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DOJ Mandates Theater Upgrades For Blind And Deaf

Jonah Bennett
United States Attorney General Eric Holder speaks at the National Association of Attorneys General in Washington May 5, 2014.  REUTERS/Gary Cameron  (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS CRIME LAW) - RTR3NU6Z

The Department of Justice is set to mandate theaters provide full closed captioning and audio description technology to service the blind and deaf, the Hill reports.

Gun Regulations In Colorado Fail To Meet Expectations

2:43 PM 07/25/2014

A year into the addition of legislation increasing background checks for the sale of firearms, data compiled by The Associated Press has shown that the legislation didn't accomplish all that much.

Poll: 33 Percent Of Americans Want To Impeach Obama

2:15 PM 07/25/2014

Despite dropping approval ratings, a poll released Friday by CNN/ORC indicates little political will for the impeachment of President Barack Obama.

Corporate Tax Avoidance Is Like Renouncing Citizenship, Obama Says

4:47 PM 07/24/2014

According to President Barack Obama, companies that use cross-border mergers to avoid U.S. taxes are in effect revoking their citizenship, CNN reports.

Report: Rampant Tax Favoritism And Lack Of Transparency In State Governments

3:23 PM 07/24/2014

A new report released by the American Legislative Exchange Council looks at widespread state government favoritism through the tax code, in which specific individuals and businesses are treated unequally and given tax carve-outs.

Republicans Demand Financial Protection Bureau Produce Emails About Ridiculous Renovations

6:07 PM 07/21/2014

Republicans are ordering the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to grant access to over 60 emails regarding its decision to engage in costly and extensive renovations, including plans for a four-story glass staircase, The Hill reports.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry To Send 1,000 Troops To Border

1:37 PM 07/21/2014

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is expected to announce plans on Monday to secure the southern border by sending in 1,000 National Guard troops, the Christian Science Monitor reports.

Study: Economist Says Global Cigarette Tax Is A Terrible Idea

6:47 PM 07/18/2014

The World Health Organization announced potential plans to institute a global tobacco tax, but economist Arthur Laffer expressed significant skepticism about the idea in a new study.

Report: Majority Of Asylum Applications Approved On The Spot

4:48 PM 07/18/2014

Numbers just released from the House Judiciary Committee show that in fiscal year 2014, 65 percent of asylum applications have been approved by officers on the spot, the Washington Examiner reports.

Poll: Americans Want A Crackdown On Wall Street

1:28 PM 07/18/2014

A new survey by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, released on the fourth anniversary of the Dodd-Frank banking regulations, shows that most Americans want a tougher crackdown on Wall Street.

Operation Choke Point Hearing Reveals DOJ Threats And Strong-Arming

8:15 AM 07/18/2014

A Justice Department fraud prevention program came under fire Thursday for allegedly morphing into actively pressuring banks to deny financial services to businesses for political reasons.

Governor: ‘Don’t Send The Kids Away, But Don’t Send Them To My State’

1:51 PM 07/16/2014

Democratic Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley has criticized the White House on its handling of the immigration issue, but has balked at plans to send unaccompanied migrant children to his state, CNN reports.

Report: Deficit To Soon Skyrocket To Historic World War II Heights

9:52 PM 07/15/2014

The Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) latest report says that although the federal deficit this year is the lowest of the Obama era, in the near future, it is expected to skyrocket to World War II heights.

House Kicks Internet Tax To The Curb, Forever

8:21 PM 07/15/2014

A bill passed by the House on Tuesday forbids state and local governments forever from taxing Internet access, reports the Hill.

White House Upholds States’ Rights, At Least For Marijuana

3:05 PM 07/15/2014

In reaction to a proposed amendment to block decriminalization of marijuana in D.C., the White House Office of Management and Budget took a strong stance in favor of states' rights.

Poll: GOP Approval Of Supreme Court Has Skyrocketed

1:33 PM 07/14/2014

A Gallup poll released on Monday shows that support for the Supreme Court stemming from the GOP has skyrocketed by 21 percentage points.

Gary Johnson: Abolish The IRS

11:18 AM 07/14/2014

Gary Johnson, 2012 Libertarian Party presidential candidate and former Republican governor of New Mexico, says the IRS should be abolished in light of recent scandals, Watchdog reports.

Poll: Muslims Show Massive Approval For Obama

4:47 PM 07/11/2014

A newly released Gallup poll shows that Muslims are the religious group most likely to support President Barack Obama -- by wide margins.

House Gives Businesses A Break, White House Threatens To Veto

3:25 PM 07/11/2014

In a vote of 258-160, the House of Representatives on Friday approved making a temporary corporate tax break permanent, making it easier for companies to invest in equipment, the Washington Examiner reports.