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Jack Hunter is a contributing editor at Rare.us. He has appeared frequently on Fox Business, Michael Savage and as a regular guest host on The Mike Church Show on Sirius XM. Hunter is the co-author of “The Tea Party Goes to Washington” by Sen. Rand Paul and assisted former Sen. Jim DeMint with his book “Now or Never: How to Save America from Economic Collapse.”

How obsessing over gay marriage has grown government

Opinion | Jack Hunter
Conservatives’ decade-long focus on this issue has helped some of the worst big government Republicans

How big government hurts black Americans the most

Opinion | Jack Hunter
Conservatives should take the lead in reforming drug laws some call the “new Jim Crow”

Is Robert Gates an isolationist?

Opinion | Jack Hunter
In his new book, the former defense secretary says America is too eager for war

Establishment fearmongering vs. Tea Party fearmongering

Opinion | Jack Hunter
It's not even close, Washington is far more alarmist than libertarians and conservatives

2013 was a banner year for libertarian conservatism

Opinion | Jack Hunter
Looking back a decade tells a pretty amazing story

The Tea Party is the only thing worth a damn about the GOP

Opinion | Jack Hunter
Even if you opposed the government shutdown

Obamacare and Edward Snowden have shown the horror of big government

Opinion | Jack Hunter
Knowing is half the battle

Why neocons can't cut

Opinion | Jack Hunter
The sequester was conservatives’ best hope to cut spending—which is why some Republicans were so eager to kill it

Crazy about Justin Amash

Opinion | Jack Hunter
Why the kids love the cool congressman

You can't be pro-life and want to nuke Iran

Opinion | Jack Hunter
As Reagan understood, respecting life means considering the moral implications of taking it

Will the GOP be libertarian or authoritarian?

Opinion | Jack Hunter
If some hawks had their way, the Iran deal would take Republicans back to Bush and big government.

The Deal with Jack Hunter: CISPA and other unintentional tyrannies

Opinion | Jack Hunter
The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA, is another example of outrageous and unconstitutional government intrusion.

The Deal with Jack Hunter: Ron Paul's enduring revolution

Opinion | Jack Hunter
Paul is still drawing massive crowds and building a transformative movement.

The Deal with Jack Hunter: Would Barry Goldwater 'fix' government?

Opinion | Jack Hunter
Being a conservative has always meant making government smaller and following the Constitution.

The Deal with Jack Hunter: The next socialist president

Opinion | Jack Hunter
Government gets bigger no matter which party controls the White House.

The Deal with Jack Hunter: A balanced budget in 30 years?

Opinion | Jack Hunter
Paul Ryan's GOP House budget plan offers too little too late.

The Deal with Jack Hunter: Ignoring Rand Paul's budget

Editorial | Jack Hunter
Sen. Paul has a bold plan to do what conservatives say they want most. So why aren't they talking about it?

The Deal with Jack Hunter: Stupid Tuesday

Opinion | Jack Hunter
GOP voters reject small government conservatism and tea party philosophy in favor of politics-as-usual.

The Deal with Jack Hunter: Does Rush want to 'cut and run'?

Feature:Opinion | Jack Hunter
Conservatives should follow Limbaugh's lead and admit Afghanistan is a disaster.

The Deal with Jack Hunter: Ron Paul brings sexy back

Editorial | Jack Hunter
Only Ron Paul actually delivers what tea partiers say they want most.

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