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Jeff Stier
Senior Fellow, National Center for Public Policy Research
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      Jeff Stier

      Jeff Stier is a senior fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research in Washington, D.C., and heads its Risk Analysis Division.

Tom Steyer’s Strange Denial Of His Central Role In Climate Change Litigation Gets Fishier

Tom Steyer Getty Images/Spencer Platt

Questions have been swirling around why hedge-fund tycoon and Democrat mega-donor Tom Steyer didn’t disclose his role in a controversial campaign to get state and local governments to file climate change lawsuits against energy companies. Steyer’s super PAC, NextGen Climate Action distanced itself from the strategy, telling Politico's Morning Energy in September" "We're definitely not pushing this thing."

The Environmentalist War On Science

12:18 PM 02/01/2017

The EPA just threw out five years of fracking safety research to appease green extremists. Although early drafts found no evidence that fracking has had a "widespread, systemic" impact on drinking water, the final report claims that there isn't "enough information to make a broad conclusion."

The New York Times’s flexible journalistic standards

11:56 AM 09/21/2011

I've long thought there was something amiss about how news outlets seem almost hyper-focused on reporting any potential conflicts of interest. Not that there's anything wrong with identifying those conflicts, but I think their importance is often over-played to the detriment of getting to the crux of issues.

The CDC is subsidizing left-wing activist groups

4:13 PM 06/01/2011

It is no secret that the government wants to change how we live. Nanny-state officials want people to exercise more, stop drinking soda and stop using tobacco. But few people are familiar with an Obama administration program that gives grants to activist organizations that support unpopular nanny-state laws.

President’s cancer panel reveals activist media are the real cancer

12:00 AM 05/12/2010

If you’ve looked at online, print or broadcast news in the past 48 hours, you’ve probably seen coverage of the President’s Cancer Panel report that hypes potential environmental causes of cancer. To not notice alarming headlines like, “Cancers from Environment ‘Grossly Underestimated,’” “Americans Bombarded with Cancer Causes,” and “‘Grievous Harm’ Posed by Unchecked Chemicals,” it would take a stock market crash, an attempted terrorist attack in Times Square, and a huge oil spill, all in the same week.

Exaggerations in 9/11 illnesses

12:00 AM 03/09/2010

While there may be a few valid illness claims buried among the 10,000 or so cases in the big “9/11 lawsuit” now approaching trial, the overwhelming majority clearly relies on junk science. Sadly, there’s a whole industry set up to supply that junk—funded by lawyers eager to fuel such lawsuits, staffed by researchers eager to push bizarre theories, and promoted by ignorant reporters and politicians.

Is there such a thing as an objective science journal?

12:00 AM 02/25/2010

Studies published in peer-reviewed journals become the basis for everything from the advice your doctor gives you to the very laws that govern us. A journal’s ability to tell good science from bad is critical. But some journals have used poor judgment, and even replaced judgment with a bias of their own.