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Joe Simonson
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Avenatti Threatened Another Journalist

10:58 PM 05/16/2018

Stormy Daniels' infamous attorney Michael Avenatti apparently threatened another reporter and publication with a lawsuit, this time targeting Law and Crime for running a piece analyzing his appearance at a court hearing in April.

Lachlan Murdoch To Be New Chairman and CEO Of New Fox

2:14 PM 05/16/2018

Twenty-First Century Fox Executive Chairman Lachlan Murdoch will serve as chief executive and chairman of the new Fox after the sale of television and film properties to Walt Disney Co. go through, the company announced Wednesday.

Someone Is Making ‘Cuck: The Film’

10:16 PM 05/13/2018

Cuckolding is getting the Hollywood treatment, or so it seems according to the official website for "Cuck: The Film", the latest from the production group Rimrock Pictures.

Journalists Praise The Ayatollah

6:14 PM 05/11/2018

President Donald Trump has a remarkable ability to melt the brains of anyone still flabbergasted by his electoral victory a year and a half ago. The latest example comes after Irani Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini's stupid stunt of uploading a picture of himself reading Michael Wolff's discredited "Fire and Fury."

What Did Gov. Cuomo Know About His Attorney General?

10:37 PM 05/07/2018

A bombshell report came out Monday night in The New Yorker alleging a pattern of horrific abuse by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. As one of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's right-hand men, can the public truly believe New York's governor had no idea about his attorney general's behavior?

Past Weeks Reveal Deep Issues At NBC

2:48 PM 05/04/2018

The April-May weeks have been hard for NBC. Instead of just a singular misstep, recent incidents of lying, victim shaming, and a complete lack of editorial standards have demonstrated structural problems within one of the country's largest news networks.