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Shale boom: Pipeline welders make $150,000 in Ohio, while liberal arts majors flounder

Michael Bastasch
A welder works on a section of a Royal Navy aircraft carrier at BAE Systems Govan yard in Glasgow, Scotland January 16, 2014. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

The economy is tough, especially if you have a liberal arts degree, writes Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel. While liberal arts majors are forced to take low-paying jobs, pipeline welders are making six figures thanks to the country’s oil and gas boom.

EPA cuts biofuel mandate to reflect production numbers

12:31 PM 04/23/2014

The Environmental Protection Agency announced Tuesday it was lowering the mandate to blend cellulosic biofuels into the country’s fuel supply to reflect actual production numbers instead of agency projections.

Liberals increasingly comparing global warming to slavery

11:54 AM 04/23/2014

Prominent liberals are increasingly comparing global warming to slavery.

Greg Abbott slams BLM’s potential seizure of private lands

4:24 PM 04/22/2014

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott slammed the federal Bureau of Land Management's claims that private property within the state now belongs to the federal government.

Fossil fuels have made the earth cleaner, not dirtier

2:56 PM 04/22/2014

Tuesday marks the 44th Earth Day and the planet has never looked cleaner thanks to fossil fuels.

Sierra Club top officials promote fuel efficiency, but drive gas-guzzling Jaguars

11:28 AM 04/22/2014

Members of the Sierra Club's board of directors are driving around in gas-guzzling vehicles, despite the group's support for the Obama administration's increased fuel efficiency standards.

Unions slam Obama over Keystone XL delay

3:14 PM 04/21/2014

While environmentalists might be pleased with the Obama administration’s decision to further delay approval of the Keystone XL pipeline until after the elections, unions are not.

Study: Corn ethanol is nature’s enemy

12:47 PM 04/21/2014

Corn-based ethanol causes more global warming than gasoline in the short term, according to a new federal government study comparing the effects of biofuels to conventional gasoline.

Eco-activists: EPA’s ‘Earth Week’ tour will harm the planet through airline CO2 emissions

12:28 PM 04/21/2014

The Environmental Protection Agency is celebrating Earth Week by jet-setting across the country on a multi-city tour that will end up hurting the environment, according to environmentalists.

Environmentalists pushed Bundy ranch standoff over endangered tortoises

11:37 AM 04/21/2014

Some have speculated that the standoff between federal agents and Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy is the result of a secretive deal orchestrated by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and political allies in the solar industry.

Study claims that air pollution is racist

12:56 PM 04/18/2014

Researchers out of the University of Minnesota have made a startling claim: air pollution discriminates against minorities.

GOP lawmaker urges BLM to stop illegal ‘paramilitary raids’ against rancher

11:50 AM 04/18/2014

Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman sent a letter to the Bureau of Land Management this week claiming that the agency was illegally using armed agents in its "paramilitary raid" against a Nevada rancher.

White House to use executive orders to aid the solar industry

2:35 PM 04/17/2014

The White House announced on Thursday it was launching a $15 million dollar "Solar Market Pathways" program to help state, local and tribal governments expand their solar energy production.

Europe may replace Russian gas with US coal

12:31 PM 04/17/2014

While U.S. lawmakers are debating the merits of exporting natural gas to Europe to break Russia's energy hold on the continent, one immediately exportable energy source has been overlooked: coal.

Glacial retreating has slowed since 1950

12:06 PM 04/17/2014

Looks like Greenlanders may have to wait a bit longer for those pesky glaciers to melt. The retreat of the world's glaciers has slowed, not accelerated, since 1950, according to a new study.

EPA likely to expand its regulatory reach over methane

10:49 PM 04/16/2014

The Environmental Protection Agency is looking to cut methane emissions as part of President Obama’s plan to reduce greenhouse gases to fight global warming.

Oil and gas production on federal lands is in free fall under Obama

3:59 PM 04/16/2014

Oil and gas production has stalled on federal lands for the third year in a row under the Obama administration, despite booming energy production on private and state lands, according to a new government report.

Federal court upholds EPA rule retiring coal plants

11:37 AM 04/16/2014

A federal court has upheld an Environmental Protection Agency mercury emissions rule responsible for forcing hundreds of coal-fired power plants to retire across the country.

Feds to crack down on pot farms on public lands over environmental concerns

11:33 PM 04/15/2014

The U.S. Sentencing Commission is getting tougher on high-level marijuana growers who operate on public and private lands over concerns that such operations are harming the environment and wildlife.