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Son of famous Beat murderer Lucien Carr disputes ‘Kill Your Darlings’ film’s version of events

Mark Judge
Author, A Tremor of Bliss
Cast members Daniel Radcliffe (L-R), Dane DeHaan, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Michael C. Hall attend the film premiere of

Hollywood is defending another pedophile. This time he’s also a stalker.

Nature’s God: National Geographic’s new $500 book

4:00 PM 02/18/2014

“The world is charged with the grandeur of God.”

Dear God: Not another Jesus movie

12:25 PM 02/07/2014

“Son of God,” a new film about the life of Jesus, is set to release in a couple weeks.

The elitist roots of American liberalism

5:47 PM 01/30/2014

It’s not that liberals are utopians. Every society throughout history has had those. It’s not that they are convinced that Ivy League experts can bring heaven on earth if the masses just get out of the way -- or are forcibly removed. Every civilization has its elites who think that they know best.

Days of heaven: Why Terrence Malick should film my book

4:21 PM 01/09/2014

Terrence Malick and 1920s baseball.

Sex and Duck Dynasty: the liberal double standard

12:04 PM 12/26/2013

Let’s talk about sex.

Vatican Justice League: Understanding two popes

3:21 PM 12/18/2013

Like most other things in this world, the phenomenon of Pope Francis-mania can be explained by the DC Comics universe. Pope Francis is Superman. His most popular predecessor, John Paul II, is Batman.

Going clear: Is Obama worship like Scientology?

4:47 PM 12/05/2013

The Daily Caller reported yesterday that the Church of Scientology has been lobbying the White House. This shouldn’t be considered unusual. Both Scientology and liberalism under Barack Obama are cults -- and very similar cults at that.

Jesus Christ, modernist

11:43 AM 12/02/2013

Liberals have it exactly backwards. Conservatives engaged in the culture war are not against modernity. We’re against pre-modernity. We’re against returning to a culture that values only science but not spirit, that worships the false god of government, and that thinks that other people can be used for sexual pleasure without love or consequence.

Fifty shades of Barack

5:34 PM 11/19/2013

I first met him in the winter of 2007. He was tall, dark and handsome. And George W., the guy I was dating at the time, was a dud. I mean, George spent a lot of money on me, so there was that. But he just wasn’t exciting.

How the American left lost its nerve

4:22 PM 11/06/2013

They were Communists. Not liberals or progressives. They wanted the Russians to win the Cold War, and the Vietcong to defeat America in Vietnam. They didn’t even like liberals. The radicals of the 1960s were Communists. And today they continue to lie about it.

The press and President Mitt Romney, Part II

12:50 PM 10/30/2013

A return to the multiverse

The angry ladies of Jezebel

12:25 PM 10/21/2013

I don’t want to write a standard review of The Book of Jezebel: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Lady Things. It’s the new book by the editors of the feminist website Jezebel, and simply saying that it’s a very angry book -- as well as being very funny in parts -- isn’t enough. Because when you say feminists are angry, they respond that you are a “Frat Bro” or a right-winger, and the conversation stops. And a deeper analysis of feminist apoplexy is important because the rage of the Jezebels is indicative of a serious cultural problem that is potentially fatal for the United States, which has become a very, very angry country.

In defense of Obamacare

11:24 AM 10/09/2013

I’m a conservative, and there’s something I don’t get about Obamacare.

Book review: Hugh Hefner’s Playboy

1:44 PM 09/30/2013

Before becoming the elder statesman of sex and a cultural icon, Hugh Marston Hefner published a great magazine. He was also pretty conservative.

Morning D’oh: Joe Scarborough’s contradictory new book

2:37 PM 09/23/2013

It’s basic etiquette to review a new book close to the publication date. Reviewers usually get an advanced “galley” of the book a few weeks before it hits the streets, and it’s just polite to wait until the pub date to run a piece about it. But The Right Path: From Ike to Reagan, How Republicans Once Mastered Politics - and Can Again, the new book by MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, contains a contradiction. A big one. In fact, it’s a contradiction that is at the core of the book’s thesis. So I’m not waiting to write about the book, which comes out November 15. I want to give Joe a chance to correct the manuscript before it drops in stores.

Race for no cure

1:24 PM 09/16/2013

I have nothing against Carrie Ann Inaba, one of the stars of Dancing with the Stars. Honestly. She’s smart, and a knockout. But sometimes I wish when celebrities got diagnosed with a disease they would just shut up and suffer. Not a lot. Just a little. In the rush from diagnosis to launching the Official Foot and Mouth Disease Foundation, they forget some of the things that suffering can teach us. Yes, suffering sucks. But in a strange and powerful paradox that the West has forgotten, it can also draw us into intimacy with God.  It can be, to quote a man whom I will describe below, “a seal of our divine commission.”

Bottum’s down: The problem with conservative eggheads

12:08 PM 09/03/2013

The world has lost God. It is no longer seen as enchanted by regular people. This is a problem that Christians and conservatives need to concentrate on reversing. Because it’s a bigger problem than gay marriage.

Miley Cyrus and American malaise

4:00 PM 08/28/2013

When was the last time you felt patriotic joy about America?