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Kyl for the defense

James Carafano
Director, Heritage Foundation's Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies

When it comes to defending defense, the “right” may be getting its mojo back.

Our MIA president

5:15 PM 04/24/2012

Does President Obama even do foreign relations anymore? To all appearances, he checked out of the global leadership scene months ago. It’s almost as though, after making the call to off Osama bin Laden, he pumped his fist and said, “That’s it. I’m done.”

Obama’s lost moment

5:55 PM 03/16/2012

It was a golden opportunity for President Obama. He could make peace with conservatives in Congress, set the foundation for a bipartisan agenda in Washington and burnish his image as a man who led from the middle. He blew it.

Getting to know you, the candidates

1:12 PM 11/23/2011

Last night’s presidential candidate debate in Washington was great — for wonks like me. For 120 minutes, eight leaders of the GOP’s Occupy the White House movement sparred over foreign policy and national security.

America the undefended

5:03 PM 10/14/2011

America isn’t as well defended as it should be. To understand why, you have to go back a little over a decade.

UN debacle another blow to Obama Doctrine

1:00 PM 09/21/2011

Today the Palestinians will poke President Obama in the eye with his Nobel Peace Prize. And he has no one to blame but himself.

Debt ceiling deal threatens national security

2:28 PM 08/01/2011

Conservatives had a number of goals in pursing a debt deal: protect our defenses; decrease spending (including entitlement spending); keep taxes down; and protect the country’s creditworthiness. To date, none of those objectives has been met.

Has Obama shed his Jimmy Carter image?

3:06 PM 05/09/2011

Politico’s Alexander Burns trumpets President Obama’s newly minted reputation as a tough-on-national-security leader. In “President Obama dashes ‘Jimmy Carter’ label” he notes: “Obama’s overall approval numbers have rallied since May 1, when he announced Bin Laden’s death from the East Room of the White House.”

Congress must avoid ham-fisted defense cuts

11:21 AM 03/24/2011

The freshmen class roared into Congress vowing to get federal spending under control. And even though many of them recognize and revere the constitutional requirement to “provide for the common defense,” they refused to take the defense budget “off the table.” Good for them.

Middle East for dummies

5:06 PM 02/19/2011

What do Islamic dictatorships like Libya and Iran, authoritarian regimes such as Egypt, and kingdoms like Bahrain have in common? Not much, except their people hate their governments.

The top 10 reasons why New START is a non-starter

6:55 PM 11/22/2010

# 10. An Out-moded, Unreliable Nuclear Arsenal Is No Deterrent. New START offers no assurance that the U.S. nuclear force will be an effective deterrent in the future. President Obama has already declared he won’t replace and modernize the nuclear arsenal. Yes, he said he would spend billions on the supporting infrastructure and called that “modernization.” But that’s like saying you’ll take your car to Jiffy-Lube and calling it a transportation system “modernization” initiative. Furthermore, Obama’s budget still underfunds our nuclear support structure — and delays most of the funding to out-years after the president’s term expires. Obama’s claim to the mantel of nuclear modernization is bogus.

Woodshedding the woodshedders

3:33 PM 10/18/2010

Marc Ambinder, the politics editor of The Atlantic, seems worried that Bob Woodward is poaching on his turf.  In an unusual parody piece, he takes Woodward to the woodshed for suggesting that President Obama might ask Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden to trade places for the 2012 election run.

DOD Buzz dumbs down defense debate

5:17 PM 10/15/2010

Colin Clark misses the mark in his latest piece for DOD Buzz. Even the title, "GOP To Tea Party: Don’t Cut Defense," is wrong.

Tea Party on New Start: more right than Rogin

12:58 PM 08/31/2010

Josh Rogin took note when a major Tea Party group rallied against New START, the arms control treaty Obama signed with the Russians.

Bait and switch defense for new START

4:38 PM 08/17/2010

With concern over the arms control agreement President Obama signed with Russia growing, those pushing for ratification are devising increasingly far-fetched reasons why the Senate should rubber-stamp New START rather than give the treaty the serious and deliberate scrutiny a nuclear arms deal deserves. From the beginning, arguments for the treaty have sounded like scare tactics, an impression only reinforced by the recent allegations that New START will compromise national security.

The Hartung Test

4:35 PM 08/10/2010

If William Hartung really believes what he wrote about the New START treaty, he ought to be dead set against it. Seriously.

Playing politics with national security

9:32 AM 07/29/2010

William Hartung, Director of the Arms and Security Initiative at the New America Foundation, has come up with what he seems to think is a clincher argument for why the Senate should approve the New START treaty: Conservatives are against it.

Tea Party must tackle defense issues

12:00 AM 07/20/2010

The rallying cry of the Tea Party Movement has been fiscal responsibility and limited government.  It appeals across a broad spectrum of the electorate, but falls far short of addressing core issues of governance.

Hawking the tea parties

3:51 PM 07/06/2010

There’s a lot of speculation that Tea Partiers may jump on the Left’s “cut defense spending” bandwagon.  Doubtless the White House would love to bring fiscal conservatives on board with its effort to slash the Pentagon’s budget.