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Michael Bastasch

French Union Protests Causing Mass Fuel Shortages

10:23 AM 05/26/2016

French unions protesting labor law reforms have blockaded ports, refineries and fuel depots for several days, causing fuel shortages at gas stations across the country and rousing workers at power plants to rush out onto the streets in protest.

Study: Global Warming Isn’t Causing More Wildfires

2:39 PM 05/25/2016

A new study out of a Welsh university found there’s been no increase in “area burned or in fire severity for many regions of the world,” despite predictions global warming would cause more severe wildfires as temperatures rise.

Obama-Backed Solar Plant Literally Incinerates Itself

5:35 PM 05/20/2016

The world’s largest solar energy plant known for incinerating birds just got a taste of its own medicine. A fire at the plant Thursday morning, which may have been caused by “misaligned” mirrors used to reflect sunlight at boiler towers, broke out in the facility's interior -- literally scorching parts of the plant.