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Democratic Mayor May Face Criminal Charges After Nude Cellphone Photos And Deleted Chats Surface

10:46 PM 02/22/2018
  • Democratic Nashville Mayor Megan Barry admitted to having an expensive affair.
  • Barry may faces criminal charges for public official misconduct and theft of property.
  • The mayor allegedly spent nearly $33,000 of the government's money on her affair.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has received information that could lead to criminal charges against Democratic Nashville Mayor Megan Barry, according to a Thursday report. Barry reportedly faces criminal charges for misconduct of public officials and employees and theft of property.

Trump Endorses Lou Barletta For Senate

7:13 PM 02/11/2018

President Donald Trump announced his support for Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Lou Barletta to take on Democratic Sen. Bob Casey for U.S. Senate, in a tweet Sunday afternoon.