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Lance Izumi
Lance Izumi
Senior Director of Education Studies, Pacific Research Institute
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      Lance Izumi

      Lance Izumi is Koret senior fellow and senior director of education studies at the Pacific Research Institute and author of the recent study “Not as Good as You Think: Why Middle-Class Parents in Michigan Should Be Concerned about Their Local Public Schools.”

Bias Embedded In The Classroom

Pictured is an empty classroom. (Shutterstock/maroke)

While the antics of anti-Trump teachers, such as the recent viral video of a Southern California teacher beating a President Trump piñata, make headlines, classroom bias is much more deeply embedded, especially in the Common Core curriculum.

Reading The Gorsuch Tea Leaves In Key Union Case

9:56 PM 03/07/2018

Lawyers recently finished arguing a potentially historic workers’ free speech case before the U.S. Supreme Court and pundits are buzzing about Justice Neil Gorsuch’s silence during the proceedings.  However, Gorsuch’s views on individual liberty are clear and that’s not good news for the public employee unions.

Donald Trump Jr. Hits Home Run On Education

1:40 PM 07/21/2016

The politically motivated scramble of liberal "gotcha" journalists to accuse Donald Trump Jr. of cribbing verbiage in his convention speech, which subsequently exploded in their collective faces, unfortunately obscured Mr. Trump’s incisive points on the deplorable state of government-run education and the need to empower parents.

Admission By California’s State Attorney May Blow Union’s Case

4:47 PM 01/20/2016

During this week's much-anticipated oral arguments in the Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association U.S. Supreme Court case, which challenges mandatory teacher-union fees, a critical exchange took place between Justice Antonin Scalia, who is viewed as the swing vote in the case, and the attorney representing the State of California.

All States Should Emulate Nevada’s Universal School Choice Plan

5:54 PM 06/09/2015

With a landmark stroke of his pen, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval recently signed legislation establishing the nation’s first statewide school-choice education-savings-account program available to all parents, regardless of their income level. With new studies showing widespread underperformance among middle-class children across the country, other states should implement similar programs immediately.

The real lesson in Obama’s education policies

12:00 AM 06/17/2010

In a recent column, David Brooks, who fills the center-right slot on the New York Times opinion page, asserts that the Obama administration’s education agenda adheres to a “measured vision of a limited but energetic government.” Citing the president’s $4.5 billion Race to the Top (RTTT) education-funding program, Mr. Brooks argues that the administration “has used federal power to incite reform, without dictating it from the top.”

N.Y. Times misses the real lesson of charter schools

12:00 AM 06/01/2010

A recent lengthy New York Times article on charter schools, which are deregulated publicly funded schools of choice, came to the conclusion that the record of these schools was mixed, with some charters doing better than regular public schools, while others perform about the same or worse. That’s no surprise since even supporters acknowledge that there are good and bad charters. The real story that the Times overlooked is the ability of charter schools to use their freedom in order to transform themselves if they are not performing well.

First ObamaCare, now ObamaEd

12:00 AM 04/12/2010

President Obama has extended federal control over health care and is now trying to centralize education policy by imposing Washington’s dictates on states and local jurisdictions. Though aimed at improvement, the president’s agenda will weaken strong state standards, set in motion a domino effect of education nationalization, and marginalize ordinary Americans.