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      Kelly Cobb

      Kelly William Cobb serves as executive director of Americans for Tax Reform’s Digital Liberty Project, an organization dedicated to promoting free-market tech and telecommunications policy. Mr. Cobb also manages, a campaign to fight Internet taxation.

      Previously, Mr. Cobb served as state affairs manager for Americans for Tax Reform, overseeing research and analysis of state telecommunications, e-commerce, and tobacco and alcohol tax policy. He also managed coalition building and outreach. Before joining ATR, Mr. Cobb worked for a trade association dedicated to reforming federal and state agriculture policy, as well as for former U.S. Representative Joseph Knollenberg and the Michigan Republican Party.

      Mr. Cobb is a graduate of the University of Michigan with degrees in Political Science and Philosophy. He currently resides in Washington, D.C.

Roll back the FCC’s net neutrality regulations


They were shot down in court. Their plan failed in Congress. Polls have shown strong opposition from the American public. But all this didn't stop the Federal Communications Commission from moving forward with new “net neutrality” Internet regulations.

Net neutrality gets election night shellacking

11:36 AM 11/04/2010

For years, progressives have claimed that net neutrality Internet regulations have the support of “millions” of Americans. They push fear-mongering rhetoric, time after time falsely making doomsday “end of the Internet” predictions, unless government steps in to regulate. And, worse, they have led President Obama, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and some members of Congress to actually believe that net neutrality is not just good policy, but good politics.

Is the FCC more European than Europe?

11:56 AM 10/21/2010

The European Union is well known for the overwhelming number of ridiculous regulations that it produces. The EU has banned horse drawn carts on rural roads; set standards on the shape and curvature of bananas; crushed productivity with minimum holidays and maximum work hours; pointlessly set three separate regulations on the loudness of lawn mowers; and subjected hot air balloon enthusiasts to the same regulations and paperwork as commercial airlines. The list goes on.

Who’s running the FCC?

12:00 AM 06/17/2010

Today, the Federal Communications Commission unveils its plan to regulate the Internet. The details are uncertain, but regardless of whether the FCC’s Internet takeover scheme is simply bad or outright horrendous, the move marks something significantly more important: the FCC has gone completely rogue. Hijacked by pronounced socialist organizations, the Commission is bucking strong opposition from the courts, U.S. Congress, and American public in a ruthless pursuit to regulate the Internet.

Dorgan wants an Internet takeover

12:00 AM 05/19/2010

Last week, Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.) gave a keynote speech before a crowd of Internet regulation supporters and stated some amusing falsehoods about the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) attempt to take over the Internet. At a summit held by the organization Free Press, Sen. Dorgan claimed that the government developed the Internet, established the rules underpinning net neutrality when it created the Internet, and that the attempt by the FCC to takeover the management of networks is not a government takeover.