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News Site Claims Georgia Residents Can Buy And Carry “Pulse Rifles” Under New Law

Guns and Gear

By Dan Cannon,

Stories from the Battlefield: Son Of Texas Killed In Gaza

4:24 PM 07/22/2014

By Mordechai Ben-Menachem

Beretta USA Announces Decision To Move Its Entire Maryland Manufacturing Capabilities To Tennessee

3:36 PM 07/22/2014

Beretta U.S.A. Corp., located in Accokeek, Maryland, announced today that it has decided to move its manufacturing capabilities from its existing location to a new production facility that it is building in Gallatin, Tennessee.  The Gallatin facility is scheduled to be opened in mid-2015.  Beretta U.S.A. had previously planned to use the new Gallatin, Tennessee facility for new machinery and production of new products only.

Ruger LC9: Carries Well, Shoots Well

7:23 PM 07/21/2014

By Mark Kakkuri, American Handgunner

Stories from the Battlefield: Yesterday In Israel And Gaza

5:49 PM 07/21/2014

By Mordechai Ben-Menachem

Bonded Core Beauties, Not Your Grandad’s Bullets

3:31 PM 07/16/2014

By Philip Massaro, Gun Digest

Gun Test: The Para Executive Carry

7:30 PM 07/14/2014

By Dick Jones, Gun Digest

Concealed Carry: Old Guys Tricks

1:01 PM 07/13/2014

By Ralph Mroz, American Handgunner

Virginia Citizens Defense League President Responds to Target Store Gun Policy

7:07 PM 07/11/2014

John J. Mulligan, Interim President
Target Corporation
P.O. Box 9350
Minneapolis, MN 55440 Petition Shoots To Remove Suppressors From National Firearms Act Regulation

6:33 PM 07/11/2014

By Elwood Shelton, Gun Digest

Icons And Has-Beens

6:00 PM 07/11/2014

By Ashley Lynn Hlebinsky, American Handgunner

Review: Chris Costa’s Premier Low Light Course

4:54 PM 07/11/2014

By Andrew Frazier, Thyrm

Double-Action vs. Single-Action Revolvers

4:39 PM 07/10/2014

By Max Prasac, Gun Digest

The Gladiator: Maximus Arms’ Tank-Tough 1911

2:41 PM 07/10/2014

By David Bahde, Personal Defense World

Since USA Today Won’t Publish Good Gun News, Author Alan Korwin Publishes Advertorial Of Good Gun News

3:39 PM 07/09/2014

Despite a documented mainstream-media failure to cover stories of armed self defense by the general public, Congress and the Washington, D.C., Beltway audience were treated this morning to a spate of such stories in the Life section of USA Today.

Stop The Humane Society From Killing Elephants

2:33 PM 07/09/2014

By Phil DeLone, Safari Club International

Gun Collecting: The Unique Breda Shotgun

7:12 PM 07/08/2014

By Nick Hahn, Gun Digest

Rahm Counters With Legislation On Gun Control, Chicago Style

6:55 PM 07/08/2014

By Larry Keane, National Shooting Sports Foundation

Gun Test: Glock 41

6:45 PM 07/07/2014

By Dave Workman, Gun Digest