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Mark Meckler
Mark Meckler
President, Citizens for Self-Governance
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      Mark Meckler

      Mark is one of the nation’s most effective grassroots activists. After he co-founded and was the national coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots, he founded Citizens for Self-Governance to revolutionize American government. Founded in February 2012, this grassroots initiative expands and directs the ever- growing, bipartisan self-governance movement. Mark appears regularly on wide variety of television outlets, including MSNBC, ABC, NBC, Fox News, CNN, Bloomberg, Fox Business and the BBC. He is the co-author of “Tea Party Patriots: The Second American Revolution,” and writes regularly on Breitbart, the American Spectator, and He also is an attorney who specializes in internet privacy law.

      Mark and his wife live in Northern California with their two teenage children where they share their love of the outdoors, mountain-biking, soccer and horses.

“Draining The Swamp” Isn’t Enough To Rid America Of Criminal Democratic Bureaucrats

12:52 PM 11/04/2016

It was 2002, and I’d finally given up.  It felt like a big step, but I had to do it.  Even though I didn’t follow politics closely, I knew enough to know that I was sick of all of it.  No matter how good politicians seemed on the campaign trail, both Democrats and Republicans transformed once they got to Washington, D.C. by letting power go to their head… power that was supposed to exist for citizens.

The ‘Establishment’ Has Only One Honorable Path If It Wants To Stop Trump

9:57 AM 03/21/2016

Leading “establishment” conservatives are meeting behind closed doors to plot a scheme to steal the election from the probable nominee, Donald Trump. Politico reports that a possible third party candidate – Mitt Romney? – might appear in the fall to upset the apple cart. But the “establishment” of the GOP has one – and only one – honorable option to “dump Trump.”

Will Speaker McCarthy Be Any Different From Majority Leader McCarthy?

11:14 AM 10/05/2015

Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has now officially announced his intention to run for Speaker of the House.  While there may be a challenge from within, he is, by all odds, likely to lead the Republican conference. He faces a critical choice. Will he lead, or will he follow? And I don’t mean at the end of October, when John Boehner officially retires. I mean, right now. Will Kevin McCarthy step up and lead?