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Jonathan Bydlak
Jonathan Bydlak
President, The Coalition to Reduce Spending
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      Jonathan Bydlak

      Jonathan Bydlak is the president of the Coalition to Reduce Spending, a non-partisan advocacy organization dedicated to limiting federal spending.

​Fiscal Issues At The Forefront Of Contentious Alabama Senate Race

Alabama Senate candidate Jonathan McConnell (Photo: Facebook)

While much of the nation’s attention continues to be fixated on the race for the White House, a number of congressional challengers across the country are quietly staging a political upheaval of their own. One such race is Alabama’s upcoming primary on March 1, where Senate Banking Chair Richard Shelby is facing what’s being called “his first serious challenge in years” from businessman Jonathan McConnell.

Sorry debt limit, it’s just not working out

11:33 AM 02/14/2014

Most people have fond memories of their first boyfriend or girlfriend. But while some find lasting love with their first fling, it’s safe to say many more move on to find a more suitable lifelong companion. We might always remember our first love, but discovering “what’s out there” often shows the limits of what we had.

Congress betrays us with budget ‘deal’

5:19 PM 12/11/2013

In October, Congress promised to get together and address the budget and the nation’s ongoing spending crisis. Now after weeks of negotiations and political posturing, the conference committee has finally come up with a plan – and it’s bad news for anyone who believes the United States government cannot sensibly continue on its current path.

Words vs. actions in SC-1

11:10 AM 03/27/2013

On Monday, The Daily Caller published a piece by activist Yates Walker extolling the conservative character of Curtis Bostic, who will face former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford on April 2 in the Republican runoff to represent South Carolina’s First Congressional District. Walker asserts Bostic is running as the anti-Mark Sanford, “because Mark Sanford doesn’t represent Curtis Bostic’s values, nor the values of the Republican Party.”