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Study claims that air pollution is racist

Michael Bastasch
The financial district of Pudong is seen on a hazy day in Shanghai, in this file picture taken Jan. 21, 2013. (REUTERS/Aly Song/Files)

Researchers out of the University of Minnesota have made a startling claim: air pollution discriminates against minorities.

GOP lawmaker urges BLM to stop illegal ‘paramilitary raids’ against rancher

11:50 AM 04/18/2014

Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman sent a letter to the Bureau of Land Management this week claiming that the agency was illegally using armed agents in its "paramilitary raid" against a Nevada rancher.

White House to use executive orders to aid the solar industry

2:35 PM 04/17/2014

The White House announced on Thursday it was launching a $15 million dollar "Solar Market Pathways" program to help state, local and tribal governments expand their solar energy production.

Europe may replace Russian gas with US coal

12:31 PM 04/17/2014

While U.S. lawmakers are debating the merits of exporting natural gas to Europe to break Russia's energy hold on the continent, one immediately exportable energy source has been overlooked: coal.

Glacial retreating has slowed since 1950

12:06 PM 04/17/2014

Looks like Greenlanders may have to wait a bit longer for those pesky glaciers to melt. The retreat of the world's glaciers has slowed, not accelerated, since 1950, according to a new study.

EPA likely to expand its regulatory reach over methane

10:49 PM 04/16/2014

The Environmental Protection Agency is looking to cut methane emissions as part of President Obama’s plan to reduce greenhouse gases to fight global warming.

Oil and gas production on federal lands is in free fall under Obama

3:59 PM 04/16/2014

Oil and gas production has stalled on federal lands for the third year in a row under the Obama administration, despite booming energy production on private and state lands, according to a new government report.

Federal court upholds EPA rule retiring coal plants

11:37 AM 04/16/2014

A federal court has upheld an Environmental Protection Agency mercury emissions rule responsible for forcing hundreds of coal-fired power plants to retire across the country.

Feds to crack down on pot farms on public lands over environmental concerns

11:33 PM 04/15/2014

The U.S. Sentencing Commission is getting tougher on high-level marijuana growers who operate on public and private lands over concerns that such operations are harming the environment and wildlife.

GAO: Feds can’t say how much spent on environmental litigation

7:06 PM 04/15/2014

A report by the Government Accountability Office found that the federal government doesn’t have a government-wide system to track the number of lawsuits brought against it by special interest groups every year. On top of that, the government doesn’t even know how much it spends defending a key environmental law from legal challenges.

Harrison Ford says he found ‘in nature a kind of God’

1:57 PM 04/15/2014

James Cameron's new global warming documentary features a slew of celebrities turned environmental activists, including Harrison Ford who says that he found "a kind of God" in nature.

The Netherlands pioneers glow-in-the-dark roads

11:55 AM 04/15/2014

Ever wanted your drive home at night to look more like a rave? Well, the Netherlands has replaced streetlights on one-third of a mile of highway with "glow-in-the-dark" road markings that could be potential energy-savers.

Japan bucks environmentalists and goes nuclear … again

11:43 AM 04/15/2014

Three years have passed since the 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, and Japan is ready to once again ramp up its nuclear power sector in defiance of environmentalists who thought the country would turn to green energy.

Feds accused of ‘intimidation’ and ‘bullying’ ranchers

2:03 PM 04/14/2014

The standoff between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the federal government is symptomatic of Washington's increased hostility towards ranchers, says a seasoned Wyoming environmental lawyer.

Ohio cracks down on fracking over earthquake worries

11:31 AM 04/14/2014

Ohio is set to slap the oil and gas industry with more regulations, due to an alleged link between hydraulic fracturing near fault lines and increased earthquakes.

UN says the world needs cap-and-trade, carbon taxes

11:14 AM 04/14/2014

A new United Nations report urges countries to tax carbon emissions to stem the rise of global temperatures.

Republicans warn of a federal tax on cow flatulence

3:13 PM 04/11/2014

Senate Republicans warn that President Obama’s new focus on agricultural methane emissions could mean a tax on livestock emissions -- including cow flatulence.

Global warming? Blue whales crushed to death by heavy Arctic sea ice

2:37 PM 04/11/2014

Climate scientists may worry that global warming is melting the Arctic, but tell that to the blue whales that were crushed to death by heavy North Pole ice.

Global warming now literally part of religion

11:58 PM 04/10/2014

Global warming "skeptics" have long joked that belief in man-made global warming is a "religion." Ironically, it has been part of some people's religious practices for the past few years.