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Two Presidents Named ‘Johnson’ Tried To Stop Civil Rights In America

10:16 PM 09/12/2017

Why are Democrats so meticulous and consistent in their bad ideas? Take racism, for example. Democrats opposed the Civil Rights Act not just one time, but twice -- separated by over 100 years. And even more shockingly, both the men behind the effort to stop racial progress bear the same last name: Johnson.

EU-thanasia: Medical Murder Is Here, And It’s Your ‘Right’

6:27 PM 07/14/2017

Former Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev once called the European Union (EU) the “new European Soviet” and for good reason: unelected, all-powerful agencies with democratic-sounding names that evoke freedom are now deciding when living, breathing children should be medically killed.

‘Let It Implode’: Tom DeLay Tears Into Republican Leadership On Obamacare

3:19 PM 04/02/2017

Some in the Republican Party are preventing Obamacare repeal, claiming it is impossible to accomplish "repeal and replace" unless done with one bill. But in an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay reminds readers that the 1994 Republican Congress implemented the “Contract with America” with nine separate bills.

Victims: Liberals Like Their Gays Wearing Pink Triangles

11:58 AM 02/26/2017

Liberals like their gays wearing pink triangles. Put another way, liberals like it when gays (and other minorities) identify as victims, because victims always “need” the Democratic Party. But woe to those more enlightened travelers who deviate from prevailing liberal orthodoxy.

FDR Praised Mussolini And Loved Fascism

11:26 AM 12/13/2016

History is brandished like an AR-15 by the American left when it appears to fit their narrow worldview, but shunned when it turns out to be less flexible than the talking points Barack Obama gives to Chris Matthews to cause that presidential "tingle."

Shadows of Power: America’s Living Ruin

11:57 AM 11/07/2016

Greatness is a recurring theme in America’s presidential elections this year. The phrase, “Make America great again,” elicits images of American power, wealth and moral credibility.

Dallas Judges Shred Constitution, Steal Millions

1:21 AM 08/12/2016

In a series of events most would normally dismiss as outlandish, one American citizen was launched from civil court into a legal limbo where for years he was deprived by a federal judge of counsel, property, speech and travel. The case seems unthinkable in the American judicial system, but the story is true, and it happened to one Jeff Baron.