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The ways post-9/11 America has failed

It has been said many times that the tragic events of 9/11 provided the United States with a tremendous test, and much has been written about whether and how we have passed that examination. While in many ways we deserve credit for having accomplished an enormous amount under incredibly difficult circumstances (specifically in the military realm), in a couple of ways we have failed to rise to the challenges that the attacks presented.

An update on my $100,000 Palin bet

3:55 PM 06/24/2011

On Monday, I gave the many critics of my unfortunate, clear-cut and unapologetic conclusion that Sarah Palin cannot defeat President Obama in 2012 the golden opportunity to put their money where their mouth is. In a column here at The Daily Caller, I offered a $1,000 bet at incredible 100-to-1 odds that Palin would not be elected president in 2012 to the first prominent conservative commentator who responded.

Some surprising thoughts on the new Palin movie and book

11:08 PM 05/31/2011

While Sarah Palin spent the Memorial Day weekend on her brilliant media manipulation bus tour (forcing her adversaries in the news media to play the pathetic role of paparazzi desperately trying to find Hollywood’s latest meltdown-prone starlet, and then whine about it), I was synthesizing a few short thoughts on the new anti-Palin book and pro-Palin documentary which made news last week before the fixation with the bus tour began.

The myth of Sarah Palin’s stupidity

11:50 AM 05/23/2011

In only the past couple days, just as the Republican presidential field seems to be forming the type of void that almost begs her to fill it, Sarah Palin has once again been called “stupid” in two high-profile media outlets.

The Sarah Palin E! True Hollywood Story is too ‘fair’

11:35 AM 04/25/2011

We now have the ultimate proof that the sudden emergence of fraudulent conservative Donald Trump as a presidential “contender” has indeed sucked all the metaphorical oxygen out of the discussion of legitimate candidates. The E! Network just debuted its “Sarah Palin True Hollywood Story,” and hardly anyone in the news media seemed to care.

Exclusive: Review of ‘The Kennedys’ miniseries

4:21 PM 03/29/2011

Last night, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Greg Kinnear and over one thousand other movie-industry types attended the Hollywood premiere of the “controversial” Kennedy miniseries that will start airing this Sunday on the ReelzChannel. I was also there, though, oddly, Tom and Katie never said hello.

Memories of Reagan/Mondale debates are faulty all around

8:39 PM 01/16/2011

Ron Reagan, Jr., the largely unsuccessful liberal commentator who has literally made a living out of being a breathing embarrassment to his father’s legacy, has a new book out where he goes…there. He tries to answer the question of whether Ronald Reagan was already showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease when he was president -- specifically during his debate performance while he was running for reelection in 1984 against Walter Mondale.

The King is dead … and not a moment too soon

9:41 AM 12/17/2010

If the goal of Larry King’s last talk show on CNN was to go out with a representative sample of what the program has really been all about for the past twenty-five years, then it was truly a smashing success. Unfortunately for the viewers (thankfully I was probably one of the few under the age of 60 who was stupid enough to subject myself to it), that meant one full hour of vapid, insipid, awkward, embarrassing, cringe-worthy, decrepit, self-congratulatory, uninspired, talentless, fawning narcissism.

Hey Barbara, have you ever heard the one about the pot and the kettle?

2:44 PM 12/10/2010

Last night on Barbara’s Walters’ annually insipid “10 Most Fascinating People” special, America was shown such a textbook example of media bias, hypocrisy and incompetence that it bordered on parody. Unfortunately, almost no one knows the full magnitude of what I am referring to because numerous important truths have been conveniently omitted from the narrative surrounding the story.

The truth about Palin v. Couric

3:26 PM 11/23/2010

On Monday, Sarah Palin began her media tour for her latest book with an interview in which she defiantly declared that she would never do another interview with CBS anchor Katie Couric and castigated her for being an example of why journalism is in crisis.

The real story behind Kathleen Parker’s bizarre Palin boast

10:55 PM 11/14/2010

You know it is a slow news week when something which happens on CNN’s dreadful “Parker & Spitzer” show makes “news,” but that is what happened when I appeared on the not-long-for-this-world program last Thursday. The full story behind the appearance may be even more interesting than why it was deemed by many to be “buzz worthy.”

Why Dr. Laura should matter to conservatives

9:55 AM 08/18/2010

Of the many problems that currently face the conservative movement (and there are far more than most of us are willing to admit), none gets my blood pressure racing more rapidly than our abject incompetence and gutlessness when it comes to defending our best warriors.

Journolist list scandal proves media bias

12:00 AM 07/26/2010

After having spent over a year of my life and most of my savings trying to spread the truth that the news media single-handedly elected Barack Obama and went on a search and destroy mission to target Sarah Palin (via my feature documentary “Media Malpractice”), I have pretty much stopped even bothering to chronicle this obvious media reality which continues to impact news coverage to this day. Since citing anti-Palin media bias is now roughly like continuing to build the case that O.J. was guilty, I have actually gotten kind of bored with it and left the duty of being outraged to many others more than willing to fill that void.

Why Obama won’t beat Palin in 2012

4:42 PM 03/28/2010

A few weeks ago on these pages I shocked a lot of people by strongly stating what seems to be an obvious but important reality that Sarah Palin cannot beat President Obama in 2012. While many of her incredibly passionate fans are still understandably unwilling to accept this clear fact (and therefore take their frustrations out on me), this post is not to gloat over the most recent credible poll showing that Palin would be, as I predicted, the worst possible contender against an Obama who still is a strong favorite to win reelection. Instead, I want to praise Palin for possibly understanding this situation and reacting brilliantly to it.

Why Palin shouldn’t run in 2012

12:00 AM 03/10/2010

Last week I made a rare appearance on MSNBC (a network on which I have had numerous “YouTube moments” since the 2008 election, when they became the “Obama Network”) and shared some statements which apparently shocked some of my fellow conservatives.