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Hillary Can’t Let Them ‘Normalize’ Trump

Hillary Clinton (Getty Images)

People keep looking for a silver bullet will stop Donald Trump, and they keep shooting blanks. They think that exposing examples of flip-flopping---or of some other scandalous behavior (say, the way he treats women) will help. What they don't get is that you can't lose something you never had, or never pretended to have.

Is Civilization Better When We Suppress Our Dark Side?

3:36 PM 05/18/2016

One of the things we tell ourselves to make us feel better about the more negative aspects behind the rise of Donald Trump goes like this: At least people are now giving voice to their darker thoughts, rather than suppress them.

John Boehner’s Coming Revenge?

10:00 AM 05/17/2016

Back when John Boehner was Speaker, he was the unpopular establishment figure fighting against a passionate Republican base that adhered strictly to conservative orthodoxy. Today, in a surprising turn of events, Boehner---who supports Donald Trump---finds himself in a more enviable position.

How Trump Could Destroy Hillary Clinton In The Debates

2:26 PM 05/16/2016

Every once in a while, someone out there says something that a fellow writer has been mulling on for months, but couldn't find a way to express. This is both frustrating (it was my idea!) and reassuring (it confirms what you've been thinking).

Breitbart–And The Rise of Anti-Semitism On The Right

8:04 AM 05/16/2016

It has been suggested that Donald Trump's electoral success is a sign America is just a few years behind Europe (with Trump being akin to Le Pen). If that's the case, then the rise of anti-Semitism might also make sense. After all, in an era where the Right is increasingly reverting to its Paleoconservative tradition on a wide range of issues like isolationism and protectionism, isn't there a danger of other strains creeping back in?

Paul Ryan, The Last Boy Scout?

12:58 PM 05/12/2016

The big news today is the meeting between presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan . I don't have much to add to this, except to say that it looks like Ryan really wants to find a way to make this relationship work out---and the person who wants it more usually loses.

The Five Trump Supporters You Meet In The Green Room

11:59 AM 05/10/2016

Much ink has been spilled trying to figure out the rank and file Republican primary voters (working class Americans, white nationalists, anyone sick of political correctness, etc.) who helped propel Donald Trump to presumptive nominee status. Less time has been spent thinking about the more prominent backers---the politicians, operatives, and commentators---who have supported him along the way.

Donald Trump Should Consider Jim Webb For Veep

10:12 AM 05/05/2016

I keep getting asked who Donald Trump should select, and --- because Trump is so unique --- the options are almost limitless (Joni Ernst , Marco Rubio , Scott Brown, Jan Brewer --- I could go on and on).

Donald Trump Is Already Ripping The Conservative Movement Apart

9:41 AM 04/27/2016

Donald Trump's candidacy is already tearing the conservative movement apart. The Guardian recently reported that Friends of Abe, a secretive group of Hollywood conservatives, would disband---and speculation is that "infighting over Donald Trump’s candidacy" was a contributing factor. Meanwhile, Eagle Forum, the pro-family group founded by Phyllis Schlafly in 1972 is being ripped apart, with Schlafly (and, presumably, her successor Ed Martin) backing Trump, while other prominent and longtime board members are backing Ted Cruz.