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Mary Claire Kendall
Mary Claire Kendall
Author, Oasis: Conversion Stories of Hollywood Legends
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      Mary Claire Kendall

      Mary Claire Kendall is a Washington-based writer and producer, with a special focus on Hollywood. Her book, “Oasis: Conversion Stories of Hollywood Legends,” was published in April 2015. In 2012-13, she transformed the manuscript for “William ‘Bill’ Walton: A Charmed Life,” about a Kennedy confidante who changed the face of Washington, published in 2013. Currently, she is working on several books, including a sequel to “Oasis” and one about Hemingway. She is also producing and hosting an interview show about Hollywood legends, for which four episodes have been filmed, and has other film & TV projects in development. She has been published in Forbes, where she was a regular columnist in 2012 and 2013; Breitbart, where she was a regular columnist in 2014;, The Daily Caller, The Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Washington Examiner, The Weekly Standard, Washington Times, San Francisco Examiner, NY Daily News, New York Post, Newport Life Magazine, National Catholic Register, Catholic New World, and Our Sunday Visitor, among other venues. She has done numerous TV, radio and other public appearances, most recently to discuss her book “Oasis.” Starting in November 2012, Mary Claire took time away from her writing for several months to spearhead the “Friends of President Reagan’s Chicago Home,” a cause she wrote about in many national publications. She was formally elected President by the Board of Directors on March 4, 2013. A graduate of Wellesley College, Mary Claire served as a political appointee in the Administrations of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, at the Departments of Education (1987-88) and Health and Human Services (1989-93), respectively, as a speechwriter, policy analyst and representative spearheading various initiatives.

Donald Trump: 45th President Of The United States

3:32 PM 10/25/2016

On the morning of Wednesday, November 9th, after all the ballots have been cast, and counting done, we will wake up to learn that billionaire businessman Donald J. Trump has been elected 45th President of the United States of America.

America Likes Her Heroes Humble

12:12 PM 10/10/2016

Celebrities like Katy Perry and Robert Downey, Jr. are advocating getting naked to get out the vote. Perry bared all in a “Funny or Die” video. And, in a video, Downey volunteers Mark Ruffalo for a nude scene in his next film.

Michelle Obama’s America

5:43 PM 07/26/2016

First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech last night at the Democratic National Convention was as beautiful as she is. In it, she drew a glowing portrait of her husband President Barack Obama and his former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, on her way to accepting the Democratic presidential nomination.

Melania Trump’s Special Role — And That Of Political Advisors

2:15 PM 07/19/2016

Melania Trump “did a tremendous job last night,” said Paul Manafort, Trump campaign chair. “This is a woman who doesn’t speak in public much. But, she wanted to speak … she said it was important to her that people understand the compassionate side of Donald Trump.”

It’s Not Whether You Win Or Lose…

4:19 PM 05/02/2016

Donald Trump’s trouncing in the Acela primary — including in the bluer than blue liberal bastions of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware, with 58.1, 56.5, 59, 64.7 and 62.6 percent of the vote, respectively — does not a nomination make.

Marco Rubio’s Surprise Close Finish

2:09 PM 02/02/2016

How about those Iowa caucuses! Last night, the Senator from Florida upended the Republican presidential race, denying the billionaire businessman the coveted number one spot and trailing him by just 2,262 votes. Here are the results, with 100 percent of the precincts reporting: Ted Cruz: 28 percent, 51,666 votes; Donald Trump: 24 percent, 45,427 votes; Marco Rubio: 23 percent, 43,165 votes.