare.

Just what the doctor ordered: Terminate Obamacare

3:48 PM 09/12/2013

Will a doctor help kill Obamacare?

Obama’s New World Disorder

11:16 AM 09/06/2013

The end of the Cold War provided an opportunity for a reshuffling of historic alliances and power, and Americans embraced the idea of a New World Order.  Syria is the latest example of Obama’s New World Disorder.

Temar Boggs, American hero

12:04 PM 07/17/2013

On an ordinary summer afternoon in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, five-year-old Jocelyn Rojas entertained herself playing in her grandmother’s front yard. With blonde hair, brown eyes, stylish glasses, and a courageous, radiant smile, Jocelyn is the picture of an adorable all-American girl.

Five reasons to pull the plug on Obamacare

11:08 AM 07/09/2013

In advocating for the monstrously long and complex statute known as Obamacare, Nancy Pelosi infamously claimed that “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

Five unpersuasive reasons to support NSA surveillance

12:11 PM 06/21/2013

Who do we love, Snowden or Obama? Just like in the “Twilight” vampire-romance series, Americans are trying to decide which hero should go home with Lady Liberty. Choose your vampire carefully.

Five reasons Eric Holder should not resign

5:00 PM 06/09/2013

Prominent voices from both sides of the aisle are calling for embattled Attorney General Eric Holder to resign as America’s chief law enforcement officer. Even those on the left have abandoned him. Holder has presided over a “comprehensive erosion of privacy rights, press freedom and due process,” according to liberal professor Jonathan Turley.

Five questions for the IRS

12:55 AM 06/03/2013

Former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman has some explaining to do. An outcry from Shulman’s former bosses, the American taxpayers, should shame him into honestly answering five simple questions about his role in the most threatening scandal engulfing the Obama administration today.

Lois Lerner takes five

4:55 PM 05/25/2013

As a public service, I am presenting this transcript of the testimony we could have heard from the IRS official in charge of tax-exempt organizations.

A woman’s right to choose self-protection

11:51 AM 02/27/2013

What should America do about gun violence? That was the Senate Judiciary Committee’s topic for its first hearing of 2013.

Put the death tax six feet under

12:01 PM 12/18/2012

Once upon a time, fiscal conservatives advocated a strategy known as “starve the beast.” The theory was that cutting taxes represents the best, perhaps the only, way to check rampant government spending.

Jovan Belcher, Bob Costas and theories of causation

10:40 AM 12/05/2012

At 6’2” and 228 pounds, Kansas City Chiefs’ linebacker Jovan Belcher was a formidable opponent. In the NFL, his body became a weapon on the football field. Before becoming a professional football player, Belcher had excelled as an all-American wrestler.

Obama’s tax policy of three lies

11:06 AM 11/28/2012

President Obama’s alma mater features a well-known monument nicknamed the Statue of Three Lies. The statue’s inscription reads, “John Harvard, Founder, 1638.”

The future must not belong to those who blame America

12:10 PM 11/05/2012

The future may not belong to 15-year-old Malala Yousafzai. An outspoken advocate of education for girls, Malala bravely took on the Taliban in her troubled region in Pakistan. Malala blogged under a pen name for the BBC, detailing the condition of girls in her hometown and making a persuasive case that Pakistani girls did not violate Islamic law by wanting to learn and have opportunities.

This November, cling to your gun rights

12:51 PM 09/26/2012

“I’m here by myself with my infant baby,” the slight, 18-year-old widow told the 911 dispatcher. Two burly men, armed and dangerous, were breaking down the door to her remote rural home.

Naked power and compromised logic

5:29 PM 07/17/2012

Is there anything interesting in Time magazine’s fawning coverage of the chief justice’s Obamacare decision? Oh yes. The 24th paragraph.

The Supreme Court’s taxing power

11:18 AM 07/06/2012

Last April, after multiple days of Supreme Court arguments in the Obamacare case, I wrote about the Obama administration’s incoherent defense of its signature legislation.

Obamacare and the Supreme Court: What’s at stake

6:36 PM 04/01/2012

Last week, the Supreme Court heard arguments on whether Obamacare exceeds the federal government’s power under the U.S. Constitution. In the 220-year history of the Republic, the federal government has never before forced citizens to buy a product.