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W. James Antle III
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      W. James Antle III

      W. James Antle III is managing editor of The Daily Caller and author of Devouring Freedom: Can Big Government Ever Be Stopped?

Did Liberalism Cause Any Of Baltimore’s Problems?

10:13 PM 04/29/2015

There was a short-lived Norman Lear sitcom that was supposed to be a sequel to "All in the Family." The premise was that a black family had moved into Archie Bunker's home many years later, with the contentious Archie and Meathead dynamic reversed: the father was a prejudiced blue-collar Democrat, the son a well-read young conservative.

The Roe V. Wade Of Gay Marriage Is Coming

9:11 AM 04/28/2015

The Supreme Court will begin hearing oral arguments in a key gay marriage case Tuesday. Does anybody doubt the outcome? A majority will almost certainly find there is a constitutional right to same-sex marriage.

This Was Hillary Clinton’s Iraq War

12:53 AM 04/17/2015

Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic presidential nomination last time around because of her vote for a disastrous war. With any luck, she will lose again for supporting a second one.

Yes, Immigration Will Hurt Rubio In Primaries

12:12 AM 04/15/2015

Out with the old conventional wisdom, in with the new. Now that Marco Rubio is an announced presidential candidate, we're starting to hear how his immigration stance won't be a deal-breaker for conservatives.

Here Comes Trouble For Scott Walker

10:10 PM 04/13/2015

Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and now Marco Rubio have kicked off their presidential campaigns with impressive speeches. Rubio in particular took the fight to Hillary Clinton.

Ready For Hillary (To Retire)?

10:11 PM 04/12/2015

By the time Bill Clinton won the 1992 Democratic nomination, his campaign song "Don't Stop" was already 15 years old. Back then, baby boomers were still coming of age politically, so quoting Fleetwood Mac in the Nirvana era didn't seem so dated.

Why Rand Paul Will Win

11:27 AM 04/09/2015

Call off the Iowa caucuses. Cancel the New Hampshire primary. Let's all head to Cleveland to name the 2016 Republican presidential nominee right now.