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J. D. Gordon
J. D. Gordon
Former Trump Campaign National Security Adviser
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      J. D. Gordon

      J.D. Gordon is a retired Navy Commander and former Pentagon spokesman who served in the Office of the Secretary of Defense from 2005-2009. He is a Senior Adviser to several think tanks in Washington, DC.

Clock Boy Is A Rorschach Test For America

10:04 AM 10/23/2015

While Ahmed Mohamed wraps up his 15 minutes of fame as the family relocates to Qatar, it’s important to consider lessons learned for stopping copycats. After all, the next kid might really have a bomb.

Why ISIS Isn’t The Whole Picture

3:33 PM 09/16/2014

Imagine a team of doctors removing the largest malignant tumor from a lung cancer patient, leaving in countless smaller ones, and then allowing the patient to smoke 2-3 packs of cigarettes a day. Does anyone think this would cure the problem?

Yet that is basically Barack Obama's approach to "destroy" ISIS.

America Betrayed Over Bergdahl, Taliban Leaders POW Exchange

3:20 PM 06/02/2014

In one of America’s most shocking wartime decisions, the Commander-in-Chief has knowingly broken the law to release five of our highest-ranking enemies in return for a young soldier who mysteriously vanished from his post days after allegedly writing to his parents, “the horror is that America is disgusting” and mailing home boxes with his books and uniforms.