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      Matt K. Lewis

      Matt K. Lewis is a senior contributor to The Daily Caller, and a contributing editor for The Week. He is a respected commentator on politics and cultural issues, and has been cited by major publications such as The Washington Post and The New York Times. Matt is from Myersville, MD and currently resides in Alexandria, VA. Follow Matt K. Lewis on Twitter <a>@mattklewis</a>.

Kurt Cobain, David Letterman … And Why Hillary’s Fake Southern Accent Matters

The State Department is releasing emails from Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary of state.    REUTERS/Jim Young

A girl I went to high school with spent a semester in Australia. She must have blossomed there, for when she returned home, she magically had an Australian accent. Predictably, we would have none of it. Kids might be cruel, but they also have great bullshit detectors. Nobody likes a phony -- not even in Middletown, Maryland. The accent receded; the mockery endured.

Question For Republicans To Consider: Who Matches Up Best (And Worst) Against Hillary?

2:21 PM 05/26/2015

As Republican primary voters contemplate which candidate would make the best nominee, they will weigh each candidate's qualifications, strengths, and weaknesses. But aside from the normal vetting, which would be the same regardless of whom a nominee would face, they would do well to consider two additional questions: 1). What will Hillary Clinton's playbook entail, and 2). What are Hillary Clinton's greatest vulnerabilities?

Josh Duggar — And The Conservative Infatuation With Fame

11:54 AM 05/22/2015

By now, you've heard about the Josh Duggar molestation scandal. I'm not going to rehash it. Nor am I going to get on a soapbox about the hypocrisy of people preaching values having a plank in their own eye --- or the increasingly creepy connotation attached to a reality show titled, "19 Kids And Counting." And lastly, I'm not going to criticize the numerous Republican politicians who posed for photos with Duggar (if you're famous and someone wants a picture, you usually grant it).

Tea Party Group Teams With ACLU, NAACP On Patriot Act

2:38 PM 05/20/2015

Growing concerns about the Patriot Act's renewal are creating strange bedfellows. The Tea Party Patriots and the ACLU are running TV ads urging Americans to "tell Congress [to] protect our privacy." On top of that, the executive director of Iowa's ACLU and Tea Party Patriots' boss Jenny Beth Martin have coauthored an op-ed in the Des Moines Register on "the need for significant reforms to curtail government surveillance authorities, like some of those included in the Patriot Act."

Is Opposing The Iraq War Now The Default Republican Position?

11:27 AM 05/13/2015

This whole Jeb Bush/Iraq thing is remarkable. First, you've got the fact that this debacle has come from interviews with ostensibly friendly interlocutors -- Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity. That's an interesting aspect, to be sure. But what is even more remarkable to me, at least, is that you now have mainstream Republican candidates like Gov. Chris Christie and Sen. Ted Cruz (who worked for Dubya) -- not to mention Sen. Rand Paul and Dr. Ben Carson -- publicly criticizing the invasion.

By Accepting Apology, Ted Cruz Sets Classy Example

8:18 AM 05/12/2015

After his controversial interview with Bloomberg's Mark Halperin (which ThinkProgress dubbed "the most racist interview of a 2016 candidate"), Sen. Ted Cruz responded to Halperin's apology with magnanimity: "Mark Halperin is a serious and fair-minded journalist," Cruz wrote on his Facebook page. "Today he kindly issued an apology for some silly questions he asked me in an interview. The apology was unnecessary -- no offense was taken, nor, I believe, intended -- but is certainly appreciated."

What Bill Simmons Taught Me About Blogging, Podcasting, And Modern Journalism

2:13 PM 05/11/2015

There's a lot of handwringing in journalism these days about how hard things are in the business. And rightly so. Things have changed. Just as creative destruction and globalization upended a lot of American jobs, technological changes have changed journalism. There are winners and losers. You can either clutch your pearls and lament this, or you take advantage of the new system. After all, the old rules had gatekeepers that kept people like me out (it also kept some people out who really deserved to be kept out; these things are always a double-edged swords).