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Report: Massive Fiscal Waste At Homeland Security

Jonah Bennett
U.S. Department of Homeland Security employees work in front of U.S. threat level displays inside the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center during a guided media tour in Arlington, Virginia June 26, 2014. Picture taken June 26, 2014. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS MILITARY) - RTR3W442

A new report from the Depart of Homeland Security (DHS) inspector general shows that up to $49 million dollars was wasted in purchasing vehicles that were underused, according to Government Executive.

Mom Wants Federal Regulations For Peanut-Free Zones On Planes

1:29 PM 09/02/2014

Over 14,000 people are pressuring federal lawmakers for regulations which would establish strict peanut-free safety zones on airplanes for passengers with a peanut allergy, The Hill reports.

1,200 Giant African Snails Seized By Agriculture Department

1:30 PM 08/29/2014

Since June, the Agricultural Department has seized over 1,200 giant African land snails from New York and Georgia after receiving a tip from social media, according to The Associated Press.

Virginia Lawmaker Takes On Patent Trolls

5:46 PM 08/28/2014

Virginia Republican state Sen. Richard Stuart says his legislation combats abusive patent trolls, but some have suggested that it goes too far, violating the First Amendment and begging for a lawsuit, according to Virginia Business.

Marijuana Decriminalized In Santa Fe By Tight Margin

4:02 PM 08/28/2014

In a close 5-4 vote, the Santa Fe City Council in New Mexico has become the most recent city to decriminalize marijuana, opting to charge fines and up to 15 days jail time instead of harsher penalties.

Removing Dangerous Trees From California Wildfire Blocked By Spotted Owl

2:58 PM 08/28/2014

U.S. Forest Officials have finally made the decision to allow loggers to remove trees left from an area hit by raging California wildfires last year, but environmentalists shot back, saying they will sue to protect the interests of the spotted owl.

Report: Remove Ban On Transgendered Military Personnel

5:17 PM 08/26/2014

A report issued by high-ranking generals makes it likely that the military will allow transgendered personnel to serve openly, following in the footsteps of the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” according to the Washington Examiner.

Obamacare Might Kill Your Tax Refund

8:05 PM 08/25/2014

Americans who underestimated their income for 2014 when they applied for health insurance might see their tax refund reduced or eliminated completely, the Washington Examiner reports.

Poll: 43 Percent Of Libertarians Don’t Understand The Term

6:44 PM 08/25/2014

A new poll Pew poll conducted conducted in light of the recent New York Times piece on the "Libertarian Moment" suggests that there are still large parts of the country that are in the dark about libertarianism.

Illinois Governor Vetoes Anti-Ridesharing Bill, Taxis Protest

2:55 PM 08/25/2014

Two bills forwarded by the taxi industry to provide a statewide regulatory framework for ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft were vetoed by the governor Monday, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

IRS Has No Clue Where Gaming Tax Money Is Going

1:21 PM 08/25/2014

After inquiries dragging on for months, the IRS has finally admitted it has no idea how a Nevada gaming tax that is costing sports wagers $9 million a year is being used, RTG Online reports.

Commerce Department Scolds Employees For Lying About Hours Worked

4:12 PM 08/22/2014

In response to revelations of teleworking abuse, the Commerce Department has issued a warning email to its 47,000 employees, letting them know that inaccurate time-keeping will not be tolerated, The Washington Post reports.

Copyright Office: You Can’t Copyright Work By Monkeys Or Gods

3:24 PM 08/22/2014

New guidelines released by the U.S. Copyright Office have finally clarified the confusion: monkeys cannot apply for copyright protection in the United States, Government Executive reports.

State Department Bans Diplomats From Ice Bucket Challenge

4:58 PM 08/21/2014

In a move forwarded by State Department lawyers, U.S. diplomats are now prohibited from taking part in the ice bucket challenge to avoid ethics violations, Politico reports.

Investigations Underway, Suspected Voter Fraud In Virginia And Maryland

2:29 PM 08/21/2014

Virginia Voters Alliance, an election integrity group, has called attention to the surprising amount of duplicate voter registrations in Maryland and Virginia, challenging the view that voter fraud is nonexistent, Watchdog reports.

Report: Accept International Climate Agreements To Save South Asia

4:13 PM 08/19/2014

A new study by the Asian Development Bank predicts that without acceptance of international agreements on fossil fuels, climate change will decrease economic activity in South Asia to the tune of 9 percent annually by 2100.

Lawsuit: White House Accused Of Hiding Politically Embarrassing Information

5:54 PM 08/18/2014

Cause of Action, a conservative legal group, is suing the White House over allegations of interference with executive agencies complying with FOIA requests, The Washington Post reports.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission HACKED Three Times By Foreigners

3:56 PM 08/18/2014

An internal report at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has revealed that the agency has been hacked three times in the last three years, but what was stolen remains unknown, Government Executive reports.

Social Security ‘Ticket To Work’ Has Been A Massive Failure

5:02 PM 08/15/2014

The Social Security program Congress instituted to incentivize employers to hire workers on the disability roll has completely failed to live up to expectations, the Washington Examiner reports.