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Henry I. Miller, a physician and fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, was an official at the NIH and FDA from 1977 to 1994. His most recent book is “The Frankenfood Myth.”

NY Times Editorial Criticizes FDA For Being Too Fast, Too Lenient. Here's Why The Times Is Wrong

Opinion | Henry Miller
Times have changed at The Times

When 'Bioethics' Is Not Ethical

Opinion | Henry Miller
Truly ethical bioethics should not bog down research in red tape, moratoria, or threats of prosecution

Dishonest Policymaking Stings The European Commission On Honeybee Health

op-ed | Henry Miller
Luddite EU bureaucrats are regulating feverishly to prevent a totally fictitious bee-pocalypse

John Bolton Understands That The United Nations Was Designed To FAIL

op-ed | Henry Miller
The United States and its taxpayers need not massively subsidize incompetence

NOT JUST ELECTIONS: Russian Trolling Interference Threatens Our Infrastructure And Our Industries

op-ed | Henry Miller
Genetic engineering in agriculture is another sector that holds intense interest for the Russians

Joe Biden, Vice-President For Life?

Opinion | Henry Miller
NPR covers the movement to make Biden VP -- again

Feds' Policy Blunders Allow Legionnaire's Disease Outbreaks

Opinion | Henry Miller
The agency uses humans as canaries in the coal mine to monitor outbreaks.

The UN's Relentless March Of Unreason

Opinion | Henry Miller
IARC previously concluded that aloe vera, cell phones, night shifts, and coffee are “probable” or “possible” carcinogens.

FDA's Distorted Priorities Are Lethal

Opinion | Henry Miller
An experimental Ebola treatment gets fast-tracked while Americans are dying of other treatable things.

NPR�s War On Genetic Engineering

Opinion | Henry Miller
The show's anti-GMO bias is systemic and pervasive.

President Obama tramples the Constitution again, and finally there's some outrage

Opinion | Henry Miller
Even Dems are complaining about the insurance flip-flop, but there are dozens more examples.

Is the shutdown really worse than business as usual?

Opinion | Henry Miller
It's stopped regulations that don't just kill jobs -- they kill people too.

In Obama's America, some are more equal than others

Opinion | Henry Miller
The IRS isn't the only Obama administration agency that discriminates against certain groups.

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