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      Michael Piccione

      Mike Piccione is the Guns & Gear editor for the Daily Caller.

Five Guns and Only Five Guns, Forever

3:37 PM 09/14/2012

The conversation was about internet marketing and it was with my friend Jon Gibbon of armslist.com. Then out of the blue Jon asked me “If you could only have one gun the rest of your life what would it be?” “Hmmm…I guess it would be my Remington 870.” I figured I could hunt big and small game, defend the home patch and nothing stops like a 12 gauge slug. You can stop a charging dump truck with a 12 gauge slug.

Professor defies campus concealed carry laws with threat to cancel class

12:58 PM 08/22/2012

The University of Colorado is now allowing concealed carry in accordance with state law on its campuses and one professor is taking a stand against this policy. The website CampusReform.org is reporting that Professor Jerry Peterson will cancel his classes if anyone who is carrying a firearm (legally) to his class. “That’s what I will do,” Professor Jerry Peterson, who teaches physics at UC Boulder, told Campus Reform in the interview with Campus Reform on Tuesday.

10 Things Gun Guys Never Say

6:47 PM 08/09/2012

Every gun guy knows the list of things you should never do with a gun. Don't point it at anything you don't intend to shoot for instance . If you have been around gun guys as long as I have you can spot a wanna-be gun guy quickly. Sometimes it's their actions, other times it's with their words. Here are 10 statements a real gun guy will never say.

Own a gun? You need to get a life!

1:12 PM 08/01/2012

If all the gun owners and Second Amendment supporters joined the National Rifle Association we would not be constantly fighting the battle for the right to keep and bear arms. If that is not reason enough to join then here are ten more reasons. But if you are in a hurry, skip to #1 because the NRA is offering a half-price Life Membership.

Ten Things To Set The Conversation Straight About Guns

3:59 PM 07/25/2012

Jim Pontillo, the president of FMK Firearms, just called me. Jim’s first words were “Did you watch O’Reilly last night?” I had and I listened to some statements that were just flat out misinformed. There are too many uninformed opinions out there and I’m here to set the record straight on a few things.

Why Liberals Want To Stop Gun Shows

10:54 AM 07/19/2012

A fundamental principle of a free people is the ability to transfer property to someone else without government intervention. In the case of firearms, it is often a tradition to pass on a gun from one generation to another.


8:31 AM 06/07/2012

They first appeared in June, 2002 and caused quite a stir in a pond near Crofton, Maryland, a small town about 15 miles NE of Washington, DC. It was decided the best course of action was to poison the pond with rotenone. After the pond was drained six adult snakeheads and one thousand fry were found. That should have been the end of the northern snakehead. It wasn’t.

How I Became A Hired Gun

7:26 AM 05/11/2012

It was May 11, 1967. My father drove from Rochester, NY to Johnstown, NY to visit. He picked me up and we drove to Amsterdam which was nine miles away. We parked in the lot next to a store that was very small but packed with stuff and I had been there before. I don’t remember the name of the store; we just referred to it by the owner’s name, Vito’s. We walked in.

Bank of America to gun company: Find another bank

5:07 PM 04/20/2012

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, McMillan Firearms Manufacturing and McMillan Group International have been collectively banking with Bank of America for 12 years. But no more: In a recent meeting, the mega-bank told the firearms company that its business is no longer welcome.