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J. Justin Wilson
J. Justin Wilson
Senior Research Analyst, Center for Consumer Freedom

Dianne Feinstein: anti-science Democrat

Employees stock shelves near a sign supporting non genetically modified organisms (GMO) at the Central Co-op in Seattle, Washington October 29, 2013. REUTERS/Jason Redmond

Republicans are frequently and often justifiably charged with waging a so-called “war on science.” By rejecting the biological principles of evolution and the widely supported evidence that human activity is causing harmful levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, many politicians on the right open themselves up to those criticisms.

One thing cooks shouldn’t worry about this Thanksgiving

2:42 PM 11/27/2013

Few tasks in the world of home cookery are as daunting as preparing the Thanksgiving meal: Multiple courses, side dishes, and the multi-hour process of perfectly roasting that turkey — let alone finding enough room in the oven and refrigerator. With so many things that can go wrong, it’s always a small miracle when mom, dad, or grandma pulls it off.

Soda prohibition theory goes flat

12:44 PM 03/07/2013

American kids are gradually getting fatter. But new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is cause for hope. Boys and girls are both eating substantially fewer calories these days than they did in 2000. Since weight management involves balancing the amount of calories in food with the amount we burn through exercise and daily life, this should yield less obesity over time.

Assumptions routed in battle of the bulge

5:14 PM 02/01/2013

It’s almost an American ritual: putting together a big spread of comfort foods to eat during the Super Bowl. But if you listen to anti-food activists, those bacon-wrapped franks, cheese-drenched nachos, and bleu cheese-dipped Buffalo wings aren’t comforting, they’re deadly. Listening to the scaremongering headlines, you might think that even just one night of football feasting will make you fat, then kill you.

After the soda ban, what next?

3:56 PM 09/21/2012

New Yorkers have long been first to face food regulation. Last week, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s hand-picked bureaucrats voted to ban sodas larger than 16 ounces. The ban will go into effect March 12 of next year, barring a court order. And sure enough, there is an effort to increase direct regulation of consumer choices nationally.

‘Morose Meals’ nothing to get happy about

12:00 AM 05/13/2010

The county of Santa Clara has finally figured out the nation’s biggest problem. No, it’s not oil spills or bomb threats in Times Square. It’s not our nation’s failing school systems or our mounting public debt.

Big Brother’s bland bullying

12:00 AM 04/27/2010

From taxing soft drinks to banning bake sales, public health activists and dietary do-gooders have been beating us up over what we eat and drink.

Michelle Obama, First Nanny

12:00 AM 02/12/2010

Eat your peas. Finish those lima beans. Clean your plate before dessert. These are the nightly naggings of good moms. But in the near future, the federal government might be taking their place.

The Empire State strikes snack

12:00 AM 01/21/2010

In an attempt to shore up New York’s $7.4 billion deficit, Gov. David Paterson is pitching a sour proposal: a “sin tax” on soft drinks that he believes could help reduce waistlines while filling politicians’ pockets.