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Two words the president needs to learn

Howard Anglin

“No comment.”  It may be the most useful phrase in a politician’s vocabulary.  So why can’t President Obama bring himself to say it?

The great state bailout swindle

2:07 PM 08/12/2010

When it comes to federal spending, it easy to become numb to numbers: $180,000,000,000 to AIG; $150,000,000,000 to Fannie and Freddie; and now $26,100,000,000 to bailout the states (on top of an earlier $53,600,000,000 state education bailout described an “historic,” “temporary” and “one-time appropriation” way back . . . in 2009).  All those zeros start to run together pretty quickly.  And when the federal government is running a year-to-date deficit of $1.2 trillion, isn’t another $26.1 billion practically a rounding error?  Horrifyingly, yes.  But the latest state bailout is a particularly flagitious swindle that deserves your attention.

Of palm trees and paperwork

12:00 AM 01/29/2010

Yo soy un hombre sincero, de donde crece la palma …

The self-inflicted wounds of knee-jerk regulation

12:10 AM 01/12/2010

A friend recently sent me a photograph that neatly sums up the infantilization of the West during the last half-century.  It was taken in 1941, at the height of the Blitz, the German aerial assault that dropped millions of incendiaries and tens of thousands of tons of bombs on British cities from Plymouth to Sheffield.  The nightly bombings killed 40,000 civilians and, in London alone, hit more than a million buildings.  The scale of destruction is almost unthinkable in modern Britain or America.