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Is Ecuador Waging A Stealth War On America?

J. D. Gordon
Executive Director, Protect America Today
Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa AP Photo (Credit:Martin Mejia)

Without firing a shot, Ecuador's populist President Rafael Correa appears to be waging a stealth war on America.

America Betrayed Over Bergdahl, Taliban Leaders POW Exchange

3:20 PM 06/02/2014

In one of America’s most shocking wartime decisions, the Commander-in-Chief has knowingly broken the law to release five of our highest-ranking enemies in return for a young soldier who mysteriously vanished from his post days after allegedly writing to his parents, “the horror is that America is disgusting” and mailing home boxes with his books and uniforms.

Listening To Europe’s Voices On The Russia-Ukraine Conflict

5:11 PM 05/12/2014

When I visited Belgium and Spain this spring to speak at a European Parliament joint event on the U.S.-E.U. Free Trade Agreement negotiations, I wasn’t surprised that the crisis in Ukraine dominated nearly every discussion.

What would a strong American president do about the Ukraine crisis?

11:46 AM 03/03/2014

Considering Russia’s takeover of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, a strategically vital landmass in the Black Sea and centuries-long home to the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Ancient Greek historian Thucydides would be preaching to the choir in Kiev today.

Top five takeaways from Victoria Nuland’s f-bomb

3:40 PM 02/11/2014

It was the “F-Bomb” heard ‘round the world.

Top 5 reasons Iran nuclear accord is doomed to fail

4:13 PM 01/22/2014

Though the Iran nuclear accord officially began on January 20th, thus easing economic sanctions and unlocking $7 billion dollars in frozen Iranian assets, even a cursory look at the six-month interim agreement shows that it is already doomed to fail.

Why are we surprised Kerry and Obama can’t handle foreign policy?

10:26 AM 09/18/2013

Imagine hiring PETA’s director to run the cattle industry. Or the EPA administrator placed in charge of oil and natural gas exploration. Would anybody be surprised when things don't go well?