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More Failed Votes Won’t Fix America’s Crony Sugar Market

Jim Martin
Chairman, 60 Plus Association
Various size cups and sugar cubes  are displayed at a news conference at New York's City Hall, Thursday, May 31, 2012. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Fiscal conservatives don’t like farm subsidies. They don’t like unnecessary hurdles to trade. And they certainly don’t like taxes or inflated consumer prices.

E. Clay Shaw: A congressman who mattered

4:32 PM 09/20/2013

The barber nearly lopped off the congressman's ear, but it wouldn't have been his fault if he had. For years, the tacit agreement that exists between every barber and customer to sit still as a statue when the clippers are humming was fiercely observed. But the barber said something that startled the normally reserved lawmaker to suddenly spin his head around mid-snip.

Conservatives should support the Marketplace Fairness Act

12:55 AM 03/21/2013

President George H.W. Bush famously took a stand against broccoli, a brash move that won worldwide kudos from those who don't like "eat your peas" politics. But sometimes --- and I think moms can back me up on this --- you need to eat your peas, political ones too. That’s why so many conservative groups, including the one I chair, are publicly backing the Marketplace Fairness Act.

New Obama taxes will torpedo senior health care

11:49 AM 03/08/2013

Policy successes in Washington are few and far between these days, so more than ever we pray that our leaders follow the old adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Who seniors want Romney to pick for VP

12:07 PM 08/08/2012

As chairman of the 60 Plus Association, the established conservative alternative to the liberal AARP, I’m often asked who seniors think Mitt Romney should choose for the ticket. Out of our 7.2 million senior citizen activists nationally, 60 Plus has some 790,000 seniors in the Sunshine State. Coupled with the fact I grew up in Florida and our national spokesman, legendary singer Pat Boone, was born in Jacksonville, there is a natural lean toward Marco Rubio. But setting aside my personal biases, below I offer the unofficial “Senior VP Sweepstakes” preview that reflects input I've received from seniors all across the country.

Trade agreements are best medicine for continued drug improvement

3:00 PM 05/11/2012

When asked by a New York Times reporter how it felt to have failed 700 times in his attempt to perfect the light bulb, Thomas Edison famously quipped, "I have not failed. I've succeeded in finding 700 ways that do not work." Edison may have done his best work over a hundred years ago, but his sentiments concerning the labor required to give birth to innovation are completely in sync today with one of our nation's most crucial industries: the pharmaceutical industry.

In order to move ‘forward,’ Obama pushes Medicare’s October surprise back

6:06 PM 05/03/2012

This week the president's re-election campaign officially dumped the campaign’s old motto, "It's all Bush's fault!" for a new one, "Forward." It may not be the catchiest slogan, but given the dismal state of the country after three and a half years of his stewardship, what other options does Obama really have?

GOP will need multiple votes to repeal Obamacare

10:14 AM 03/20/2012

It is downright amazing that the most momentous, and contemptible, piece of legislation Washington has seen in the last 50 years passed without tempting one Republican in the entire Congress to cross the aisle and join in. History will forever recall that Obamacare, in all its budget-busting and government-expanding glory, is entirely a creation of the Democrats, from the secret meetings where all 2,700 pages were drafted, to its final passage. And the GOP stayed unified throughout; not a single cat was lost in the herd!

More new taxes on the way for U.S. companies and consumers

12:43 PM 09/21/2010

The tax-and-spend crowd in Congress is at it again, trying to pass new taxes that would raise energy prices and further deplete already overstretched family budgets. When are they going to understand that seniors, retirees, the unemployed, working class families and the many other Americans who are counting every penny these days simply can no longer afford to pay for their pet projects?

Docs in drug dispute must remember to put patient safety first

11:41 AM 08/18/2010

Seniors depend largely on the medical expertise provided to them by their physicians. We have little choice but to trust that they are helping us make good health decisions, and most importantly, putting safety first.

Using the Gulf oil spill to raise taxes

10:40 AM 07/22/2010

While many Gulf residents continue to suffer from the fallout of the oil spill disaster,  it appears that others are viewing the tragedy as a stroke of good fortune. The Deepwater Horizon incident has served as an impetus for environmentalists to ram through liberal policies in Congress. Left-wing groups have manipulated the facts in an effort to impose huge tax increases on American businesses and consumers.