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Law professor files IRS whistleblower complaint against anti-Israel academic boycott group

Legal Insurrection
Israel boycott. Creative Commons/Mohamed Ouda

When the National Council of the American Studies Association endorsed the academic boycott of Israel in early December, and put the boycott Resolution to a quick membership vote, I wondered how the ASA National Council could do such a thing not just on the merits, but because the boycott put ASA's tax-exempt status at risk.

OPINION: Shame and censorship at Fordham

5:05 PM 11/26/2012

On Thursday afternoon, November 8, 2012, a Facebook event page went live announcing that the Fordham College Republicans were bringing Ann Coulter to speak at the university.

Northwestern U. Marxism conference packed with teachers [VIDEO]

7:59 PM 11/13/2012

Teachers filled the ranks at the 2012 Midwest Marxism Conference, which was held Saturday at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.