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My Kayak Is Sinking! Or, What Ever Happened To The American Alpha Male [VIDEO]

4:02 PM 07/09/2015

The American male fought a revolution against the prevailing world power to forge a nation. Then headed west to conquer the frontier crossing the great expanse of land with only what he could carry or haul. Then the American male built a nation of industrial might and muscle. They then used that muscle to finish a fight they didn't start in a couple of world wars, land on the moon and become the greatest force for freedom on the planet.

Watch This Cop Handle An Open Carry Rifle Situation [VIDEO]

3:59 PM 07/09/2015

A lot can go wrong when you open carry what seems to be a MP-5. Yes, people are going to call the police. Yes, the police will approach you. You can start spouting your Second Amendment rights and local codes but the officer has an obligation to see if you are a threat.