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Smart Guns, Dumb Survey

4:04 PM 02/02/2016

A new survey conducted by the gun control advocates at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is being widely cited by media outlets as proof that there is a strong consumer demand for firearms equipped with authorized-user technology, so-called smart guns. What’s not being reported by main stream media is that the “study” published in the American Journal of Public Health is not actually a study, but an editorial piece that provides a brief overview of a flawed survey.

The Real Role Of The Humane Society Of The United States

5:09 PM 01/29/2016

You watch the commercials and they tug at your heart. Cold and abused animals, and then the plea for help because people will donate substantial sums of money. This is big business. An organization can't blanket the airways without big money and these ads are everywhere.