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Goodbye To the Daily Caller

Almost six years ago, I awoke bleary-eyed the morning after the Super Bowl to a cryptic e-mail from a journalist friend asking me, "What are you going to do now?" I scurried to figure out what had happened overnight. I discovered that AOL had acquired The Huffington Post, creating all sorts of complications for me as a columnist at AOL's now-defunct Politics Daily.

2016: Year Of The Man?

5:57 PM 12/20/2016

If 1992 was considered the "Year of the Woman," maybe we should consider 2016 to be the "Year of the Man."

2016 Bids Farewell To The 1980s

7:39 AM 12/20/2016

As 2016 grinds to a close, everything seems to be changing. It's fair to say that many of the trends we are witnessing have been a long time coming. But they seem to have come to a head this year. (Lucky us.) Instead of attempting to tackle them all in one fell swoop, what follows is the first in a short series of posts about these trends.

The Alt-Right And Radical Islam: Homegrown Radicals

4:06 PM 12/08/2016

The other day, "Alt-Right" leader Richard Spencer spoke at Texas A&M University, and I went on CNN to discuss his seductive message. What I had to say boiled down to this: First, Spencer is charming and intelligent—not the normal Klansman stereotype. Second, his messaging is shrewd.

Trump Appreciates How Work And Self-Esteem Are Related

12:09 PM 12/07/2016

Right after the election, I interviewed my mom --- a Pennsylvania Trump voter --- about her decision to support him. After all, why would she support him? "I really believe that people want to work," she told me. "The people of central Pennsylvania voted for change. They want jobs. And they want their self-esteem back. And there's nothing like earning a paycheck --- getting a paycheck on Friday night --- to perk up your ego."

Is The ‘Truth’ Just A Matter Of Perspective?

11:59 AM 12/02/2016

You might have heard about Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes' recent appearance on The Diane Rehm Show, where she appeared to suggest that truth is not objective, but rather, that it is in the eye of the beholder.

Should You Be Afraid Of President Trump?

11:11 AM 11/29/2016

One can argue that the most important moment in American democracy happened when President John Adams (having pushed through his "midnight appointments") snuck out of town on the eve of Thomas Jefferson's inauguration.

Donald Trump Wants A Few Good Men

10:48 AM 11/18/2016

Regular readers will know my affinity for the movie A Few Good Men, which is a sort of simplistic microcosm of the dichotomy between a civilian versus a martial worldview. These opposing positions are represented by extreme avatars: Jack Nicholson plays Col. Nathan Jessup, the hardened and politically incorrect military man who sees the world as a simple power struggle between good and evil: "We live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns," he avers. Tom Cruise plays Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee, the cosmopolitan Navy JAG lawyer who goes after him.

Media Hypes Rudy Giuliani ‘Terrorist’ Link

12:50 PM 11/17/2016

As former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is reportedly being considered for the role of Secretary of State in a Donald Trump administration, red flags concerning his business dealings have started popping up faster than a package of Jiffy Pop. One red flag that has been cited frequently involves his work for a controversial group called the Mojahedin-e-Khalq (or MEK).

The Campaign To Take Down Steve Bannon

11:15 AM 11/16/2016

When conservatives were afraid President Reagan would get rolled by the Soviets at Reykjavik, they sent in old Reagan friend and aide Lyn Nofziger to try to talk some sense into him. Don’t worry, Reagan assured Nofziger. "I still have the scars on my back from fighting the communists in Hollywood.” That's sort of how I feel right now when it comes to my criticism of the media feeding frenzy surrounding Donald Trump naming Breitbart boss Steve Bannon as a senior advisor. The so-called "alt-right" hates me, and I'm not getting soft on them. But that doesn't make Bannon a white supremacist, as some have alleged.