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Kendall Wingrove
Kendall Wingrove
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      Kendall Wingrove

      Kendall Wingrove is a freelance writer from East Lansing, Michigan.

Remembering the road to Mayberry

10:18 PM 07/03/2012

With the passing of the beloved actor Andy Griffith at age 86, many Baby Boomers will recall sitting in front of our television sets and watching a program that transported us to an unforgettable time and place.

How unemployment can be rewarding

10:22 AM 11/30/2011

They call you into the office late one afternoon and the somber faces announce what is coming before anyone utters a word. Once spoken, the sentences are devastating.

Pausing on a note of triumph

9:13 AM 11/11/2011

When Norman Corwin died recently at the age of 101, his name was unfamiliar to many Americans. That's a shame. More people should become acquainted with the works of this prolific and thought-provoking writer. His words are as relevant today as they were seven decades ago.

Reagan saw the shining city on the hill

11:45 AM 02/04/2011

Much will be written, and should be, as we mark the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth. During this centennial observance, let's recapture the vision of America's 40th president and use it as a roadmap for the 21st century and beyond.