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W. James Antle III
W. James Antle III
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Why Aren’t Cruz And Rubio Rising?

10:09 PM 03/02/2015

I was once in an airport at the same time as the boy band One Direction. That's the only thing that could have prepared me for the kind of crowd reaction Ted Cruz gets from conservative activists.

If Jindal Doesn’t Like Your Obamacare, You Can’t Keep It

1:09 AM 02/27/2015

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal isn't leading in the polls like Scott Walker. He hasn't raised as much money as Jeb Bush. He isn't as celebrated a speaker as Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. He doesn't have a loyal libertarian following like Rand Paul or an evangelical base like Mike Huckabee.

The Miseducation Of Scott Walker

11:07 PM 02/12/2015

Ever since my 35th birthday, when I finally met all the constitutional requirements to become president of the United States, I've grappled with a vexing question.

Some Liberals Want To Be Rush Limbaugh

10:15 PM 02/11/2015

Why has there never been a liberal Rush Limbaugh? It's a question worth asking again as Jon Stewart basks in applause following his announced departure from "The Daily Show."

How To Commit Random Acts Of Obama

11:15 PM 02/09/2015

There was a period in the not-too-distant past, maybe the late '90s, when the word "random" was used as excessively and imprecisely as "ironic" in the song that made Alanis Morissette famous.