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Gun Test: Ruger Single Nine & Single-Ten

Guns and Gear

By Clair Rees, Personal Defense World

Reagan National Airport Says No To Gun Safety Ads

5:59 PM 08/28/2014

By Larry Keane, National Shooting Sports Foundation

Trigger Squeeze: Here’s How To Learn To Keep The Sights Still While Moving The Trigger

6:22 PM 08/26/2014

By Chip Lohman, NRA Insights

Handgun Grip Basics

6:21 PM 08/26/2014

By Chip Lohman, NRA Family InSights

The Piston Powered Ruger SR-762

6:21 PM 08/26/2014

By Brad Fitzpatrick, Gun Digest

A Nation Founded For The Glory Of God

4:39 PM 08/25/2014

By Maj. Gen. Jerry R. Curry, US Army, Ret.

Massad Ayoob: 5 Lost Secrets Of Combat Handgunnery

4:38 PM 08/25/2014

By Massad Ayoob, Gun Digest

Gun Test: S&W .460 XVR

2:14 PM 08/25/2014

By Mark Hampton, GUNS Magazine

6 Tips For A Safe Neighborhood

8:50 AM 08/24/2014

By Michael Janich, Personal Defense World

Weapons, Banking, Drugs And Slavery – Financing Terrorism Creatively

4:23 PM 08/22/2014

By Mordechai Ben-Menachem

Massad Ayoob: Live in Condition Yellow – Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

10:12 AM 08/22/2014

By Massad Ayoob, Personal Defense World

When Citizens Fight Back

10:10 AM 08/22/2014

By Tom Givens, American Handgunner

How to Choose Your First Centerfire Rifle

5:22 PM 08/20/2014

By Daniel T. McElrath, NRA Family Insights

The Bankers To The Terrorists

5:21 PM 08/20/2014

By Mordechai Ben-Menachem

Gun Test: AR-15 Colt LE6920MP USA

5:25 PM 08/19/2014

By Dick Jones, Gun Digest

The Breaking Point Of Brass Cases

5:45 PM 08/18/2014

By Philip Massaro, Gun Digest

The 10MM – Perfect ’10′ Hunting Machines

5:40 PM 08/14/2014

By Mark Hampton, American Handgunner

Going Southpaw

6:13 PM 08/13/2014

By Sammy Reese, American Handgunner

Gun Test: DoubleTap Tactical Pocket Pistol

6:10 PM 08/13/2014

By Mark Kakkuri, American Handgunner