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Ken Blackwell
Former Ohio Secretary of State
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      Ken Blackwell

      Ken Blackwell, a former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, is a member of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty's board, a senior fellow at the Family Research Council, and Ohio's former secretary of state.

Put Rouhani To Test By Placing Human Rights At The Center Of His European Tour

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaks after returning from the annual United Nations General Assembly, in Tehran September 29, 2015. REUTERS/Raheb Homavandi/TIMA

This weekend and early next week Hassan Rouhani will be making his first visit to Europe as the president of Iran. The first time for anything is special and this has the potential to really be a historical visit. Rouhani is scheduled to meet with the leaders of France and Italy, and they can make this a new chapter for relations between Iran and Europe, and to some extent the West as a whole.

The GOP’s Opportunity To Talk About Job Growth

4:27 PM 10/28/2015

Will tonight’s GOP presidential campaign debate in Colorado be more about staging political theatre, catchy soundbites, and media analysts focused on who has the “gotcha” moment? Or will this debate actually produce a substantive discussion of economic and regulatory policies that could actually help our nation’s economy grow?

Who Is Right On The Holocaust: The New York Times Or Benjamin Netanyahu?

3:17 PM 10/15/2015

The ever-liberal New York Times can be relied upon to jump on any conservative who defends the Second Amendment and who offers historical arguments to support it. Most recently, the Times trotted out a respected scholar of the Holocaust from the University of Vermont to denounce Dr. Ben Carson. “Ben Carson is wrong about guns and the Holocaust,” writes Prof. Alan E. Steinweis. Let us stipulate that Vermont is a safe place in which to offer contrary opinions.

All Charges Against Must Be Dropped, Now

5:07 PM 10/12/2015

We should all want our troops in Afghanistan to intervene to stop the rape of boys, right? Surely, we don’t want our U.S. Army to act like morally neutered crew members of the Starship Enterprise from the famed Star Trek TV series. Those fictional time and space travelers had a Prime Directive that forbade them from interfering in the development of less technologically advanced beings they encountered as they went “where no man had gone before.”

Let’s Protect Intellectual Property Rights From ‘Big Fix’

12:06 PM 10/08/2015

Fall is always a busy time on Capitol Hill. Members usually wait for this time of year to consider the most controversial and thorny issues like appropriation bills to keep the government open and tax legislation that expires at the end of the year. Deals are made and legislators look for any opening to sneak through supposed non-controversial legislation without much debate or fanfare.

Busting Margaret Sanger

4:05 PM 08/31/2015

Why is America’s national museum, the Smithsonian Institution, honoring an outspoken eugenicist who advocated the forced sterilization of millions of Americans? A racist who used abortion and birth control specifically to target the black population?

Pull The Plug On The Ex-Im Bank Now!

2:43 PM 06/29/2015

Boeing and General Electric (GE) have been throwing all they’ve got behind the reauthorization of the United States Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im), set to expire this week. That shouldn’t come as much of a shock, considering they are the top two recipients of taxpayer-backed loan guarantees for foreign countries and companies to purchase their products. The bank is nothing but welfare for America’s largest, most successful corporations, and it’s time for taxpayers to stop footing the bill.

Hillary’s All FOR Voter Suppression!

2:17 PM 06/19/2015

It’s like the movie "Groundhog Day." We are condemned to be forever repeating the same old things, but with slight variations and plot twists. Endlessly. That’s what it’s like watching that Golden Oldie, Hillary Clinton.

War Is A Four-Letter Word, Spelled I-R-A-N

12:06 PM 05/22/2015

House Foreign Relations Chairman Ed Royce (R-Calif.) recently briefed members of the Israel Allies Caucus on Capitol Hill.He spoke to supporters about Iran. Leading off with a question from decades ago: "What distinguishes the United States' nuclear missile arsenal from that of the Soviet Union?"

Candidates Win Evangelicals With Pro-American Worker Immigration Policy

6:11 PM 05/18/2015

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, an expected GOP presidential candidate, drew the ire of the political right and left recently over his comments on immigration. When it comes to the immigration issue, Republicans are expected to use the tried and true, consultant tested “secure the border” talking point and move on to other issues.

Stop Economic Cronyism, Wind Down The Ex-Im Bank

4:01 PM 05/15/2015

Speaker John Boehner recently made headlines by joining the growing chorus among conservatives on Capitol Hill calling for a “wind down” of the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im) – signaling he might be open to a plan by U.S. House Republicans to bring the New Deal-era program of economic cronyism to an end.

Obama’s Immigration Legacy: Lower Wages And Less Security For Americans

4:32 PM 03/27/2015

“All we're saying is we're not going to deport you," was the big lie President Barack Obama used when he announced his executive action on immigration. Despite being repeated time and again by politicians and the media during the DHS funding debate to describe the president’s action, it’s still a lie.

A Dred Scott Decision For Unborn Children?

3:52 PM 03/10/2015

As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to consider whether to overturn the marriage laws of all the states — as some activist federal judges have already done in some of the states -- conservatives are naturally calling for judicial restraint. We must warn the court against another exercise of “raw judicial power” like that handed down with its infamous 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling. That cruel and unjust ruling is viewed as illegitimate by tens of millions of Americans. Young people especially are turning against abortion-on-demand. We see this in every pro-life march. And this public outcry is being translated into a bumper crop of pro-life legislation bubbling up in state legislatures.

Mayors Drink The Ex-Im Kool-Aid

4:42 PM 02/24/2015

There’s an old saying that all politics is local. If that is the case, it should follow that local politicians should be among the best informed, armed with ironclad facts as they weigh in on issues that affect not only their areas, but the nation as a whole. The U.S. Conference of Mayors, however, has generated some confusion recently by throwing their support behind the embattled Export-Import Bank of the United States – apparently on the strength of some questionable data.