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Kyle Peterson

African-American Republicans, if elected, will have to decide whether to join the Congressional Black Caucus

11:26 PM 07/17/2010

If the African-American Republicans running for U.S. Congress find electoral success this November, the Congressional Black Caucus, long known for its progressive policy agenda, may suddenly become more politically diverse — but only if the newly minted elected officials decide to join.  As of now, there are currently no Republicans in the CBC as there are no black Republicans in Congress.

Obama’s pardon drought ranks as one of the longest in U.S. history

1:15 AM 07/07/2010

President Obama, during his 533 days in office, has issued no pardons and commuted no sentences. Only four other presidents — George Washington, John Adams, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush — waited longer to use their constitutional power of clemency, and Obama is on track to pass at least two of them.