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Lloyd Billingsley
Policy Fellow, Independent Institute
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      Lloyd Billingsley

      Lloyd Billingsley is a Policy Fellow at the Independent Institute. He is the author of Barack ‘em Up: A Literary Investigation, and Bill of Writes: Dispatches from the Political Correctness Battlefield.

For Better Healthcare In 2018, End Nonprofit Certificates Of Need And Tax Schemes

The U.S. uninsured rate was essentially unchanged in the fourth quarter of 2017, despite President Donald Trump's attempts to undercut Obamacare. (Photos: Getty Images Jewel Samad/Getty Images Joe Raedle)

Everybody needs food, but the government does not require entrepreneurs to obtain a certificate of need before opening or expanding a grocery store. Everybody needs healthcare at one time or another, but the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development and 35 states require hospitals to obtain certificates of need (called CONs) before they open their doors or expand. Certificates of need tend to favor large non-profit operations, which are now blocking competition while scamming patients and taxpayers alike.

Las Vegas Massacre Could Have Been Much Worse

2:58 PM 11/02/2017

On October 1, Stephen Paddock turned his guns on a country music concert in Las Vegas, killing 59 people, including himself, and wounding more than 500 in the worst mass shooting in modern American history. As an event that marks an anniversary on November 5 shows, the horror could have been much worse.

Unions And ‘Labor’ Are Not The Same

12:28 AM 09/06/2017

Establishment media stories on Labor Day can easily leave the impression that “labor” and unions are one and the same. Workers across the nation should reject that equation because it isn’t true.

When Californians Led The Way On Campus Civil Rights

1:56 PM 08/03/2017

The New York Times reports that the Trump administration is directing the Justice Department to sue universities over affirmative action policies directed against whites and Asians. Opponents call it a “dog whistle” intended to create fear that government will punish efforts to maintain “diversity” on campus. Those alarmed might consider how Californians handled this issue.

Remembering The Artistry Of John Coltrane

1:43 PM 06/30/2017

On July 4, Americans celebrate their independence, and on July 17 they might take time to recall John Coltrane. Fifty years after his passing, tragically, many know little about this giant of American musical artistry.

California’s Communist Tutorial

9:34 PM 06/05/2017

California assemblyman Rob Bonta authored AB 22, which repeals part of a law allowing state employees to be fired for being members of the Communist Party. The Bay Area Democrat has withdrawn the bill, but his gambit provides a tutorial on the currently raging subject of foreign intervention in American elections.

‘The Promise’ Packs A Warning

4:42 PM 05/01/2017

The Promise, directed by Terry George (Hotel Rwanda), takes place during World War I, when the Ottoman Turks set out to exterminate the Armenians, the first attempt at genocide of the past century.

California’s Double Standard On Vouchers

10:34 PM 04/03/2017

In California’s state capital of Sacramento, torrential rains and flooding have put the city’s surging homeless population into a state of crisis. Politicians are running to the rescue.

David Horowitz’s “Big Agenda” Matters — Book Review

1:00 PM 01/27/2017

“Conservatives were justifiably worried that America’s decline was reaching a point of no return,” writes David Horowitz. After the recent election, many breathed a sign of relief, but as the author of Big Agenda sees it, “one battle is over, but there are many more to come.” To prevail, the combatants must want to win, but that has not always been the case with Republicans.

Is Barack Obama Our Most Successful President?

2:10 PM 01/09/2017

As White House advisor David Axelrod conceded in Believer, his memoir of unbelievable faith in one particularly flawed false prophet, even voters who supported Barack Obama find serious problems with his policies. But while many consider him a bust, in some ways Obama could be the most successful president of all time.

California Knows How To Rein In The Judiciary

3:25 PM 11/02/2016

Aside from high taxes, corrupt politicians and bloated government, California isn’t much of a leader anymore. On the other hand, in California the people wield power in the judicial process, a system worth considering at the federal level.

Fifteen Years After 9/11, The Bureaucratic Bull’s-Eye Remains

3:33 PM 09/01/2016

In the early 1960s, a French militant group—the Organisation de l’armée secrète (OAS)—sought to prevent Algerian independence and launched a campaign of terror and assassination that claimed some 2,000 victims. As Frederick Forsyth noted in his 1971 novel The Day of the Jackal, the OAS perceived France’s “vast bureaucracies” as a glaring weakness in national security, and that impression proved relevant for the USA 30 years after the book appeared.